Do You Feel Proud of Yourself?

How do you feel as you head into the New Year?

Do you feel proud? You've accomplished so much, though you may not see the benefits right now.⁠⁠

If you aren't feeling good about what you've achieved, remember this...

Growth is not linear.⁠ ⁠

In nature, much of the activity happens beneath the surface. It's almost winter here; there's not a flower in sight. Yet, in a few months, everything will be teeming with color, fragrance, and life.⁠

You may be looking back on this year and thinking you didn't succeed in your goals. ⁠

Worldly success is not a measure of the soul.

You have not wasted your time.

You are learning the value of your worth. Your heart is opening to allow for more love and intimacy.⁠⁠

2022 is a year to expand your feeling capacity.

Light will shine upon every corner of your heart. ⁠⁠You are learning the meaning of true love, and that begins with yourself.⁠⁠

As you are reviewing your year, remember to focus on what you learned spiritually and emotionally.⁠⁠

You've got a lot to be proud of!

As you head into the New Year, keep your head high and heart open. ⁠⁠

Onward the adventure!⁠
~ Kari



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Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Counselor, Numerologist, and Happiness Coach. If there is an area in your life that needs more joy, Kari can shed light on dark places and lift your spirits with remarkable insight.


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