9-Month Gestation ~ Labor ~ New Birth

"In Initiations, spending a significant period of time under difficult conditions is part of the dismemberment that severs one from ease and complacency. As an Initiatory passage, it will come to a conclusion, and the newly "sanded down" woman [person] will commence a refreshed and enwisened spiritual and creative life." ~ Clarissa Pinkola-Estes in Women Who Run With the Wolves ~

If Winter Solstice/December 2008 was the "Initiation" ~ then where do you stand 9-months later, with 3-months left to go on this year's evolution? How can you consciously contribute to living a "refreshed and enwisened spiritual and creative life"?

Join us for the Sacred Seasons when we discuss cycles and the energies available. If you missed any previous gatherings and would like to receive the audio, notes and personal activations, please Email Kelly with your request plus your Name and Birth Date / Time / Place (if I do not have it).

Back in December 2008, Pluto was working (for the first time) directly with the personal planets in Capricorn, clearing space for what Saturn in Virgo is ready to build *Now*. As Saturn moves in to Libra over the next year, it will spend close to 3 years working with the Lord of Transformation to lay the foundation for the next 30 years (and beyond). This suggests that ... the thread that links *ALL* Life on this planet and the duality that forces us to cultivate balance (Libra) in our every move is the Most Important factor when considering what we will build (with Capricorn) to serve and support a large group of people (culture, community, country, society at large). The lessons of Libra and Capricorn are *Balance* and *Responsibility* (respectively). The planets facilitating these lessons are Saturn and Pluto, who will teach you these lessons each in their own unique way, but bring them together and you will truly not be the same person on the other side of these particular activations, nor will it be the same physical world.

Saturn teaches through exposing the cracks in your personal foundation, where you are weak, fearful, frustrated, stagnated, and where you lack commitment and inner authority to make good choices for the long term/big picture (30 year cycle). (Whatever Sign your Saturn is in will have further implications worth examining.) Pluto teaches through exposing your deepest, darkest fears and blowing up any pent up, repressed, unexpressed natural energies ... leaving you raw, completely vulnerable and without any visible assistance (Invisible Assistance is needed here and always available). Pluto is the Ultimate Healer because it goes to the *Root* and prepares a truly *Clean & Clear* space for rebirth or re-creation to happen. You should want this clean start, because very often, 'how you start is how you finish'. So your own inner toxicity levels will determine how long and difficult the clean up will be. Whatever is dead within or around you must be removed for new life to even be able to take root. Pluto in Capricorn will leave us all with a renewed commitment to being responsible, individually and collectively, for the planet (and anything else) which gives and supports Life. We know the macro level manifestation of this, but on an individual level, what are you doing to clear a space, to live a life that Preserves Life & Light?

These two Together ~ yikes! Change is inevitable, so you should consciously co-create when it is possible ... which is Always!! Your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds all manifest and, therefore, contribute to the collective results. This will not be easy, but it can be beautiful. We have a double dose of Saturn because it also rules Capricorn, which leads me to believe that we are *Building* twice as much as we are *Bull-Dozing* (with Pluto). Pluto's most delicious contribution to Saturn's 'building' is that this is an unprecedented opportunity to build on *Clean* slate! Venus gets involved as She is the ruler of Libra and this too, is poignant. This reminds me of a quote from one of my teachers, on Venus ...

"Remembering that ...the opposite of "aesthetic" is "anesthetic". There is no solution to anything unless Venus is involved - unless beauty and love are present." ~ Caroline W. Casey of CoyoteNetworkNews.com ~

Venus rules what we cultivate, where our priorities lie and what we value most about life. Adding Her to this potent mix can Only Help! Venus also rules magnetics, how/what/who you attract. Venus is considered a personal planet; Saturn, a social planet; and Pluto, a collective planet. Venus has an 8 year Cycle; Saturn, a 28 year Cycle; and Pluto, a 248 year Cycle. So you can see how each affects us at these different levels, and now, simultaneously. It's now officially *ALL* vital ~ individuals / communities / species ~ ALL are vital and participating in the current evolution.

You can (and will) contribute to this evolution in ways that are likely closest to your own nature. Do you do things with calm, ease and grace? Or do you plan and execute with force and sheer will? Would you like to change from one way, to the other? Ahhh ... where does this lead? Right back to *Balance*. How about a delicious combination, in equal measure (by your own definition), the strong commitment and unwavering dedication (it usually requires to 'plan and execute with force') ... and ... self-assured grace, style and faith in Divine Time & Order. Yummmm! Use the available Elements, Air & Earth, at their most challenging and creative combination. This takes ideas and concepts and makes them tangible and 'real' (in some way). We must have balanced, creative thought ~co-creating~ with physical work in order to create positive, tangible, useful results. Squares in astrology sometimes mean "squaring off" and sometimes "crossroads/turning points" but always, they mean "moving out of a comfort zone and in to new territory". And from several years of close observation, I can attest to them also manifesting in both challenging and exciting, happy and sad, productive and debilitating ways. It usually comes down to your own individual nature, your available inner strength and fortitude, your personal view of the circumstances (pessimistic or optimistic) and ultimately, your faith and innate desire.

What do you want? How do you define "quality" of life? These *3* planets will assist with this very process ... aahhh - another useful Trinity! Tune in. Invite their energies to animate through you, in the Highest possible way. Embody each planet in the most positive way you can conjure at this time. Co-create. It is time. It is also completely supported. Envision the Infinite Potential of *Now* ... go with it and build something even better than before.



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