2022 ~ Special Alignments

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This update covers the Special Alignments happening in 2022. Each and every year has its own flavor and specific activations to deal with or navigate. Because I cover Venus on a monthly basis, I have only included Mars & Jupiter, although I did cover the New Venus Cycle in the Energetic Overview. Saturn will be rather reserved this year after all the trouble it stirred up last year with major activations, so we are still dealing with and integrating all of that throughout this year too. For our purposes here, I will go over them in the order they happen and I will synthesize them along the way. That said, I also covered Jupiter moving into Pisces, Saturn’s last year in Aquarius and Mars lingering in Gemini on the 2022 Energetic Overview, so here, I only cover how they interact with others during 2022.

Jupiter in Pisces is going to allow us to not only to seed a new vision for Jupiter’s 12-year cycle, which it does every 12-years, just in different signs, but this is a re-set with Neptune in Pisces and its 165-year cycle. So the last time these two met in Pisces was 1856 and when I looked up US history 1854-1855 leading up to 1856, there were a lot of the same fights going on – abolitionists against those who wanted slavery to continue and here we are having a similar battle with the “powers that be” on control over our own bodies & minds. It’s deep!! But the beauty of recognizing just how big & important this re-set IS, is that in Pisces we get to dream up what we will embody in Aries next. Neptune is our connection to the God of our understanding, that connection to Spirit or your Higher Self and Jupiter has to do with what you/we believe to be true or possible so together, that tells us that whatever we “believe” is likely going to be true so call in the MIRACLES – make a way out of no way like our Ancestors did! We have all the knowledge & resources necessary to claim a New Vision for ourselves, each other and the planet. This is a huge opportunity for the visionary activists, artists & healers to lead us into a different, more imaginative, life-affirming vision than what is presented online or on tv these days.

What I also find fascinating is that Jupiter links up with Uranus in Taurus – awakening us first. Then we seed the New Vision – and then follows up with Pluto in Capricorn – to make the commitment to transforming our world together. So let’s dive into each one and you’ll understand better how they can and will work together as we get 2022 off the ground. I also love the interaction because it is forcing an upgrade in our own value systems and at the same time, we are beginning to truly recognize the value of the family or community on the ground that you have to live with every day. When you do not have that, it can feel very isolating and that is not the vision or narrative that we are moving toward. We want to be sovereign individuals who contribute to and are supported by a healthy, loving community. That’s the goal!

Also, I am covering Jupiter first so that we understand the larger Story playing out throughout the year. In this respect, we can use the Mars energy & activations to direct our Path and make better choices that will serve the ultimate goal of the year. Not to mention that everything Mars is going to activate is leading up to it lingering in Gemini for a Retrograde that it only does every 2-years so its activations take on more import as we navigate the year as well.

JUPITER Activations:

2/17 ~ Jupiter (expansion) ~sextile~ Uranus (innovation):

This is the energy of your own consciousness and the awakening you’re having at this time. It is a relatively rare combination of energies and you are invited to expand what you think is possible for your Self, as well as the rest of the world. Change is in the air! And this is an opportunity to gain some real traction as you make the larger connections in your life. Depending on your personal placements & disposition, as well as how you normally respond to unexpected changes in your life, will determine if and how disruptive these energies will be for you. This combo gets you excited about experimenting with new ideas & projects, expanding your consciousness as well as your community. We can use this powerful (and somewhat rare) combination of energy for: Expansion & Innovation ~ Enthusiasm & Authenticity ~ Truth & Freedom. This is the clue that we are really stepping into a new era. Broaden your vision as anything is possible at this time and good things are on the way!

What makes this special is Jupiter is only in Pisces for one year, every 12-years and Pisces is the culmination of learning we have all just traveled through for the last 12-years. What have you learned? How well and often did you allow your imagination to help you solve your problems? How often did synchronicity and positive thinking contribute to making your own personal Truth & Story more interesting?

Uranus is only in Taurus for 7-years every 84-years, which coincides with our tangible resources evolving because our values & priorities have changed over time. Since that is such a big cycle, I like to look at this time as another rare opportunity to “awaken” the Taurus Department of Life. Where can you use some physical liberation? How can you be inspired to live your day-to-day in a whole new way, rather than be a victim of circumstance?

