Releasing The Dark Side

The dark side is simply the collective Ego and those souls who use the Ego as a means for manipulation. This can include the Ego inside of each soul, if they allow it. If you have ever knowingly or unknowingly mislead or misguided someone, then for that moment, you have participated in the dark side.

Yes, there is a push-pull between the collective Ego and the higher self, but it is not like what is show in the movies. The most important thing to remember is that you are your own hero and that you have the power each day to choose how you are going to view the world and your role in it. If you are choosing thinking aligned with the cycle of victimhood, then this is subconsciously saying that you are giving your power away to these outside forces.

However, if you choose to recognize that your true power comes from within, flowing through you as an extension of God, then you are aligning yourself with your higher self and your own Divinity.

This power struggle is expressed within every human being, and in the collective of humanity. All you have to do is to ask someone how they define themselves and through most people’s answers, you will see a glimpse at the Ego-centered thinking that has been such a part of humanity of eons.

In the coming 30 days, there will be a massive influx of energy that will begin to cause more separation of these two ways of thinking and being. This is happening to force many souls to first, understand, and then make to the choice as to if they want to follow the path of the Ego, or the path of the higher self.

As a result of the widening of the dimensional separation, much of the hidden beliefs, energies, patterns and deeper secrets will begin to be purged from the collective consciousness and also on an individual level. This means that the things you have not yet dealt with will come to the surface to be released, and this same thing will happen for the collective as well.

Remember to navigate this changing time, follow your own truth, your own inner guidance. No one outside of you defines you, or can tell you who you are or what to think. You are free to be the master of your own life at any given time, it is only the long held beliefs from the dark side of humanity that have caused souls to think that they need to measure themselves based on the media, or their peers or whoever they are subconsciously allowing to make their choices for them.

Yes, many have allowed others to subconsciously influence their thoughts and actions. This is done by fear: fear of not fitting in, fear of being judged, fear of being abandoned, fear of being unrecognized. Whatever a soul’s deep past life energy and experience is, the dark side has learned long ago to manipulate this in an attempt to keep souls from thinking for themselves.

Rest assured, this time on the Earth plane has now ended. These souls are no longer able to use others in this away, and any of the attachments from that dimensional level have now been lifted. All that remains is for the souls who are still participating in this thinking, judging, fear-based illusion to make their final choice on which side of the dimensional veil they wish to reside. Will it be the way of the Ego? Or will it be from a deep knowing of each soul’s Divine inheritance as a piece of God?

As this energy becomes stirred up and brought to the surface within every soul and the collective, you will notice that some things seem to make no sense, while other things seem to have clarity for the first time in history. Just know that you are an observer in this illusion and that you have the choice, always, as to how and what you believe about yourself. The more that you release the self-doubt, fear, guilt and shame, the more clarity you will gain about your true inner power.

Love is the true power of the Universe and many eons ago, humanity chose to move away from it. Now is the time when the balance has changed again, and love is reaching a higher quotient then ever before. But, love alone can not change the world; each soul must choose to receive it unconditionally in order to turn the key in the lock of the new dimensional reality.

Love, Aurora



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Karen Downing is a channel, intuitive reader, coach, speaker and spiritual teacher. While an interest was always there in the background, it was not until 2006 that Karen shed her fear of stepping into her intuitive gifts.

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