Opening Dimensional Doors

A new world has been created and you are about to step into it. This world is so new in fact, that it is being created by your thoughts and fears right at this moment. You may be consciously aware of everything that you wish to create, but it is especially important now to also understand your past life energy and subconscious belief system that contributes to this process. For, you do not want to create anything in your life out of a limited-based belief.

Many times when you are walking into the realm of creation you do not think about the why of what you want to create. You might be thinking to yourself, “I just want money to help people.” But, have you determined in which ways that help can be applied? Did you know that you can actually stall some people on their path of learning if you were to give them money? Having too general of a direction will not assist you, nor anyone else.

That is why listening to your Higher Self is so very important at this time. Your intuition is your best method of guidance. When you can just allow it to lead and guide you, you walk through dimensional door after dimensional door, each one shifting you to a higher frequency.

There are many unique paths through these dimensional doors, and that is why understanding your own intuition is so important. Remove yourself from fear, judgment and the like and move into a place of trust in yourself. When you trust yourself, you can open the dimensional doors with ease. When you do not trust in yourself, you may open and close those doors a few times before you actually step through.

The doors will be there when you are ready. And, that is why now is a good time for you to ensure that you are easily able to walk through them. On the other side of those dimensional doors is an unlimited space filled with energy. That energy is like a giant cloud, waiting for someone to direct it as to what it can be. If you do not have your fear and doubts flushed out, those are the energies that this cloud will respond to first, and therefore your doubts and fears will be first to manifest.

However, if you have released those doubt-centered parts of you and are walking through the dimensional doors with trust and intuitive knowing, then your thoughts will create your reality. Your outer world can only match your inner world. Neither one has any limitations, but they will always be a reflection of each other. Therefore, if you feel limited in how you think of yourself on the inside, then those limitations will be mirrored in your outer world.

When you truly believe that you can do anything, and recognize that every day is a new day to create beauty, harmony, abundance and love in your life, then behind those dimensional doors awaits all that you are ready to create. Get ready to walk through those dimensional doors and create your life path

Love, Aurora


Ozge 7th December 2012 9:48 am

Very beautifully written..Thanks to you both..I can say it started happening in my life. I see that I create with my thoughts faster and faster. And every single day I gain more control on my thoughts and convert fear to beauty and love. It is a shame I used to have so much doubt and fear before. Seems that many of my disappointments derived from my fears and limitations.
Now thinking of a white cloud-like love energy and shaping it in the form of my dreams calm me down. Then eventually nice things manifest in my life :)
I wish everyone understands this as soon as possible.


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