Together, these two are teaching you how to follow your own intuition, as well as the instinctive guidance of the body. You’re learning to trust Spirit but also remain practical & present in your own mind & body. These two remind you that you are made of both Earth & Stardust and you may just be waking up to some of your own natural super-powers. This combo reminds you that you are a Spirit in human form, a regenerating creature and a conscious being. Take advantage of this alignment to take all that you’ve learned in the last 3-12 years and apply it toward improving your life, even if that means shaking things up a bit.

4/12 ~ Jupiter (spirituality) ~conjunct~ Neptune (oneness consciousness):  (Last time together in Pisces: 1856)

These two together expand your conscious awareness, about your Self, the community and the planet. We have been through a lot over the years learning the difference between religion and spirituality and this initiation is giving you a chance to heal your own connection to God/Great Spirit or Source of your understanding. Your perspective has been broadened by the global shifts and you have probably been humbled on one or many levels. Now that you’ve been stripped of some non-essentials, you are more clear about your own values and your own purpose. The Shadow aspect of this energy is to be overly optimistic, ignoring facts and realities that are necessary to the judgments you make at this time. Stay grounded and do not take unnecessary risks, with your faith or your resources. You are tremendously supported for initiating new spiritual practices that fortify you so that you are better able to serve on a grander scale or contribute in a larger way, to the social & collective realms just by living in integrity and staying connected to a Higher Power.

5/3 ~ Jupiter (Your Truth & Story) ~sextile~ Pluto (Purification & Transformation):

This energy brings expansion & regeneration, allowing you to gain serious traction and get big things done. On a personal level, your Truth & Story is due for a renewal. You’ve grown, your life has changed & your consciousness has expanded in recent years and these two are going to assist you in making great strides, in a short amount of time because of your evolution. This is concentrated growth & development with incredible support for overall integrity. Robert Hand says, “This combination symbolizes regeneration to a higher plane of existence” on many levels. So this could also usher in a renewed sense of deep faith in yourself, life and your own ‘process’. Because Jupiter expands your consciousness, this activation can stimulate a spiritual rebirth, as well as a literal one (improved environment). This is when you learn (or begin to *know*) something that utterly changes you, on a Soul level, and you are never the same. Just remember, you can change your consciousness in an instant, but physical manifestation takes a little longer. You can also look for your Story to evolve to its natural next level as your awareness is expanded and you cannot go back (read: you can’t un-know what you know). This is an opportunity between two major energies, a social planet (Jupiter) and a collective planet (Pluto), to come together in a positive, effective way. Ultimately, this activation will affect you and those around you because Jupiter makes things bigger and Pluto permanently changes things. So if you’re ready for big (and permanent) change, these two support you and your efforts.

MARS Activations:

Here I cover the Initiations because they are the most rare, only happening every 2-years, and the Tests because they will be the most impactful & obvious. However, Mars will have several sextiles, which are opportunities to gain traction and it will have trines, which are ease & grace that can be worked with consciously too. They will be covered in the regular Weekly Forecast throughout the year. These Initiations only happen every 2-years and it takes almost 30-years for them to come back to these Signs. Co-creating with Mars is about getting to know your own desire nature, what motivates you to the choices you make & actions you take – it is your Inner Masculine that knows how to negotiate on your own behalf, get your ideas in the world and hold good boundaries. And after the upgrade we got to the Feminine with Venus Retro in Gemini last go-round, now we will follow that with an upgrade in Gemini to our identity & purpose and how we express that going forward in very real ways.

CONJUNCT = Amplified Power to Create & Initiate Clean, New Beginnings
Mars Enters CAPRICORN:  1.24.2022
2/16 ~ Venus (love & beauty) ~conjunct~ Mars (passion):

(1 of 2: 2/16:CAP ~ 3/6:AQU)  This is Venus & Mars, our primary Sacred Feminine & Masculine energies, merging in a potent way, arousing a need to cultivate powerful relationship, whether it is physical or sexual with one person or relating & socializing with many people. With this energy & initiation, on one level, there is a strong need for approval and on another level, there can be a strong need for some kind of affection or attention from others. This is understandable, and usually we do okay on our own, but with this one, we just crave human contact of some sort. If you are not in relationship-mode or interacting with human beings at this time, this energy can also activate your creative, artistic nature. This is a perfect time to create something (project or relationship) that is seeded by a deep, authentic love.

