Mercury retrograde - Be kind. Rewind.

Can you feel it? 

Everything in the Universe is telling you to s.l.o.w. down. 

In this western world where our value is measured in productivity, every part of you might be resisting that. 

Resistance won't win during a retrograde. You might as well relax! 

We have FIVE planets in retrograde now, as Mercury begins it's three week journey retrograde in Taurus. 

Our Sun is also in the slow-moving sensual sign of Taurus. People often confuse this idea of slowing down with losing productivity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Taurus is ruled by Venus - who attracts abundance with her alluring beauty and love, rather than force or strain. Venus is responsible for the art and creativity you enjoy. It's a pleasurable productivity rather than a tedious one. 

Just a like a seed that has been planted, most of your growth now is not yet visible to the eye. There's so much growing for you beneath the surface. It's important to create the right conditions to nurture this new life.

Make sure you slow down and appreciate the earthly beauty around you, and enjoy the life you've already created. 

When you realize how beautiful your life is right in this very moment, you won't feel the need to rush. You can fill your heart and mind with gratitude for the immense blessings you have right now. 

Be in awe of your life, being the precious gift that it is. Enjoy every moment. 

Keep calm and look at the stars.


P.S. Retrogrades are a wonderful time to refresh, review, rejuvenate, recreate, repair, and re-evaluate. It's a wonderful time to revisit the 2016 yearly forecast with a renewed perspective. You can check it out here.


ShelleyT 28th April 2016 1:46 pm

Communication & timing....ahh...
Thank you for the insight...


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