What if Your World Changed Overnight?

We all define the world around us in different ways, some through power, money, status, emotions, family, career, religion, politics, etc. For as many individuals as there are in the world, there are ways to perceive how the world operates. But, what if we have been wrong this whole time? Have you ever tried to picture what the world would be like, without some of those things you have come to rely on today?

This is a question of getting to the heart of how you define the way you interact with the world, and reaching deep down to the collective agreements that we have all participated in with the Oneness of all. What if things did not have to be the way they are now? What if totally different (and even better) options were available to us? What if everything you thought was true, wasn’t so? These are powerful questions to ponder on.

Each one of us, through our upbringing, family history, peer influence, and media programming have a set of ideas, beliefs and morals that we base our understanding of the world on. They are often a part of how we see ourselves. At different times in your life, you will call into question each one of these. This is a natural, and some might say essential, part of the personal/spiritual development process. How else can we decide what is true for us, if we don’t question that truth to begin with?

That being said, the process of dismantling the core foundation of your world, can be the source of super intense emotion. This is where the help, empathy and guidance of others can make a difference. If you are reading this article, you are a forerunner/pioneer/wayshower, and a part of what you have chosen to be here for, is to be a guiding light for others whose world is at the precipice of change.

There are many ways that this guiding light role can be accomplished; through encouraging words, healing modalities, the wisdom of experience, and also guiding each person to go through the process in their own time, in their own way. Each individual is their own best teacher, but they can also need the encouragement, guidance and assistance of others, especially in times of tremendous change. Another way that you can assist, is by teaching others about discernment. Discernment that comes, not only from knowledge, but also in trusting your own intuitive antenna. In knowing how to discern what truths are your own, from what you had been taught as a reflection of another’s truth.

Yes, each person is entitled to their own truth; to speak it, to live it, to be it. It is so much more powerful to do so, when you can come to the awareness of what your truth really is. That is to discern and differentiate programming, from the knowing of your Soul. We are all in the process of increasing our light quotient, and working at enhancing the upgrade of the body system. This is all part of the grand design, as we move into the new waves of energy, they are increasing, enhancing and guiding our upgrade process. They work hand in hand; as above, so below. We cannot will one to occur separately from another, they are interconnected, just as our own life, thoughts, healing, beliefs and so forth are connected to the Oneness of all.

So, ask yourself the question. What if your world was to change overnight? What if the systems you rely on today, were so different tomorrow that you did not recognize them? This is not about fearful anticipation, this is about trusting that this is a process we (as in Oneness) put into motion long ago. We already know what to do when it occurs, but we do need to remind ourselves that perhaps we had assumed the permanence of things like government, money, relationships, spirituality, beliefs and so forth. All is changing, and in order for us to best navigate that change, it is quite helpful to examine what things/items/people/beliefs are at the central core of your personal beliefs. What if that central belief was wrong? How would your world change because of it? Be open to looking at this process for yourself, even if you have done it before. It will be enlightening for you to find your answers, and also assist you to help others to do the same.



zorro 31st July 2015 8:55 am

Yes, the world is changing all the time. Will it suddenly change overnight? Maybe. Could all our core beliefs been wrong? Possibly. But I wouldn' spend to much time pondering these questions because things will work out if we have been paying attention, one eye on the visible road and the other eye on our internal promptings. What causes our core understandings to get crystalized, and how will things suddenly change? It doesn't happen without our participation.

Know you do not know. Everything is changing.

Listen for guidance about things

And as Erich Erich Schiffmann put it so well in Moving Into Stillness:

Dare To Do As You Are Prompted To Do

Peter fox 31st July 2015 8:56 am

Hi Karen- in answer to your question,It feels to me that it's just about to- and it feels wonderful!!! Thank you!

ToTwoTOo 31st July 2015 9:09 am

Awareness and energy are amassing, building up to a target date in September. I think we're going to have a 1111 event (unified consciousness, convergence). Life is going to happen all over the entire planet but we'll be mentally attuned for it. Religiously, we're approaching the atonement. See how we're going through fine tuning, readying for atonement? From tune to tone.

Some people are expecting catastrophes. My thinking is this: will this September be as bad as 9/11, less significant than 9/11 or greater than 9/11?

I sense future years as strong pillars of time, indicating that whatever will happen, there is life beyond whatever will occur in 2015.

cyndy 31st July 2015 12:39 pm

Zorro, :thumbs:

Deeni 31st July 2015 12:55 pm

DITTO, Peter.

Thank You, Karen.

Much Love, Light and Inner Peace to All. : )

Peter fox 1st August 2015 3:52 am

Well it's Saturday morning and my world didn't change overnight! Well,actually it has- but not in the way I meant. So,Zorro, you're right. Life is
constantly changing and if we are constantly growing in love what else matters and,indeed, what else is there? Love to all....Peter.

cyndy 1st August 2015 10:59 am

The possibility of changing overnight does at times grab my attention. The story of the 100th Monkey always resonated with me, even if the amount of time it happened in, was exaggerated. AND these are not those times as we have moved so far, done so much , become much more and have accessed newer energies and dimensions now present on Earth , in us and through us. As we become more aware of our multi-dimensionality and out of linear time, i can sense the possibility of radical change overnight or catupulting into the new. I leave the door wide open to this possibility. Especially now in the Lion's Gateway.
Just for today and just in this moment, what I" know" is:" follow that which brings us alive. If it is gardening, music, a conversation, ... we must follow that which brings us alive." -David Steindl-Rast.
Glad to hear your voice again Peter. Off I go today, to follow that which brings me alive.

cyndy 3rd August 2015 7:51 pm

I think in 3d we transform through trauma and drama. In 5d we transform fast ,easily and efficiently. The 5d is so palatably present for me now. I think there are enough of us in 5d or on the edge and aware , to tip the transformation into the easier 5d way. Yay!

cyndy 4th August 2015 1:46 pm

My sense of it is, or as much as my sense of it can be at this time is:
that Earth, Gaia Terra is transforming to the 5th Dimension (heaven on earth.)
All humans staying on earth whether conscious of it or not will be transforming to 5th dimensional beings. Others will leave as their souls go on to evolve in a different/new way. This is the first time in the history of earth that we have been able to stay embodied to do this large of a transformation. No more 3rd dimension on Earth. Before in 3d there was always a chance to come back and some at lower levels of consciousness came back. Now there will be no coming back to Earth,unless you have transformed to at least the 5th dimension level of conscious. 3d energies do not weave in with the 5d and hence all the purging the past few/several years.
I appreciated Jayme's words from her post : " The energies are building into a new culmination point that never ends."


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