Eclipse Portal ~ SPRING 2016

I want to thank you for your interest in working more consciously with the Eclipse Portal ~ Spring 2016. I found some notes that may prove useful and I wrote a blurb about each lunation to give you a some insight on what energy is supported with each.    

Relevant Reflections ~ the following was part of the Post Call Note from a Pisces New Moon in 2010. It was the beginning of Neptune/Chiron in Pisces and we were just diving in. These are just *food for thought* right now, ideas to consider as you explore.   

Gazing at water induces a reversal of consciousness ... because we are at the end, which is really the beginning, we are simultaneously closing & initiating a 12 month cycle (Sun/Pisces). The most effective practice I have ever used to break old patterns (and create new ones) was the *Reversal Theory*. I did the exact OPPOSITE of whatever the bad habit or inclination was and it broke the cycle/pattern. Entertain the possibilities ~ what would it be like for you if you could break your "x-y-z" pattern? (customized for each individual) Play with opposites ~ of everything! Take some time to Gaze at Water ~ reflect on what the opposite would look like/feel like etc (see the vision through as far as you can). Gaze at Water and Invite Clarity, Guidance, Understanding and Wisdom ~ and just see if your consciousness doesn't change in some vital way. You will make connections you haven't been able to make before now and, by reflecting on *Opposites*, you are consciously looking at things from a different perspective. Gathering information, some relevant & useful, some not. Go with it ~ see where it leads!

Neptune says, "The reverse of common sense is wisdom." ... tune in to your most basic common sense or your own personal sensibility. Reflect on the value it has brought to your life thus far. Give gratitude to how well your common sense has served you (and all the times it saved you). Then expand your mind/heart and take that basic principle and make it *bigger* ~ what is the Higher Octave (Wisdom) of your basic common sense? How could you improve your every day practices, making them not just important but Sacred? There are many things about human life that are Universal and ongoing (eternal). Your energy is better spent getting a rhythm to the *fundamentals* (what "has" to be done) rather than avoiding or denying them. You choose whether your humanity is a weighty obligation or a willing, joyful responsibility. Once you recognize and honor your own rhythms, including when they change, you'll be better able to release the survival-mode in favor of self-preservation and increased ability to respond rather than react (victim). You can start making choices that minimize the people, places & circumstances which drain your energy ... and maximize those which nourish, support and uplift. Common Sense ... Inner Wisdom.

Daunted by Destiny ... this just makes me think of one of my favorite quotes: "At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist you!" There are so many ways we sabotage ourselves unnecessarily but when you are truly ready, courageous & connected, destiny unfolds organically. And every zig-zag on the Path, every seemingly poor choice or bad decision is revealed as perfect training ground for what you face this day. That's when it is further confirmed that you control nothing ... but your choices. Reflect on times in your life when you felt daunted by the task you were facing. What daunted you the most? the thoughts? the feelings? or what you were sensing? What did you do (or not do) to push past those thoughts & feelings, to the necessary action? Reflect on the mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical challenges you have created, attracted or witnessed and try to make the correlation between them and your true destiny. What customized blockage or delay did you create that you now realize only delayed, but did not prevent you, from getting to right here & now?


2/22 – VIRGO Full Moon ~ Renew dedication to Health, Healing & Wholeness by upgrading ALL your systems for living. Make Life Sacred again. Tend to the details. Be present. We are living during a major transition of Mother Earth and as we all know from our biological Mothers, whatever happens to them seems to affect us one way or another. But my point is, the new era or world or Earth or Age that we are moving into, does NOT require that you bring that heavy baggage with you. Virgo's shadow includes quite a concentration of "shame, blame and guilt" and frankly, none of that makes you a better person, nor does it bring you "closer to God". What is required is knowing who you are, having a strong heart-connection (Leo), taking care of your Self so you can be of better service (Virgo) in the world.   

I imagine that during the American Revolution, people living during that time would have had to have their instincts in tact. In the Information Age that we live in now, we have all this "data" to sort through before making a decision and some of that, yes, is necessary here & now today. But the USA specifically has completed a major cycle (several actually) and we as a country are facing an imminent rebirth. This indicates many more *unknown* factors than known ones, and we must keep our wits about us in order to move as freely as possible (through life and the current transition).   

