Soul Mates & Soul Contracts - You Might Be in a Karmic Relationship

Have you ever met someone and felt as if you’ve known them before? It’s most likely because you have – in another lifetime! When you have this familiar feeling, it is likely you have met one of your soul mates. And yet there are those times when you FEEL like you’ve met your soul mate, and it turns out to be a completely challenging relationship! It can leave you wondering how your intuition can lead you to such a difficult situation.

If you find yourself in challenging circumstances or relationships over and over again, and can’t seem to break the pattern, you might have a soul contract that is keeping you stuck. Soul contracts are pre-birth agreements you have with other people to help you grow and evolve as a soul. You can also have these contracts with yourself – energy patterns from other lifetimes that create limiting situations for you that compromise your well-being.

Some soul contracts can take years, even decades to transform. The good news is, you can change these patterns for good! Once you learn the lessons these contracts are designed to teach you, you can be free of them indefinitely. You can take control of your life, completely express your gifts and purpose in the world, and enjoy the life you were born to live! Sound amazing? It is!

One way to move through a soul contract is to take responsibility for your life, and not blame the other person for making you feel a certain way. As difficult as it is to believe, the people who you find challenging are helping you! Being in a relationship with someone who brings up your “stuff” can help you release unconscious patterns, so you can CHANGE YOUR RESPONSE. Once you change your energy around something that you were previously reacting to unconsciously, you no longer need to attract circumstances and relationships pertaining to that particular issue.

You can transform difficult emotions by breathing love into your body. If you feel you are tense, fearful, or anxious, it’s just stuck energy. Breathe love into all of your cells. Send love to yourself and all the people involved in the situation. Keep breathing the beautiful healing light of pure divine love until you feel the energy move.

Congratulations! You just healed your life!


johnnyb2 28th August 2014 12:17 pm

Hello Kari,
Thank you for elucidating on the important topics of soul mates and soul contracts. My exploration of this topic continues as I experience(d) both a soul mate and soul contract relationship with my wife Maureen who transitioned in 2012! What I discovered is that my soul needed no was complete and whole. I found the relationship was for my human evolution not my soul's. The soul incarnates for experience only. Souls are not in need of lessons or karma. It is the human who must attune to the already perfect soul's vibration. Each time we incarnate, the earth's akash locked in crystals, releases back to us all the information of our human qualities which our soul communes with. The soul waits for the human to get with the program and that's called enlightenment.

Liza Elliott 29th August 2014 8:50 am

It is spirit that is perfect and needs no growth, not the soul. The soul is what makes us individuals. It is our personal thoughts and beliefs. The human is the physical manifestation of the soul, which allows the soul to "see" and experience the results of it's own creations and to learn. It is spirit that waits for the soul to learn from human experience and "get with the program". Enlightenment is knowing that you are already perfection, being that perfection, and that the rest, including this discussion, is Illusion.


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