3/3 – Mars (desires) ~conjunct~ Pluto (transformation):

This is an extremely powerful combination of energy. If it is properly channeled, magical results are possible. If your ego is engaged, tragic results are possible. This is ‘lower will’ versus ‘higher will’ together, increasing each other’s strength and potency. So if you know who you are and what you want, then this energy can catapult you to the next level, giving you endless energy, power and drive to accomplish your goals. Restriction of any kind will make you angry & frustrated, so anticipate as much as you can and get creative. You may have to work within certain limitations, but don’t let your ego (or wanting your own way) block the blessing of this transit. Any time Pluto is involved, complete transformation is at work, so go with it. Be clear about your desires, commit to release any/all blockages and own your power in a positive way, no victim consciousness lest you attract a victim circumstance.
Only Mars conjunct Pluto Activations in CAPRICORN this Lifetime:
12.28.2008 ~ 12.14.2010 ~ 11.27.2012 ~ 11.10.2014
10.19.2016 ~ 4.26.2018 ~ 3.23.2020 ~ 3.3.2022

Mars Enters AQUARIUS:  3.6.2022
3/6 ~ Venus (love & beauty) ~conjunct~ Mars (passion): (2 of 2: 2/16:CAP ~ 3/6:AQU)

This is our primary Sacred Feminine (Venus) and masculine (Mars) energies merging in a potent way, arousing a need to cultivate powerful relationship, whether physical/sexual with one or relating/socializing with many. There is a strong need for approval (on one level) and affection (on another level) from others, in a way that we usually do okay on our own, but with this one, you just crave human contact of some sort. If you are not in relationship-mode or interacting with human beings at this time, this energy can also activate your artistic nature (Venus). This a perfect time to create something (project or relationship) that is seeded by a deep, authentic love.

4/4 ~ Mars (energy, desire & action) ~conjunct~ Saturn (structure, responsibility & timing):    (2 of 2: 3.31.2020 and 4.4.2022)

Any conjunction is an initiation and Mars rules ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’, while Saturn rules your definition of reality and your physical limits. If you are feeling frustrated, you may need to clarify your desires more, then take tangible, practical steps toward them. Anytime Saturn is involved, it will depend on your personal nature, as some thrive on structure & good boundaries, while others buck the system and want to do it their own way (which causes its own types of conflicts in the world). Sometimes this energy manifests as action being restricted and the anger that follows. You can either be angry and feel restricted, limited and unable to move … or you can see this energy as an opportunity to define the right actions to take and strategically plan to take them when the Universe is more supportive. This energy requires us to slow down and double check The Plan (Saturn). If you proceed consciously & cautiously, your plan has a better chance of success than if you were reckless & impatient (Mars). You may experience a blockage of some sort, whether internal or external. You feel this tremendous urge to move forward in your life but seem to find blockages and limitations with every effort. That is likely your perception rather than the actual reality, so ask your Self if you feel inadequate to the task at hand or if you are dealing with some personal fears around this issue. Remember that fear is: False Evidence Appearing Real – so try to release the fear and reclaim your inner authority to create/lead your own life. If you don’t, your outer circumstance only becomes a reflection of your inner belief. You will attract criticism & delays and repel support & protection. Take your grand vision and figure out three small steps you can take, even on this restricted level, that will still take you in the direction of your goal. Mars links up with Saturn every 2-years or so, so even though it is an initiation, you may be better supported for cultivating, planning, working behind the scenes, doing the detail work and foundational (grunt) work that is NECESSARY to support the grand vision when the time comes to fully express it.

Mars Enters PISCES:  4.14.2022
5/18 ~ Mars (actions & desires) ~conjunct~ Neptune (dreams & visions):

This energy is great for tapping into your intuition and acting on Its promptings. If you’re focused on your dreams at the moment, this will give you a boost of creative energy. It is time to expand your vision and play a little. This is not necessarily a time to push your body, but your imagination! How well do you do with your action, fearlessness, passion, and desire nature? If you resist these aspects of your nature, this energy will be tough to navigate. Sometimes you can feel much like you’re walking on the bottom of the pool, instead, try to practice floating above it all rather than letting it get you down. This energy reminds us that effectiveness is more important than speed in most cases, so watch what gets you fired up and direct it consciously, be pro-active rather than re-active, use your imagination every chance you get and embrace opportunities to improvise. Be gentle & compassionate with your Self and others, honoring all wherever they may be on their chosen Path.

