Energy Adjustment and Increased Intuition

Over the last 4 weeks, you have been working at waking up and adjusting to your new reality. During that time, there has been a huge energetic adjustment taking place around you. You may have felt dizzy, nauseous, anxious, sad, worried, or just “out of it” for the last few weeks. Your body is going through the process of transforming its chakras and learning how to communicate with and live in this new energy.

You can think of the present moment like you are drinking your morning tea or coffee, allowing the energy of the new day to settle in and reflecting on what you need to do. Now is a time of pausing and reflecting before you begin the business at hand. Try not to force things to happen around you, simply listen to you intuition and allow what needs to be done, to be done.

You may feel like your faith has been/is being pushed beyond your limits. But, there are now more people beginning to live a life of their own making than ever before. This can only be done by believing in yourself and those in our world who are working so hard to create this new reality with you.

When you find yourself having a moment where you feel like you want to give up, do know what we are always here to assist you and to listen to whatever you need to tell us. But, the one thing that we cannot do is make your choices for you. In every moment you have the choice to feel uplifted or to feel apathy. You can choose to recognize the changes happening around you, or you can chose to ignore them.

If you choose to notice all of the signs and signals in your life, you will find that you start to reap the benefits of even more resources. But, if you choose to only focus on what you do not have, then you are missing an opportunity to create more. This is why it is so important for the complete purging of the anger, sadness, guilt and shame from inside of you. Much of it has been there for so many past lives, that it remained locked away inside of you. It is only with this new influx of the photon energy (which is what allows the energetic shift to take place) that the deepest parts of any outworn energy of your past can be released.

Every time you let go of old energy, new confidence, faith and trust increase ten fold. This is what the process of working toward living your own life is all about. By staying in the now moment and listening to your intuition, you are able to create freely and without the hesitancy and doubt of the past.

More good news is that your intuition is being boosted like never before! Many of you have been honing this tool for your entire life, but for others, intuition and how to best employ it still remains somewhat of a mystery. Intuition is your guide to navigating this new world, and it is something that you will want to develop in yourself if you are to be comfortable with your surroundings. Once you allow your body to adjust to the new energetic space around you, you will be able to put your intuition into action.

So much has been put into motion around you (even if you have yet to experience it), and your intuition is your guide in bringing you and your resources together. It can be difficult to navigate your way in this new energetic space, especially when it feels like a whirlwind of ideas and energy is swirling around you. But, if you can always remember to pause and to ask your guides: “what do I need to do next?” you will always receive the answer you need. This is really the only question you need to ask, as it will always be your guide to arriving at the next step in your journey of life.

If you are someone who feels like you are lost, or you don’t know what to do to next, try to take the time to practice understanding your intuition. My channel has just written a new ebook, called Creating your Life Path. This ebook is designed to assist you in finding your way and trusting in your ability to create a life of your own making.

In the next 4 weeks, you will feel your intuition increase. So, it will be very important to know how to trust it, and to be able to understand what any promptings from your inner voice are assisting you with. During this time period, you may experience nasal congestion, headaches, bumps to the head, tinnitus, or sinus pressure, as the nasal chakra opens and the third eye chakra develops its new duties.

Once mid-August hits (after the Mercury retrograde period, July 14 to August 8) you will find that many pieces of your intuition line up and that you are able to see results pay off for you. Some of this will be coming from projects you started long ago, and other happy surprises will be your confirmation that you are indeed living in a world of your own making.

Love, Aurora


DWilson 12th July 2012 9:20 am

Thank you! This seems right on with me! I have definitely been going through something major, especially the past month. I have had stomach issues and more fatique again. And oh yes, the headaches! I have also been having even more bizarre dreams than usual. I have noticed my intuition being stronger, which I am very grateful for. It's so difficult to go through the physical symptoms of this process but when I read articles like yours, it helps me to push through knowing there is a wonderful reason for all this!


kdowning77 12th July 2012 6:00 pm

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for your comment. Yes, the vivid dreams are also a symptom of this increased intuition coming in. Just know that these symptoms will soon pass and that there is a higher purpose for the discomfort :)

Yelana 16th July 2012 11:12 pm

I love your anal'ogy.. thinking of the present moment, like you are drinking your morning tea or coffee, allowing the energy of the day to settle in and reflecting on what you need to do.
Allowing and living in the now have become important as we progress through these sometimes confusing energies.
Here's to living intuitively.
Thanks so much Aurora and Karen...


kdowning77 17th July 2012 3:50 pm

Thanks Yelana :smitten:


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