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If you have felt sleepiness, vertigo, out of body, or otherwise discombobulated, then you’re feeling the effects of the latest change on the Earth plane. After the most recent period of anger/fear release, your energetic body is now being attuned to a new vibrational level. This is due to the raised vibrational state that has now been obtained by the Earth, and by humanity. Because of this change, the crown and third eye chakras have begun to take in more stimulation. As the chakra system continues to evolve, these chakras will flux and changes in their duties.

This energy influx can make you feel like you are removed from your own body, and like it is difficult to be grounded and present in reality. Those around you may wonder why you seem different, but it is just that you are not “there” in the same way you were before. Not everyone will undergo this adjustment at the same time, and as such there can be a feeling of disconnect with some people in your life.

You may also find that you become disinterested in the things that you used to find joy in, and your physical senses have become heightened. With this influx of energy, you are becoming more susceptible to many different stimuli, and the sensations that have always been around you (sounds, smells, light) may start to feel brighter, louder and smellier then before. You are beginning to see the world with a new vibrancy and hope, but only if you have successfully emerged from the period of anger that has recently lifted.

Try your best to anchor yourself to the Earth and to use grounding stones such as Smoky Quartz , Obsidian, Hematite and Onyx. (Just one is fine) These crystals will help you to keep your focus and experience in the now, while still allowing the body work to continue. When you do feel that lightheadedness come in, it is a good time to sit or lay down and let the energy do what it need to do. So many fight against the energy, but if you have the time to do so, it is always a good idea to relax so your guides can accomplish all they need to.

To use the energy of this time to its best and highest good, it is a wise to get as much sleep as you can. Do not permit the Self part of you to make you feel guilty for sleeping. As long as you have managed all of your responsibilities for the day, a good sleep will be the best thing you can do for yourself. There is such a need for rest whenever you are recovering from the release of deep down emotions.

The powerful New Moon on May 9 was a new doorway to walk through. And since that time, that feeling of spirit-body disconnect has been very prevalent. The New Moon in Taurus was all about discovering your own worth, finding your own resources, and looking at your own beliefs and values. It could have caused for a tumultuous time emotionally, especially if you started looking at your emotions as related to your loved ones. Taurus energy is here to teach you about what you value. Many people often look at values as only being related to money, but your values can be much more than that. Taurus energy is also helpful at determining how you value your time, your energy and your emotions. Are you letting any of those valuable resources go to waste?

It is this removal of old beliefs, which flushed so much anger to the surface in the preceding few weeks. Often times, you have arrived at your beliefs out of fear or conditioning. And, as you release the fear and conditioning, then those beliefs no longer resonate with your energy. For example, if you had been spending time with someone out of fear of hurting their feelings, you might have found yourself in a sticky situation where you had to make a choice to spend time with them, or to use that time to focus on one of your personal goals. The person would not have liked it if you made choice to be away from them. However, if you had to encounter this type of decision, then it gave you the opportunity to determine if you indeed have that fear of hurting a person's feelings.

The remainder of this month is about building up a new energy, which is all about you. You are the center of your world; you and your beliefs create your world. If your beliefs are no longer holding true for you, then the present moment is a powerful time to reexamine and release them.

Now that the New Moon is over, any conditions, and adjustments in beliefs/values and changes in energy expenditure are now being uploaded to your energetic body. Because of this you are feeling that spirit-body disconnect until a new equilibrium is reached. Until the Full Moon this month (May 24), you have time to complete this renewal process and accompanying body upgrade. Take this opportunity to look at the Taurus supported energies related to what you value in your life. Discover where your fears may still be holding you back. Then when that Full Moon comes to pass, you can safely let any out-worn value system go.

Love, Aurora


Emma852013 16th May 2013 11:00 am

Thank you SO much for your message. It's a true blessing to find so much guidance, from you, this site and from the entire universe.
What you described (the sleepiness, out of body feeling) are so accurate, and at the same time im truly experiencing what I would describe as the very soul of mother earth. I feel so incredibly connected in my heart to what I guess is life itself, but it's like i've never experienced it this way before. Its as if im in the Avatar movie ;) The last 3 days Ive had tremendous tingling sensations on my head during nighttime (even more than before). Everything seems to be so much more clear. When I meet a person it is as if I can see his or her paradigm and which people that have influenced it. The Universe is truly speaking to us more loud and clear than Ive ever experienced before. It truly feels like we are tapping into a "new" dimension.
These are truly amazing times! ;D

Love and sparkles


kaykay 17th May 2013 5:26 pm

Perfect and timely!

Thank you Aurora and Karen :angel:


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