Out of the Darkness

A few months ago there was a message about landing on your new path and how that would be a blind landing. Well, now that many of you are beginning to touch down, you are discovering that you still feel lost in your surroundings. However, there is hope. As you have now successfully navigated through the eclipse portal and made it to your unique landing strip.

It is as if each individual is in a space that feels limitless, yet feelings of restriction still linger. This is simply due to the expansiveness around you continuing to form bit by bit. You will not be privy to what is forming up until the very moment you are participating with it. 

What that means is that you will only see what the one next step is. That will be the status quo for a few months until ALL of the new possibilities are lined up in harmony for your life path. This is a good time to confront any feelings of discontent you have about dwelling in the unknown. The Ego part of you will want answers, assurances and guarantees of what is to come, but that can simply not be, at least for now.

You are at a threshold of truly being able to understand that Ego part of you, and therefore is it time to learn to neutralize as much of the Ego’s tools as possible. In order to navigate what is next for you on this new path, you have to be willing to trust in the Higher Self part of you and its promptings and intuition that will be your guiding force. The Ego would not have it that way, as it will want you to focus on the have-nots, could-nots, and cannots of what is to come.

In order to move out of the darkness, you have to embrace any remaining areas of darkness within. Darkness does not imply negativity; it merely speaks of the unknown. So, how can you identify the unknown within you? One way is to look to others in your life, and see what repetitive messages they are telling you. What are they saying that you have difficulty recognizing within yourself? Another way is to look at yourself in a new and different way. This can be accomplished by examining such things are archetypes, past life patterns, enneagrams and other similar methods of understanding oneself.  Lastly, look at the situations in life that create anger within you. Anger is a great emotional tool to discover what is still lurking in the shadows of your inner darkness.

When you shed light on the darkness within, that light magnifies one thousand fold as it beams out of you. As that light beams out of you, it illuminates more of the new path ahead. If you want assurances at what lies ahead, look within and cultivate your inner light. It will not illuminate everything on your path, however the more that you illuminate inwardly, the farther the illumination will light your way ahead.

It is time for you to start moving out of the darkness in your life. Time to start feeling and knowing with a greater degree about who you are, to start being more confident about being yourself, and to start living without fear.

Love, Aurora


Eyewitness 19th November 2014 5:44 pm

Im going to start cultivating my inner light right now....


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