Aquarius 2010: Love & Liberation

To live content with small means;
to seek elegance rather than luxury,
and refinement rather than fashion;
to be worthy, not respectable,
and wealthy, not, rich;
to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages,
with an open heart;
to study hard; to think quietly,
act frankly, talk gently,
await occasions, hurry never;
in a word, to let the
spiritual, unbidden and unconscious,
grow up through the common
... this is my symphony.

William Henry Channing, Writer/Philosopher

~ AQUARIUS 2010 ~ Inner Peace & Love is the Way to Freedom & Liberation for ALL Life!

~ AQUARIUS ~ Freedom Requires Responsibility ~ LEO ~ Love Requires Authenticity

Aquarius has to integrate the self-love lesson of Leo, in order to make its unique contribution to the community and reminds you to think outside the box (Aquarius/Uranus) & follow your heart (Leo/Sun) for the betterment of all. One month past the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses (course corrections) of Dec/Jan, what crossroads can you identify? What correlations can you make to the Aug 2008 Leo/Aquarius Eclipses? This Lunation will activate those Eclipses again this month. What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal/professional) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your essential nature (Leo/Sun) so you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful and delicious way? We re-volve EVERY year ... this year we E-VOLVE!

A huge cycle in history just completed in 2008 (Pluto/Galactic Center/Sagittarius), and 2009 brought in considerable closure for those who go willingly and voluntarily (to the next level) and own a *NEW* Truth/Story. The way is a bit more harrowing for those who insist on holding on (fixed nature types) to that which has crumbled and dis-integrated because it has served its purpose, completed and is no longer necessary. It is time for you to further define truth and happiness for yourself. It can no longer follow the formula of generations past. You have direct access to this potent Uranian energy and you can now connect directly to a UNIQUE VISION OF LIFE, COMMUNITY AND THE PLANET.

The recent surge of Capricorn/Saturn energy has brought to the surface the need for a reality check but we're going to take that to a Higher level now, and rework our definition of reality and security. It is time to operate strictly from the HEART ... chase a PURPOSE, not a job! What is your purpose? How do you serve and contribute? If you've been stuck in "survival mode", for whatever reason, now is the time for a paradigm shift in to *Self-Preservation* ~ breaking chains of "obligation" in favor of being joyfully *responsible* for all you create. Life is too short and certainly hard enough on its own but when you are focused on a purpose, something bigger than you, you're in the FLOW, participating, co-creating a much richer experience for your Self and those lives you touch along the way (of which there are many).

There is just one life for each of us: OUR OWN.

If you have been getting in-sync with your personal cycles and the current energy, harmonizing with nature more often, and vibrating at a new (and Higher) frequency, catching glimpses of your new reality, you are on the right track. Part of your covenant with the Universe, to be here at this time, is to usher in this new era. Your consciousness IS your contribution, how you use your energy at this time is setting the tone for generations to come. When you step out of "survival mode" even for a second, your perspective shifts and you see that you are participating at the dawn of a new age.

The beginning is the most delicate stage of evolution. You are likewise beginning anew (on one or many levels in your life). Choices made now are crucial to your long-term plan. Aquarius time is the perfect time to broaden the scope of your vision. Keep the 12 year cycle you just began in mind, what is the NEW STORY you want to tell (of your life)? If hindsight is 20/20, then what would you do differently NOW/TODAY to align your life and daily routine with your deepest heart's desire? For example, I've been using the moving metaphor lately because we have been "moving" in to a brand new, and long-term cycle.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you truly are.

~ Say you had to move next month, what amenities would you look for that you did not think of when choosing the place you currently reside in?

~ In relationships, what would you choose differently if you were to start over at this time?

~ In career choices, how different would your career path be if you chose something you love and are passionate about versus what paid the most or had the most prestige, or worse, what someone else wanted you to do?

This is the time to apply these standard questions to the current *Time* and situation. How have you truly *moved* ... in consciousness and in reality? This is a prime opportunity to set new intentions for living your Truth & Purpose. The issues, people and circumstances that are leaving your life at this time are moving out in Divine Time. That is creating a vacuum for you to start fresh, with a clean slate. Choose wisely, be prepared to work hard but take time to recognize every blessing along the way. When you work from the heart, with passion and purpose, the angels pave the way!

The future has a way of ...arriving UN-announced!

* Jan/Feb 2010 ~ Things to Consider *
* Energy ~ Movement & Stagnation *

Any time Planets change Sign or Direction, they slow down, gather energy and beam that concentrated energy down to us here on Earth. You may *feel* as if things are not moving, but I assure you, energetically, they are! We have had a whirlwind of celestial movement recently (Jan 13 - 19) and as we process this week (Jan 24 - 30), more is yet to come. Breathe, pause periodically and *process* what you're feeling along the way. Right now, we are fresh off the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses, Saturn just went Retrograde, Jupiter moved in to Pisces, Sun/Venus moved in to Aquarius and we are at the half-way point in the Mars Retrograde thru Leo activation. (It goes Direct March 10th with a Shadow period till June 2010.) The purpose of Mars Retrograde is to take some time (every 2 years), to assess and review your desire nature, how you handle conflict and your motivations and methods of acquiring your deepest desires. Because it falls in Leo this time, 'who you are' (Leo) on a core, essential level (Sun) and the courage to be authentic are undergoing a review and your inner and outer selves are experiencing a major re-calibration with the *HEART*. When action in the world is restricted, as it is now with both Saturn and Mars backwards, the focus becomes more internally directed. Don't fight it, consciously co-create with it and set your intentions for all of the above. This is the best time to assess and strategize on possibilities to pursue upon their forward movement, as well as your own.

