New Moon in Virgo - Nourish Your Body and Soul

Our New Moon in Virgo was on Saturday.

You're probably feeling the inner drive to focus and get serious about your goals.

That's Virgo.

There have been some major planetary shifts in the past few days. We entered Virgo season, Mars moved into Gemini, Uranus stationed retrograde, and Mercury is in its retrograde shadow.

You may feel like you've been on a moving train that has suddenly jolted to a stop and is changing course.

New Moons offer fresh starts and new beginnings.

Yet, this lunation is in Virgo, so you'll have to put in some work. Inner work.

Virgo helps you discern what is healthy for you.

This New Moon is in an exact square with Mars. When the Moon is squared with the warrior planet, you may have conflicting emotions.

The Virgo Moon ensures that you are tuning into your inner wisdom before you take action on your plans.

Virgo is an Earth sign. Your body is an extension of Gaia. You have tremendous wisdom available if you tune into your body for answers.

Virgo also teaches you healthy habits.

Have you been nourishing your body, mind, and spirit? What changes can you initiate now for total well-being and prosperity?

This is an opportune time to implement small changes to improve your health and lifestyle. Doing so will give you the strength to pursue your soul’s purpose.

~ Kari