Your Karma Is About To Change

This is a BIG week!

If you watched my video forecast, you’ll know that we have a very special New Moon in Scorpio on 11:11. This convergence of the sacred geometry of 11:11, and the psychic potency of this New Moon is setting the stage for a major intuitive overhaul.

But that’s only half the story.

There’s something else that is happening that day that will change the way you relate to yourself, and the world, forever.

Our Collective Destiny Is Shifting

The Moon’s North Node will be transiting into Virgo for 18 months, and it will profoundly affect everyone.

You might not have ever heard of the North Node, and very few astrologers talk about it. Yet it is one of the most important aspects of your birth chart.

The Moon’s North Node indicates where your future is heading – guiding you toward your destiny. It’s polarity is the South Node, which reveals the karmic patterns that you are moving away from.

While the Moon’s North Node will be in Virgo for the next 18 months, our South Node will be in Pisces. Both Virgo and Pisces are signs of service for the greater good. Yet there is a BIG difference. Pisces teaches you to be at one with everyone, to be ego-less as benefit the collective whole.

All That Is About To Change.

We are being taught a new way of being of service to humanity. The shadow side of Pisces tends to lend itself to martyrdom. You can identify so much with the wounds of the world, that you can exhaust yourself trying to help others. You can be so selfless, that you lose your sense of self.

Our Moon’s North Node in Virgo will be a big shift in our collective consciousness. Virgo is the sign of discrimination, health, and healing. Virgo’s totem, the Earth Goddess, teaches you to be self-preserving, and not defined by anyone else.

You Are Redefining Your Personal Spirituality.

This Virgo North Node/Pisces South Node is teaching you to become more self-directing, self-nurturing, and individualistic as your spiritual service to the world.

It can feel confusing because this paradigm is different than anything you’ve experienced, in any lifetime.

Yet, it’s what you’re called to do. Being selfless has led to so much exhaustion, isolation and compassion fatigue among lightworkers, it’s time to change.

Amazingly, as you step into this new paradigm, you will feel MORE CONNECTED to others and have MORE OPPORTUNITY TO HELP OTHERS than ever before.



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Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Counselor, Numerologist, and Happiness Coach. If there is an area in your life that needs more joy, Kari can shed light on dark places and lift your spirits with remarkable insight.


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