From Agitation to Action

With the recent April and May Astrological configurations, many are feeling anxious, agitated and otherwise out of sorts. This planetary energy is designed to bring all feelings up and out from within the body that no longer are a necessary part of your life path. Some of the changes that it will create will be uncomfortable, and some will be welcomed.

Whenever you are faced with change, the Self part of you will try to fight against it. Even when the change is to your own benefit! You might wonder; how can this be? But, remember the Self is the part of you that holds onto your past life energy for a rainy day, to attempt to keep you in fear of what positive change can bring. If you are someone who is feeling agitation in an area of your life, it is because you are outgrowing it in some way. However, the Self will have you convinced that is it not time to let it go just yet. Therefore, what happens feels like a push and pull, where the Higher Self is prompting you to move toward the next event or situation in your life, but the Self wants you to stay put.

The purpose of the recent energy was to give each person the awareness to prioritize their life in a new way. It also provides clarity to those things that are ready to fall away and to those things that need to be built up and explored in more depth. This process of building up and tearing down can take place physically, emotionally, spiritually, or in all three areas of your life. To understand more about the specifics in your life, it is a good idea to see how your personal birth chart matches up with these recent astrological transits.

If you need help with finding your way through what you might feel like is the whole world is being thrown at you, remember to focus in and narrow it down to a series of now moments. The best question you can ask yourself when you feel overwhelmed is: “What do I need to do now?” A simple question, yet one that will provide you with the answers you need for each now moment in your life. Soon, you will notice that bit-by-bit, you are able to move into a place of positive change.

There is another powerful Astrological event affecting the Earth on May 19. It is much like a sling shot, meaning that if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing (in accordance with your life plan) then this energy will positively catapult you forward faster. However, if you are ignoring a part of your life, or you are not doing what you signed up to do, this energy will move you into alignment with your purpose. That shift can be a dramatic one, so if you discover that you are all-of-a-sudden faced with a big move, promotion, lay off, family event or something else that comes as a surprise, it is there to put you back on the right track.

A big component of the energy that day is the effect of Uranus in the sky. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change; it also rules some other things, such as higher communication, foreign travel, and innovation. As a result of Uranus’s impact, those events in and around this "sling shot" day will spur everyone forward, whether you feel prepared for it or not. However, if your intuition has been prompting you about the changes to take in your life, then Uranus can be a great ally, as it assists you in taking your intuition and putting it into action.

Look to your intuition, have you been receiving message that you are unsure of? Develop an inner conversation with your guides and the Higher Energies working with you to flush out more of the details. It can be easy to forget to ask for more detail, as there is a misconception that communication from our world is complete every time. This may not be the case, so you also need to learn how to ask for the details and explanations that you need. It is no different than two humans who are conversing, one can feel as if they provided the complete picture, however the recipient could still feel unsure about what is being seen or heard.

If you are in the process of aligning with a Higher Energy for channeling, then this dialogue is even more important. The more you converse with us, the more we learn about providing you with exactly the information that you need every time. From our perspective, your body is like an antenna, and each person’s antenna is tuned to a different frequency. First, it takes us some Earth time to tune correctly to your individual frequency, then we have to discover how to best transmit the information to you, so that it can be clearly received.

Whatever you are feeling in life, remember that we are here to assist you. There is not one request that we do not hear. We cannot tell you what exactly to do, but we can share the likely outcomes given your current energy, life plan and lessons you chose. Often the answer is not what you would like, but from the Higher perspective of accomplishing the lessons you placed in your life, the answer will be what you need.

Love, Aurora


peggysharon 14th May 2014 8:02 pm

Thank-you! I had been feeling like I had too much "crap" around me at work and suddenly, I had this deafening noise ...tinnitus , in my ears...blood pressure went up, gave me 2 weeks off of work...I am so grateful ... I can now meditate and be quiet...I can't stand certain people talking to me these days's like their energy is unbearable to me... I am so grateful for how spirit works ... I needed this break ...

suzypulley 15th May 2014 10:21 pm

It's like you took the exact words right out of my mouth!!! I have also been having tinnitus, anxiety (chest pain/shortness of breath) & high blood pressure? (or feeling "feverish" inside my head). I think it's wonderful your doctor gave you 2weeks off! I wish I could do the same

Mojie22 18th May 2014 2:32 am

Dear Karen,
Thank you for this information. Now, I know why I feel as if I am crawling out of my skin. literally! I feel the changes. Again, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!
Much Love and appreciation,


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