Turn up the heat! Mars in Gemini

Mars, the warrior planet, moved into Gemini on Saturday and will be there through March 2023!

Usually, Mars stays in a sign for approximately 2 1/2 months. Since Mars will retrograde later this year it will be in Gemini for an exceptionally long time.

Mars has a lot to teach us now.

Mars is fierce, assertive, and aggressive.

Gemini is communicative, versatile, and inquisitive.

Mars in Gemini can foster new ways of communicating. Yet fiery Mars in this restless air sign can fan the flames of anger if you're not careful.

Clear the air

Unexpressed emotions can come up, particularly if you've suppressed your anger. You are learning how to honor anger as a necessary aspect of being human. Anger can warn you when your boundaries are crossed or if others take advantage of you.

Since Gemini is the sign of communication, talking through things can help you avoid conflict. Mars is encouraging you to be more confident and direct with your expression. Take a breath before speaking if you're agitated. Talk therapy, journaling, and creativity are healthy outlets for your emotions.

Don't stoke the fire

Be mindful of gossip or talking poorly about others or yourself. Mars' combustive powers in air-sign Gemini can quickly fan the flames of rage to destroy a relationship or your reputation. Gemini governs electronic gadgets and social media, so make sure you protect your passwords and take extra care with what you say on social media.

Channel your passion toward change

Mars in Gemini is teaching you to EXPRESS what you feel passionate about. Instead of thinking about the many ways you want to change your life and the world, now is the time to take action. Embody the muse of warrior Mars to believe in yourself and make bold changes.

It's a potent time for transformation. Believe in yourself and go for your dreams!

~ Kari