Anger's Gifts

Anger can be a difficult emotion to understand, but like everything else in the Universe, there is a grander purpose to it. Most individuals have a fear of expressing anger, and so it is forced down inside, until it reaches a point of explosion. Many times after that happens, the person will then feel guilty about being angry.

Anger alone is not a bad thing, it is simply an expression of the release of energy. That energy can come from one’s current lifetime, but most frequently it comes from the past life energy being stirred up from within. You may be wondering why it seems this energy of anger is becoming more and more noticeable now? This is due to something called the Photon Energy. The Photon Energy is an energy created by us, designed to come toward the Earth and assist humanity in letting go of negative emotions, especially anger.

Anger is rooted in pride. When you examine the many instances of someone expressing anger, it is because they feel that their vision of reality, life, or the world, is threatened. Anger is rooted in pride because it is an emotion used to defend one’s personal perspectives. The energy of anger was very apparent in the recent elections in the United States. Whether it was for a candidate or a cause, many souls expressed outrage and deep anger when the person or cause they supported did not prevail.

Anger is absolutely a natural emotion, and there is nothing wrong with expressing it, as long as it does not bring harm to oneself or others. There are many different healthy ways to express anger. Activities such as going for a walk or run, sound meditation, chopping wood and art therapy are just some of the safe methods to let anger out. However, many people are increasingly directing their energy toward other souls who may not really be the source of their anger.

When you can learn to harness the power of anger and use it to clue you in to what the real source of the energy is, it can become a huge gift. One example of understanding anger’s gift can be seen in how some people choose to direct their anger at public figures; much of the time the anger is directed at someone because they represent a shift away from what the individual expressing the anger holds to be true.

It is when someone feels that they must defend their truth, that anger arises. However, instead of using the energy of anger to defend, why not turn it into an energy to explore. Anger is a powerful tool to explore you own thoughts and feelings, to discover where they truly come from, and why you are angry at a specific outcome or turn of events.

There is no right and wrong, because there is not just one truth in the world. Learning to be okay with expressing a truth different from others, but expressing it without defensiveness, is an integral part of spiritual development. Equally important is learning to allow others to express their feelings/opinions openly and freely.

As the Photon Energy continues to come close to the Earth (reaching its peak on December 21, 2012) it will continue to bring out all of the anger, sadness, despair and other such energies from within everyone. The Photon Energy is much like a magnet in the sky, pulling all of these energies toward it. There will be many times when anger is being pulled at so forcefully that it can make you feel like you must react to something.

That is why is it important to look at anger’s gift, and to discover what hidden energy it is revealing to you. No one can ever tell you who you should be or how you should act; always go with what you feel. However, when your emotions are causing you to express something that you may regret later, it is valuable to understand what the source of your anger is.

Anger is never sourced from outside of you, it is an inner energy that every person carries. Can other people or situations trigger your anger? Absolutely. There are even times when your guides or others in Spirit will tell you something specifically to assist you in releasing your anger. Yes, that even means telling you something that you may disagree with. If it is in your best and highest good to release your anger, then a situation will take place to force it to come to the surface.

The process of raising one’s vibration, what many call Ascension, is all about letting go of the energies which you no longer need to take with you into the New Earth energy. One of these energies is anger, and that is why so many individuals are expressing/releasing it now. Anger must come out before one can move forward. Have no fear of expressing your anger, but do be aware of how you are expressing it.

Once you are able to release your anger, you will find a profound freedom on the other side of it. A freedom where you are not worried about how others may perceive of you, or how outside circumstances will affect your life. It is a freedom where you are not bound by your emotions, especially the pride that can keep you feeling like you need to defend your vision of yourself. Anger’s gifts are that it allows you to see what you have been hiding from yourself, and it gives you the opportunity to examine those hidden energies so that they can be released.

When you feel anger coming on, ask yourself: What is making me angry? Why do I feel angry toward this person or thing? Am I defending myself from something that is truly dangerous, or is this simply something in opposition to my view of life? Why do I feel angry about this situation? What is my anger showing me that I am still carrying around? Discovering these answers is discovering anger’s gifts.

Love, Aurora



COBALT 20th November 2012 4:09 pm


kay 20th November 2012 7:00 pm

Nice one, Karen/Aurora. Something I haven't thought too much about, but such a core issue. Thank you.

Piroska 21st November 2012 3:18 am

Tank you dear Aurora...your posting is sooo up to date in my process now.... getting to know and intergrate/transmute the energy form example a feeling of be-ing less than a feeling of negative-pride-energy...

Indeed bringing anger( and all fear- based thoughts) back to their source is the only way to get out of the vicious 3d circal of that fear- based-life,
because fear troubles/confuses the mind and an unclear/con-
fused mind causes fear...and so round ans round it goes...

Trusting LOVE to get US ALL through to the other side of all anger and SADNESS of our Past lives into the YOY of OUR Cosmic Freedom.......I stay with Us All...
In Love's Embrace,

valleyfever 21st November 2012 10:43 am

Thank you for this message! A friend was very angry with me last week and I got angry in return. I'm happy to know that there is no need for guilt. Everything happened for a reason and everything will fall back into place as it should.

kdowning77 21st November 2012 4:36 pm

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments. Releasing Anger is essential to moving forward on your path of ascension. :smitten:

betsy. 25th May 2013 5:02 pm

Thank you so much, Karen, for this message. I wish I could say it didn't resonate, LOL, but of course it does!!! I'm human and I do become angry at times and does help to become more neutral as I am more and more aware. Much love to you!!!


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