Capricorn ~ Energy of the Month

This month’s theme is:
Responsibility, Strength & Boundaries

Capricorn is the energy of our inner authority – how we use our authority and how we sometimes tend to give our authority away. When you allow others to determine things you ought to be defining for yourself, you have willingly given your consent for them to be the authority in your life and dictate the direction you will go or the feelings you may feel. Even strangers on the street can get us that way at times. Practice being present and asking yourself if YOU are choosing to participate because it is in your own best interest or if you have chosen not to be responsible and thereby subjected to outer directives? True freedom and independence requires responsibility ~ being responsible for your thoughts, emotions, words, and deeds. That can often translate as holding good boundaries and negotiating on your own behalf and not everyone is taught how to do this so many of us learn through trial and error. The more conscious you can be, the less you have to repeat tests and challenges like that.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruler, represents your definition of reality and your purpose. So this time of year always brings to mind a sense of accountability, reviewing the year and planning for the near future. Capricorn energy gives form and structure to whatever you are focusing on. This energy invites you to find the balance between structure and flow. Many people are realizing that the old structures may not be as sound or solid as they had originally believed them to be, personally, professionally and globally. And though Capricorn prefers the traditional, old and familiar, we must acknowledge that the old ways no longer work for who and where we are today. However, the upside is that Saturn/Capricorn energy loves to plan and strategize, so rather than wasting your time or energy lamenting what no longer serves, get busy creating a NEW system that DOES! That is a better expression of this energy, use it, tap into that energy – plan and strategize for your own future well-being. Take time to meditate and really be still long enough to hear your inner voice or Higher Self speaking directly to you. Then write it down, edit, revise as needed, and begin to implement your plan in small stages (so adjustments can be made along the way). Take your time, attend to the details, that’s all Saturn wants you to do. Remember that in order to build a solid foundation, you must clear all debris and create a space for what you’re building. Saturn is the planet that tends to activate our inner fears & doubts – it often plays Devil’s Advocate ~ “You can’t do that; you can’t afford that; you shouldn’t risk that; you’re too much of this and not enough of that,” etc … DON’T LISTEN!! Immediately turn any doubts into affirmations!! You cannot always control the thoughts that pop into your head, but you can catch them and turn them around, into affirmations, immediately. Then proceed with caution; take things a little slower than usual. This is not the time for short cuts or quick fixes!

Everyone I’ve talked to lately is knee-deep in “taking stock” of their lives. And there is no better time to plant the seeds of the future than NOW! Capricorn begins with Winter Solstice which is a “new” beginning; the Light (sun) is returning; life begins to emerge from its rest and so do YOU! You have been given the chance to be grateful for all that you have and have been able to accomplish as you begin to create the life you can really be proud of. The holidays will come and go, and eventually, you will have to get serious and focus. I’ve mentioned since Scorpio time to really pay attention because whatever you’ve been hiding (or hiding from), blocking out, putting off, ignoring or otherwise NOT dealing with is coming to the surface to be dealt with whether you think you’re ready or not. Sag got you in touch with a deeper Truth and Capricorn brings the energy of being responsible for your emotions, your actions and your choices. Saturn reminds us that we reap what we sow and it is time to ‘pay the piper’, as they say. If you have been dedicated and consistent, you should reap some rewards for your efforts. If you have been slacking, then you are likely to get a kick in the pants now forcing some changes and pushing you to the next level. Now would be a good time to give all those creative ideas that you’ve been “talking” about and “dreaming” about (in your own head & heart) better containers with a larger purpose. Give them a form & structure and make them a reality! Capricorn time completely supports you!



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