Going With The Flow of Life

For so long, humanity has been pushing, working, trying, moving in what seemed like quicksand. Starting this month, there will be welcome change as many souls start to step into the next level of their life plan. Of course there was a great deal of work that went into getting to this place and there will still be some bumps and learning along the way. However, this time will signal new synchronicities and feelings of being pushed into the right direction by some beautiful and powerful unseen force.

Those who are ready to step into their more public role will begin to do so, and things will seem to line up like never before. It is especially important during this time to listen to and trust in your intuition. This is why so many souls have been clearing out doubt, worry and anxiety; all things related to not trusting in oneself and/or Spirit.

Moving ahead, it becomes essential that each soul learns to trust in the intuitive messages they receive. Without that unconditional trust, you create an unconscious resistance to your own goals. Imagine that this resistance is like a giant rubber band; if it is not removed, it can pull you back into the past or into old thinking that doesn't serve your highest good any longer. Any remaining pieces of this doubtful energy will come up this month to be released. Once they are gone, you will be free to move forward, carried along by the beautiful new energy that is arriving each day.

Like it is often said, "Ask and it is given." If you are ever feeling like you don't know what is next, or are having difficulty with this state of absolute trust, just ask us for a sign or signal and we will provide you with the answer you need. The answers are all around you, and in how you feel. When you start to feel that you have emotionally or vibrationally moved away from a person or place, this is because you are being prepared to be moved on to the next opportunity.

You also need to remember that opportunities are what you make of them and if you listen to the voices of doubt and resistance, then this can change some of the choices you make. This doesn't mean that the opportunity will go away, instead it may be changed in some way, or you may have to learn more about trust and patience and wait for it to come around again.

Listen to what goes on around you: What messages did you hear in the store today? What billboard did you see on your way home? Did a stranger tell you that it's time to retire? Did you see a moving van in an unusual place? These are signals from the Universe and they are here to assist you in answering your questions about what is next for you. It is like a gentle hand pointing the way as your path reveals itself to you.

Think of your life path like a room filled with dominoes. Once you are ready, you open the door to that room, and plink, plink, plink, the dominoes being to fall one by one, each one triggering the opportunities and possibilities of the next. Soon, each domino begins to fall into place without you knowing how, or why. Yes, it took some time for those dominoes to get set up and placed just in the right position for your success; but now it's time to sit back, let them fall into place and just go with the flow of life.

Love, Aurora



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Karen Downing is a channel, intuitive reader, coach, speaker and spiritual teacher. While an interest was always there in the background, it was not until 2006 that Karen shed her fear of stepping into her intuitive gifts.

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