* Balance ~ Divine Feminine / Divine Masculine *

As the Mars energy peeks, it joins the Full Moon in Leo (Jan 30th) and beams straight across to Sun (Source/identity) and Venus (values/priorities) newly in Aquarius. This opposition requires balance and compromise, within and without, with the individual and with the community, with your personal balance of masculine and feminine energy within and the *key* to it all is Authenticity. Moon represents your inner nature and how you nourish and protect your Self and all you create, Mars Retrograde is an inner process and review ~ so these two are doing the internal work of digging deep within your Soul to re-discover your true self-love and passion for life. Across the way, Sun/Venus in Aquarius are doing the external work of aligning your *new* priorities (Venus) with your *new* identity (Sun) in the outer realms so that you can better serve the community (Aquarius) and ultimately contribute to breaking the patterns which no longer serve anyone, on personal, social or collective levels. The Opposition brings the action of balance and integration ~ somehow (sooner than later preferably) we have to regain our internal equilibrium so we can be more effective in the outer world and community. Watch for extremes and either direction and adjust accordingly.

* Leo/Aquarius Lunation of Jan/Feb 2010 is Activating Aug 2008 Eclipses *

Also being activated this Lunation, are the Leo/Aquarius Eclipses of Aug 2008. Can you remember any radical shifts of that summer? Did you discover your life did not match your inner vision of your life? Did you encounter ways you were lacking integrity, being in-authentic and/or compromising your nature or your identity to your own detriment? Did you re-discover an old passion? Did you re-connect with your own inner Source (power) ~ your *heart*? That summer shook things up and a year and a half later, you should be able to identify what permanently ended, as well as what new beginning was initiated that summer. Now ~ how can you use this month's Full Moon in Leo (Jan 30th) and next month's New Moon in Aquarius (Feb 13th) to further solidify your efforts to get in alignment thus far? The Full Moon will help you release any residual *stuff* that is no longer "you", clearing a space for you to plant the seeds of true freedom and liberation ~ by your own definition ~ on the New Moon, which also falls on Valentine's weekend, which is an indication to me that *LOVE* needs to definitely be part of the plan, strategy or formula of what you are attempting to create (within or without).

* Saturn/Pluto ~ Power/Responsibility ~ Balance/Structure *

Now, while all that fairly "personal" energy is moving molecules around for individuals, on social and collective levels, we have Saturn Retrograde in Libra *squaring off* with Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of structure and foundation, it also represents reality as we define it in the 3-D. Pluto is the planet of purification and transformation. The Signs, Libra and Capricorn, indicate that balance, responsibility, our relationship with authority and our definition of power is part of the theme. They also indicate that possible lessons include how vital balance and structure are to success of anything, be it a family, business or culture. Squares push us out of our comfort zone and in to new territory, it is the friction we need to be just uncomfortable enough to actually *change*. It is a gift and can also be used to break some long-term patterns which have outlived their purpose. This is an opportunity to create more stable relationships that are built on integrity and fortified to survived the tests life gives periodically.

This is the second of *3* activations (Jan 31st). The Trinity energy is very useful to work with consciously. There is always the first activation (introduction/Nov 15th) that sets the tone, the second activation is usually a review (or repeated efforts of some kind) and a recognition of the energy re-occurring ... then, finally, the last contact gives you the opportunity to define it yourself by setting the intention for the ultimate outcome (that will come Aug 21st) ~ based on all the information and wisdom you discovered throughout the process. This Trinity of activations with Saturn and Pluto will purify and permanently change your reality and though conscious free will plays a huge part, you will be on a clean, new Path by the end of this year (2010) no matter how you look at it. I always say *CO-CREATE*, while always allowing room for Great Spirit to contribute.

* Co-Create ~ Window of Possibilities *

Thoughts, words, and actions of course, create, however, *feeling* really seems to speed things in to physical manifestation. And because Pluto is complete transformation of Saturn's form in 3-D, you can't be attached to the "old forms" because they no longer exist. Open up to the *Essence* of what you wish to create or magnetize in to your life. Activate your imagination and be open to Infinite possibilities ~ Expand! Work with these two powerful celestial bodies, take time to visualize and set your intentions for a renewed structure, fortified foundation, sovereignty, truth, purpose, heart-centered life and work, natural rhythms, strength, endurance and flexibility. *Feel* the essence of *Order* and *Stability* within your Being, within your life and within your relationships. Then *Feel* the elation of being able to *Expand* in new and exciting ways because your *base* is stable, your mind is clear, your heart is open and you recognize the benefits of dedication and perseverance ~ you recognize that *YOU* created that *Order* and subsequent stability and can now enjoy other experiences beyond mere survival. It is time.

* February 2010 ~ Candlemas/Cross Quarter *

Feb 4th is the actual Cross Quarter ~ one of four *Gates of Power* ~ when the Sun reaches 15* Aquarius ~ and when we move through individually and collectively, in to new territory where we will encounter new challenges as well as new blessings and innovations. This is a very potent time to prepare for the upcoming seasonal shift. This particular season is good for purging and purifying. Beyond clearing the *past* ~ this energy is most useful for clearing a space for what you are creating and/or magnetizing in. Rather than looking back, you are completely supported for creating your future. Use this 6+ week period (Feb 1 – March 20) to set your individual and collective intentions for navigating this Seasonal Shift. There are *8* Sacred Seasons each year which constitute my definition of a *clock* ~ they get me present to Time and make me acutely aware of my personal and professional progress. Notice that they happen with Cardinal and Fixed Signs, the Initiators and the Stabilizers, that indicates movement, tangible results and physical change. These Sacred Seasons should be considered *Portals* that clearly indicate leaving one space and moving in to a new space. Tune in and adjust accordingly at each point and you will notice, after one quarter or certainly one year, a decidedly accelerated pace of manifestation.



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