Full Moon Equinox, September 2010

The onslaught of energies assaulting the planet that began with the Solstice and successive eclipses in June, and have continued with a particularly strong Mercury retrograde and the proximity of a retrograde Jupiter, moves ahead once again this week with a double-whammy of the Full Moon Equinox on September 23 (or, the evening of September 22 for those in North America). If ever you have been doubting that your life is in flux and that the only reasonable course through such commotion is to breathe and ride with it, now is your chance to embrace this philosophy.

Let’s discuss these events separately and then together.

The full moon occurs regularly and is a figure on a regular basis in terms of providing an opening toward growth or movement. Use this time to your advantage to focus on what you are creating. What messages are present for you in the perceived movement (or lack of movement) in your life? Take care with your thoughts about creating your life and your story – if you focus only on the “good,” you rob yourself of the power of your shadow side. In meditation, embrace all that you are creating and welcome it to your side. Breathe for a while with what you have created, and then seek to release what no longer serves you.

The Equinox, especially this one, is even more powerful. It symbolizes the crossing over from life to death, and for balance, in the Southern Hemisphere it symbolizes the crossing from death back to life again, or rebirth. With this energy, then, is great power, one that can bring you in closer connection with your cellular beginnings. Use this time to think about your life on a grander scale — bring into your awareness all the what-ifs and might-have-beens; they are a part of you as and such deserve to be honored and considered. Now is the time to perform your own soul retrieval, bringing those past parts of yourself, the lives created by the choice points in your past that are not a part of the You that you know yourself to be today, into your conscious being.

Together, then, this Full Moon Equinox is a time to bring into balance and awareness the totality of You. It is a powerfully healing time, and offers a space through which to move into a new chapter in your life. 

On a personal level

This is perhaps the most noticeable manifestation of these energies. Along with the inner expansion of the Jupiter retrograde, and in preparation for an upcoming Venus retrograde, the majority of you will find yourself re-examining past patterns and relationships. We have said before that the primary method of experience physical plane experience is through interacting with others, and so relationships are an important part of each individual’s experience. In this time, you’ll find yourself realizing new insights about old issues that have felt stuck to you in the past. Use this time to meditate on your common triggering reactions and responses. Embrace them and bring them to you without judgment, and then stay with the feelings that arise. After all, they are just feelings! In time, with sitting with these reactive patterns, you’ll be able to release them. For the next several days, try to create some space within which to meditate and to allow your sense of these patterns to come into your consciousness. If you like, follow the threads that lead from you to the others in your life with whom you have created these patterns and practice Tonglen, breathing in awareness and understanding, and breathing out love and compassion.

On a relationship level

Because of all the intense inner work that most people are experiencing, relationships will be changing as well. Now is the time to pay attention to what you have been creating and the story you have been telling, perhaps for years now, about the people you have known. Do you still wish to hold onto that story? You may use this energy to make a new story if you like. Mentally hold hands with the person with whom you’d like to create a new story, and tell them that you are now choosing differently. The in-real-life reactions of people to the inner changes you are making will vary, but understand that it is the people closest to us who have the hardest time seeing change in us. Allow time and space for change to develop.

On a community level

To balance the inner work, people are feeling more intensely a need now to connect with others. This has been occurring overall on a global level for some time, but the shift of seasons, from light to dark, is an important marker for most people that creates a need for change. Summer is an outward, expanding time, while Winter is an inward, contracting time. You’ll likely be feeling a need to ground yourself within the activities of others at this time (for those in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re also feeling a pull toward community but in an expansive, action-oriented way) in ways that bring a sense of fellowship and sameness. Examples of this are desires to worship with others, to create and eat food with others, and to interact in a meaningful way with deep discussions. This is a good time to join a book or film discussion group or to seek a new way to connect with others who share your beliefs and values. Connecting through shared experience becomes important now. 

On a global level 

Worldwide, balance is created among the hemispheres which moves the global collective community light-years into the What Comes Next. Because of the amount and intensity of the inner work being done on a personal level, waves of global change will begin to emanate after this Full Moon Equinox. This has an effect on many levels: expect through mid-October some repercussions that may look like earthquake activity (Northern Pacific Rim), large bank failure, political scandal eruption, and other events that “rock the boat” for some time to come.

Full Moon Equinox Meditation 

To assist you with moving effortlessly into the energies of this time, we offer this meditation. Try to practice it at least twice over the coming three days, paying especial attention to when you need to create this connection on the Equinox itself.

Close your eyes and focus on the breath. Feel how your body, your cells, expand along with the rise and fall of your chest, your shoulders, your abdomen. Feel how this breath move along tiny passageways into every cell in your body, infusing you with the energy of this moment. It is this moment – right now – in which you are creating what happens next. In this breath, you plant the seeds of your next week, month, year, and decade. In this breath, you infuse your being with all your hopes, dreams, and expectations, and in this breath you embrace also the stories and dreams of all those who share breath on this planet with you. Breathe now and breathe in those stories, allowing them to mix with your own. Breathe out again and send your hopes out into the universe to be co-created by all those who share breath on this planet with you. Rest now in the immense possibility that you have created with one breath. Breathe that knowledge – knowledge of your innate power to create – into every cell, down to your toes and beyond back down into the Earth again. Feel the door that you just opened, and choose to walk through it into your next breath.


Melanie 22nd September 2010 1:35 am

This is great information, very useful, thank you Karen.

bhaniuk 22nd September 2010 5:21 pm

how wonderful to be drawn to your email on today the full moon equinox, i am excited about being apart of this special night, and experiencing all that it has to offer.
Thank you Nancy



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