Mars Enters ARIES:  5.24.2022
5/29 ~ Mars (passion) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion):

This is an excellent energy if you are beginning a new project or business because you will have considerably more energy than usual so use it wisely. Don’t take unnecessary risks, but calculated risks are actually well-supported for a positive outcome under this influence. You will be optimistic and willing to do whatever it takes to facilitate progress. At the same time, if you are not initiating something and perhaps are struggling on one level or another, then watch your temper as things may appear to be worse than they really are. This is a huge dose of Truth & Passion, direct it consciously and you will accomplish great things in a short amount of time.

Mars only initiates with Jupiter every two years, so this is also the beginning of a new 2-year cycle and because of their respective cycles (Mars/2-yrs and Jupiter/12-yrs), the Sign is the magical ingredient to take note of, in this case (2022), they are connecting in Aries, which Mars Rules so it is at its strongest here. Along with Chiron facilitating healing, education & soul work in Aries, this is a huge re-set for who you are and what you want, as well as the new Story that the new Identity wants to tell or the New Narrative that it wants to live into. These two getting together in Aries is special across the board and the last time they initiated here was in 2011 but before that, it was 1975 so this is a particularly rare & potent alignment to co-create with as you initiate, renew & expand your Aries department of life. Independence, courage of your convictions & overcoming fear of new beginnings (among other things) cannot be ignored this year and the longer you ignore, bury or suppress these challenging but vital aspects of life, often, the bigger the explosion will be. This is a rich *conception point* that you can use to consciously renew & safely expand these very areas. Initiation in Aries, automatically activates Integration in Libra and Growth & Development in your Cancer/Capricorn departments.

Mars Enters TAURUS:  7.5.2022
8/1 ~ Mars (passion & purpose) ~conjunct~ Uranus (freedom & liberation):
(2 of 3: 1.20.2021 ~ 8.1.2022 ~ 7.15.2024)

This energy is a volatile mix but can be directed consciously & constructively. When these two get together, it can provoke you to be completely intolerant of restrictions and gives you an undeniable urge to break free in some way, shape or form. It’s time to do things in a completely new & different way. Uranus is the Awakener and Mars rules who you are and what you want on one level, and your Divine Masculine on another level (that’s the part of you that gets your ideas out there, holds your boundaries & negotiates on your behalf). This is a break-to-realign moment but in an initiatory way (rather than a growth moment), it’s time to start a new path, passion or purpose that is born from within. This is a brand spanking new beginning for you (personally) and one that may even surprise you, let alone those around you, so stay loose yet alert. If you have a solid sense of Self and are clear about your deepest desires, then this energy is just what you need to finally (and permanently) break old limiting patterns of behavior which no longer suit who you have become. You will have considerable energy, so you should direct it consciously or into a project of your own making, something that you created, something truly unique and that will ultimately reflect the Truth of who/what you are. At its worst, it is violent thrashing, reactionary and indiscriminate destructiveness.

SQUARES are tests that push us to grow, out of comfort zone and into New Territory and they help us stabilize things and make real progress when we work with them consciously, rather than avoid them
3/22 ~ Mars in AQUARIUS ~square~ Uranus in TAURUS:

This is the “Rebel” energy – what’s your “cause”? If you are clear about your own authentic Truth & Purpose, then this energy is refreshing & uplifting. You acknowledge that change is necessary (and inevitable) and you co-create with this energy to transform your current life. This is a rebirth energy too and being “reborn” is never easy. Worth it – but not easy. However, if you are NOT clear about who you are and what you’re capable of, this energy shines a light on that aspect of your life which you instinctively already know needs an overhaul but for whatever reason you are still holding onto the old habits or negative patterns. Unwilling or unable to embrace change at this time, you only increase the feeling of being restricted by external energies. Your life is a direct reflection of what’s going on inside you. How’s it lookin’? Check your ego, recommit to your Truth and remember that change is GOOD! And if you don’t go voluntarily (read: consciously), then you’ll get dragged to the new level, kicking and screaming and you’ll often be so exhausted when you get there that you may miss the beauty in evolving to the next level. (This IS what you’ve been working toward, correct?) Remember, conscious, effective action creates freedom.

