Supermoon in Pisces - Psychic Senses awakened

Things are about to get real! Or rather, things are about to feel SURREAL

There is a LOT of lunar activity coming up. This can either make you feel loony-tunes, or TOTALLY TUNED-IN! I'm opting for the latter - and want to help you too! 

The moon is associated with your emotions, intuition, and psychic energy - your divine feminine. When the moon is full, your deepest emotions come to light, and your intuition is stronger. 

This Saturday's full moon (August 29th) intensifies this energy. It's a SUPERMOON, meaning the moon is closest to Earth, magnifying it's emotional pull. AND, it's in the super sensitive sign of PISCES. 

PISCES is a water sign that connects you deeply with the spiritual and psychic waters of your soul. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, and intuition. Neptune will be in the sign of Pisces during this full moon, super-charging your psychic senses! 

This Supermoon is initiating a month-long season of eclipses and supermoons that we'll experience throughout September. Your perception is expanding. It's time to honor and express your intuition!  

Be Your Psychic Self

I encourage you to use this magnified psychic energy to tune into the voice of your spirit. Pay attention to what feelings come up for you, whether they seem "nice" or not. Let the light of this full moon bring love to your shadow - all those parts of yourself that you've buried. As you pay attention to your thoughts and emotions without judgement, you'll be much more in-tune with your inner light.


kitegirlcoach 30th August 2015 1:41 am

This makes a lot of sense to me. About 3-4 days ago my mind was hyperactive. The last two days not so active and phases of extreme calm and focus. A sad moment today for no reason I could find. All the rest of the time I feel like I've lost my marbles. Should we just continue to work on being grounded to cope with it, Kari?