As with All Cycles, This Too Shall Pass...

Saturn is our teacher this year.

Currently, there are five planets in Capricorn right now. - whose ruling planet is Saturn.

Saturn is known as the taskmaster. He is associated with limitations, restrictions, responsibility, boundaries, and discipline, as well as time, age, older people, patriarchy, and fathers.

When Saturn is present he often invokes a lot of FEAR.

It is our nature to want to expand. Saturn contracts (which is often what makes him so scary!).

Yet once you learn the lessons of Saturn, despite how challenging they are, he ultimately brings FREEDOM and STRENGTH.

Saturn is changing signs on March 21

For the first time in three decades, Saturn will be in visionary innovative, humanitarian Aquarius. He will be in this future-oriented sign for three months, giving us a taste of this revolutionary energy. (And return there in December for another two years).

With Saturn in stern and serious Capricorn, things got really heavy.

Aquarius, an air sign, will bring new ways we can communicate, technology that will move us forward and advance the planet, and a humanitarian spirit, which we desperately need right now.

Aquarius is an air sign, and with the limitations placed on travel, the air we breathe is having some much-needed healing. (And we pray for the people affected by Covid-19 so they can breathe more easily).

March 2020 is also a 7 Universal Month which often brings shock and revelations that force you to slow down, go within, take time alone and soul search.

As with all cycles, this too shall pass. If you're struggling with fear right now, I invite you to download the free Embody the Light guided healing and meditation I've made for you.

~ Kari



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