An Epic Week Ahead - New Moon in Taurus!

We have an epic week ahead!

As the energy accelerates, you might feel it's too much to process. Make sure you stay grounded.

Thankfully, we're still in the midst of Taurus season to keep you tethered to Earth.

Tomorrow (May 11) is our New Moon in Taurus.

This is one of the most luscious lunations of the year.

Ruled by Venus, Taurus teaches you to slow down and value life's beauty.

It's also an Earth Sign.

Basking in nature is a necessity to stay focused on what truly matters.

New Moons usher in new beginnings and opportunities.

This New Moon is happening on the 11th day of our month.

11 is a Master Number of insight, intuition, and illumination. Pay attention to your divine downloads!

Don't dismiss them as passing whimsy. Your Spirit Guides communicate to you through your imagination.

Take some time to tune into your intuition for insights into your future. Then make a wish and send it to the Universe!

Your dreams will have extra potency.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is moving into the psychic sign of Pisces until July 28th (more on that later).

Use this elevated energy to imagine a better life for yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

Enjoy the day!
~ Kari