7/1 – Mars in ARIES ~square~ Pluto in CAPRICORN:

This is a test of what you are made of, on the deepest core level, and will require surrender and a degree of self-awareness to navigate. This energy challenges you to evolve and will make you want to push through any obstacles but you must be careful not to be so aggressive that you are stepping on anyone to get where you’re going. This is a potent energy that can facilitate major transformation in your life if you know who you are, what you want and what you are willing to sacrifice to get there – that includes parts of your Self that may need to shift in order for you to be more effective in life. This energy can bring power struggles, within or without, so be mindful because it is affecting everyone at this time. This is the time to tie up any loose ends if you are close to beginning anew. If you do not finish what you already have in the works, it may get in the way of things you want to do in the future. It is time to align your true inner power with balanced outer actions & choices.

8/7 ~ Mars in TAURUS ~square~ Saturn in AQUARIUS:

This is the energy of action being restricted and the anger or frustration that follows. You can either be angry and feel restricted, limited and unable to move … or you can see this energy as an opportunity to define the right actions to take and strategically plan to take them when the Universe is more supportive. This energy requires us to slow down and double check The Plan. If you proceed consciously & cautiously, your plan has a better chance of success than if you were reckless & impatient. You may experience a blockage of some sort, internal or external. You may feel this tremendous urge to change or move forward in your life but seem to find blockages and limitations with every effort. That is likely your perception, rather than the actual reality. Better to ask your Self if you somehow feel inadequate to the task at hand. Or you may ask what you are afraid of when Fear is always: False Evidence Appearing Real – release fear and choose to be responsible for creating your own life. If you don’t, your outer circumstance only becomes a reflection of your inner belief. You will attract criticism and repel support. Take your grand vision and figure out three small steps you can take on this restricted level that is still taking you in the direction of your goal. Don’t try to initiate at this time, this is a time for cultivating, planning, working behind the scenes, doing the detail work and foundational (grunt work) that is NECESSARY to support the grand vision when the time comes to fully express it.

Mars Retro in GEMINI will have 2-activations affecting us all. What is wonderful about these two is that we are getting to challenge ourselves to get real about our dreams and then Saturn helps us really take those next steps toward our New Reality with ease & grace. I love it!

1/11 ~ Mars (action & desire) ~square~ Neptune (dreams & illusions):
SAG/PIS then GEM/PIS: (1 of 4: 1/11 ~ 10/12 Nep Rx ~ 11/9 Both Rx ~ 3.14.2023 Both Dir)  

This can be an annoying energy, to say the least. Basically, you may be confronted with challenges which are a direct result of earlier choices. These are the kind of choices you eventually realized were wrong and “hoped” the consequences would somehow pass you by. Not. You may feel very discouraged, possibly depressed, and be filled with fear & doubt. The key to getting through this energy is to take a step back, reflect on your choices and what led you to this point and, as objectively as possible, evaluate what went wrong. The tendency with this energy is to want to give up completely on the path that you have chosen when all that is probably necessary is a little tweaking. Try to identify the aspect that is causing the conflict. If you don’t feel that you can be objective enough or that you struggle with identifying this aspect, enlist two other people to give you their opinion and then follow your gut instinct on the direction to take from here. The other temptation with this energy is to be deceptive – either to your Self or others. Either way – don’t give in – it will only come back to bite you (harder) later. Your physical energy is likely to be low as well. Do not force your Self to do anything you are truly not “feeling” right now. Instead, meditate on what action may be necessary when your energy returns. Be still. Avoid confrontations with others as it is just the energy pushing you out of comfort zone, into new territory. This is a test of sorts and the best way to deal with it is to face your fears and clarify your desires. My personal two-cents about these two planets (Mars & Neptune) in a difficult angle, is to reflect on what actions (Mars) have been taken (and NOT worked) toward the fulfillment of your dreams (Neptune) – and start your “tweaking” there.

Mars (energy & drive) ~trine~ Saturn (stamina & patience):
(1 of 3: 9/28 ~ 11/28 ~ 3/30)

This is a delicious & potent combo! This is like a great Father/Son working on a project type of energy. The Son has all the muscle, energy & enthusiasm and the Father is the brilliant, steady man who directs that energy and teaches in every moment. Internally, this is your Inner Authority guiding your innate desire nature to the tangible results it so craves. Saturn brings the long-term goals to the table and Mars’ energy can fuel your efforts creating amazing results. This energy enables you to focus longer, attend to the details better, overcome obstacles, and get more tangible results of your actions & choices. Normally, these two get together and it is more the ‘tortoise and the hare’ energy, which can be frustrating for some. However, they are in an easy-angle here and if there is any major project which needs your attention, now is the time you will likely be in the mood to tackle it and be completely supported.

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