The Curtain Begins to Drop

This is a time which many of you have been waiting for, when things will be put into motion to reveal old conditioning and patterns that have been in hiding for many millenia. For the last 5 years, each of you has been working on yourself individually to face patterns of conditioning, fear and suffering. Many of these patterns in your life have been there as a result of this collective energy that is now being shifted.

Now that the energy of the Earth plane has changed, a new way of living life is emerging: A life that is lived authentically. You may be wondering, what does that mean for me? On an individual level, continued introspection will take place. On a collective level, you will begin to see more secrets emerge. These secrets will affect everything from politics to business, finance, entertainment, athletics and many other parts of life.

Be prepared to hear big news stories, as more people and organizations will be called into the spotlight for those things which they hoped would never be revealed. Think of this as a part of the purging process. In order for things to change, anything which has been hidden will have to come to the surface. Whether you are hiding secrets from yourself, or if you just witness these hidden agendas being revealed; the time for true understanding is beginning now.

This energy is all being triggered by the Pluto retrograde that will affect the Earth plane from April 10 to September 18. Imagine that you have been living in a puppet show. First, you were apart of that show, not knowing that you were participating in it. Then as the energy began to change, your awareness increased, and you moved to a seat in audience, watching the show play out in front of you. Now, your vantage point will be altered once again, and you will begin to see the curtain drop as those whom are pulling the strings of the puppets will begin to be revealed.

Do know that there are people who will be apprehensive when this information comes out, and some will not believe it at all. But, with each passing day and as Earth heads into its future, the evidence will pile up to a point where it can no longer be ignored. The curtain is just beginning to drop. It is like one piece of the curtain will fall here, then there, and piece by piece a new picture of life on Earth will emerge.

The final aim is to assist humanity to see life on Earth in its wholeness, with all of the pieces of information in view. Another way to picture this process, is like you have been wearing a blindfold for your whole life, and you have been relying on someone else to tell you what is happening around you. And, it is at this time that those blindfolds will be removed and many will see with their own eyes for the first time. Eventually, no one will be able to hide anything from any other individual, because everyone will be able to read and sense the energy, intentions and motivation of others.

Take advantage of this energy now and go within, take stock of any belief, thought or idea that you may have been hiding from yourself, or that you may feel fear of sharing with others. There is an opportunity now for many souls to complete the lessons that have carried over from past lives of being persecuted for their beliefs. And, that lesson can be completed by standing up for your truth and speaking it with confidence and love. So, let those secrets come to the surface. Let humanity see with fresh eyes how to live a life free from those blindfolds. Let the curtain drop without fear of what may be hiding behind it. Let yourself be authentically you.

Love, Aurora



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Karen Downing

Karen Downing is a channel, intuitive reader, coach, speaker and spiritual teacher. While an interest was always there in the background, it was not until 2006 that Karen shed her fear of stepping into her intuitive gifts.

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