New Moon in Cancer - Feminine Power Unleashed

June 28, at 7:52 pm EDT La Luna joined forces with the Sun to initiate change in your life.

New Moons are typically not as emotionally intense as Full Moons.

⁠⁠And yet...⁠

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so there is a double dose of lunar energy.⁠⁠


This New Moon is conjunct Black Moon Lilith.⁠⁠

Lilith is raw, feminine power that will not submit to outer authority. You may know Lilith as Adam's first wife, who would not yield her power to him.⁠

Cancer is known as a squishy sensitive sign, and yet it is fiercely protective. Cancer is also a cardinal sign, which initiates bold actions and change.⁠

What divine timing.

This is the energy that needs to be unleashed now.

Have you ever seen videos of women who can single handedly lift a car to rescue a loved one?

That's the raw power and determination this lunation is bringing us.⁠

Divine Feminine energy is never passive. It is engaged, intuitive, creative, protective and fierce.

You can channel this energy to make the necessary changes in your life (and the world) where you are no longer allowing yourself to give away your power.⁠⁠

If you take stock, that list may be longer than you realize.

We tend to settle when life gets overwhelming.⁠⁠

Go within (one of Cancer's superpowers) and recognize where you are settling and take steps to make things better for yourself.⁠⁠

You've got more power than you realize.

~ Kari



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Author Information

Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Counselor, Numerologist, and Happiness Coach. If there is an area in your life that needs more joy, Kari can shed light on dark places and lift your spirits with remarkable insight.