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Fasten your seat belts! We’re heading into the three most emotionally intense weeks of the year and I want you to be prepared for it.

Something tells me you’re beginning to feel it already. March is certainly a major month for growth and it’s inevitable your world is shifting as a result. You might be wondering why you’re processing emotions you thought you dealt with years ago. Rest assured – it’s all part of the process, and you’ll be liberated as a result.

Below is a glimpse of what’s happening in the heavens, and why on Earth everything feels so strange! Knowing your astrology and numerology forecasts is like knowing the weather – you can prepare properly, and also breathe a sigh of relief when you know why things are happening and when the storms will pass.

Here’s what’s going on right now:

Mercury in Pisces (until March 30th)

Our winged messenger that governs your thoughts and communication went into spiritual, psychic Pisces yesterday. This will supercharge your intuition and activate your imagination. You can use this potent energy to dream of the life you desire, and visualize the best for yourself.

Pluto square Uranus (March 16th)

These two planetary powerhouses have been duking it out since 2012, causing conflict in your psyche and also the world. Pluto will activate deep transformation, unearthing energies that have been buried for too long. Uranus is a freedom-loving revolutionary planet. They’re been squaring off at 90 degrees for 6 times during the past three years, and they will experience their 7th and final square on the 16th. When these two dynamos get together there will be some major revelations. They’re here to expose anything that is getting in the way of your freedom, so you’re liberated from old patterns and oppression.This transit lasts until March 29th so use it wisely. The truth will set you free!

The exact 7th square is happening on 16/7 day, and 7 always requires that you spend time alone so you can get in touch with what’s really important to you. It’s probably not the best day to hang out at a rock concert! Light a candle, spend some time in meditation, and visualize world peace while you’re at it.

Saturn in Retrograde (March 14th – August 1st)

On Saturday, Saturn (the planet that Saturday is named after) is going retrograde to teach you all about boundaries. Saturn governs our structures, systems and day-to-day life. This is a potent time to revisit all the structures in your life to make sure they are built on solid ground. Look at your finances, your home, and even your relationship foundations to make sure they will support you in building your dreams.

New Moon, Super Moon, Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Such a special day awaits you! This is quite possibly the most powerful, mystical day of the year. New Moons always offer new beginnings. It’s ideal to plant the seeds of your intentions during the new moon and watch them grow as the moon’s light waxes. This will be a SUPER POTENT new moon because it’s also a Super Moon – where the moon is closest to Earth having a stronger magnetic pull, and a solar eclipse (holy cosmos!). That’s a lot of cosmic superpower in one place. Eclipses are the most powerful transit of the year, revealing deeper truths about your life that catapult you toward your purpose. The effects of eclipses last at least six months and oftentimes years.

This new moon is in the master number 29/11 degrees Pisces, and also the very last degree of the entire zodiac – teaching you to master your life so you can truly live your truth. Sun and Moon move into Aries just hours later, kicking off the Equinox and the beginning of a new zodiac year.

I encourage you to use that day to visualize, dream, and write your most heart-felt intentions. DREAM BIG and create with love. You really can have the life you desire – if you have the courage to be yourself.



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