Earth Changes Part 1

For as long as there has been prophesy, there has been doom and gloom. Now that Earth is nearing the 2012 timeline, there is so much more of this fear going around. And all that this fear is doing is giving the collective ego more ammunition to attempt to control the actions, behaviors and emotions of others.

Yes, there is an energetic shift taking place, but this is able to happen without the collapsing of entire continents and other annihilation scenarios. The Earth can create anew without having to endure destruction.

This shift, like your body, is energy. Everything is energy and for energetic change to take place, sometime this creates disturbances in the physical realms. However, unlike many fear-based scenarios out there, this does not mean that huge Earth changes have to take place in order for there to be change.

You are already in the midst of change. Just look around you; you can see it every day, if you are paying attention. Notice that what you give out, you get back, and how things that you don't consider a part of your reality, seem so much farther removed. That is because you are creating your reality every day.

You can create a reality of your own making. It starts with your awareness, and also by understanding the fears and emotions that shape it. If you believe that in your reality people are friendly, then they will be. If you believe that in your reality people are judgmental, then they will be.

These beliefs come not only from your conscious mind, but also from your subconscious mind and emotional body. That is why your awareness of the source of these energies is so important in how they are applied in your reality. If you believe the sadness of the emotional body, that is reflected in your reality. If you believe the joy in your heart, that is reflected in your reality.

More and more the outer world is becoming a reflection of your inner world. This is the power of this energetic shift. When you see an outer world that you do not like, you can start to change it by realizing that it is a reflection of something inside of you. Once you can recognize the source of your belief, you can modify or eradicate it and your outer world will adjust accordingly.

Some time ago the scale weighed heavy into negative thinking and limitation, now that balance has shifted to hope, love and light. That shift in balance has allowed for a new timeline to be entered, one in which Earth Changes will not be as foretold, but will happen in such a way that they seem barely distinguishable from the normal energies on the Earth plane.

Earth changes are NOT a necessary part of Earth’s evolutionary process. Earth has many methods for clearing and releasing energy, just as humans and animals do. Sometimes these methods are uncomfortable and sometimes they are barely noticeable.

Earth is changing all of the time, and Spirit will always have you in the right place at the right time. Humanity is not doomed for extinction; it is just the old cycle of fear and anger that is now departing. And, these emotions do not have to be released through a physical reformation of Earth.

These emotions are released every day by every soul on the Earth plane, and it is through the unifying connection to Earth that each person on the planet allows for these emotions to be purged collectively as well as individually. It is this process that has allowed for a gentle release of the outmoded energy.

So, the next time that you encounter someone releasing some anger, thank them for helping the clear the collective anger of the Earth plane! It is truly amazing what humanity has been able to accomplish.

By remembering your part in this shift and working on clearing out your energies of limitation and anger, you are helping the Earth to shift into higher consciousness of love and light for all.

Love, Aurora



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