3/8 – PISCES Super New Moon/Solar Eclipse ~ Connect to the Deepest Healing possible for your Self. Look to the House for what is Complete or where you need to Surrender, Activate Your Imagination & Trust the New Beginning that is unfolding now. This annual New Moon brings the life-sustaining liquid of the womb, surrounding you in warmth, nourishing you and developing the vision for your life ... while simultaneously, this it also brings the cleansing waters that carry & release all back to Mother. For the last 11-years I have practiced starting my day at the ocean's edge, drinking in light, life & vitality to nourish me and guide my day ... and ending my day at the ocean's edge ~ surrendering, I've done my part, now I turn it over to Spirit ~ to Gaia's waters of Creation & Renewal ... Inviting Her Earthly magic and blessings to infuse my offerings, now and always.

3/23 – LIBRA Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse ~ Release anything blocking Balance Within and Conscious Equal Partnership with others. It's time to check in and redefine teamwork, community and/or support system for your Self, that includes renewed harmony, increased balance & full integration within & around you. As we release old ways of relating (Libra) and old ways of tending to our own individual needs (Aries), and start to practice the new "walk & talk" (Saturn/Uranus), we are going to find ourselves miraculously supported & protected to the degree that we are able to maintain balance & integrity within. Some things are going to work and take root, and some things are not. That's Nature. You're going to learn some things easily & quickly and other things are going to take more concentration, effort & patience while you practice more to gain mastery. That's Nature. We are tremendously supported by the planetary energies & alignments and the current Season, to recalibrate certain things, while we initiate others. And ALL must be based on the inner guidance of our *Heart Compass* or *Inner Gyroscope of the Heart*. How does it feel to you?  

4/7 – ARIES Super New Moon ~ Initiate the NEW You! Activate your True Purpose, Evolved Identity & New Path, as well as a deeper Passion for Life, here & now. This year, we have Spring Equinox (3/20) which initiates the new year and leads to the Libra Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (3/23), when we are deeply supported for renegotiating relationships and releasing toxic ones altogether ... in preparation for a clean new beginning with the Aries Super New Moon (4/7). Pisces finishes the annual cycle and reminds us that we need faith & forgiveness to be in a position for the Aries clean slate and no one is exempt from this opportunity to begin anew. All are granted a new canvas upon which to design a life of substance, value and meaning by your own definition. It is a powerful annual rebirth!


4/22 – SCORPIO Full Moon ~ This is the second of the *3* High Moons that Initiate each year with the coming of Spring. These lunations simultaneously Complete  & Initiate cycles of creation that we can tune in to and work with consciously. Taurus/Scorpio offers each of you the energy & opportunity to connect to your innate power as an Infinite Being and natural Shape-Shifter (Scorpio) ... which allows you to co-create something strong, practical, beautiful & delicious (Taurus) with your own energy. This is a potent time for consciously co-creating with the Life/Death/Life Cycle. What in/around you needs to "die" so that something new can be seeded to come in to existence? This Full Moon asks you to define your deepest, core values (Taurus) and then asks: What are you willing to sacrifice (Scorpio/Karma) ... for something of greater value to you (Taurus/Garden)?

5/6 – TAURUS Super New Moon ~ Release Any Real/Perceived Famine around Food, Sex, Money & Creativity and Redefine Beauty, Comfort, Security & Fulfillment, here & now. Taurus energy, whether beginning or completing, always gives you the opportunity assess your priorities. What is REALLY important now? What nourishes, supports & sustains you now? And because Venus is involved, I'd add "Who" as well ~ Who nourishes, supports & sustains you now? New Moons are always a chance to begin anew, seeding new ideas an anchoring new routines that will help manifest and sustain whatever you're creating at this time.   

The Taurus Super New Moon is amplified by fire of the Cross Quarter/Gate of Power (5/4), we celebrate Life ... adding creative fire to Taurus' earthly mix to produce more Life! We plant seeds at Spring Equinox and by the Gate of Power, things are bursting with life that will be abundant & flourishing by Summer Solstice. This is the time of year, after the initial push toward new life, that we can see the real promise of our aspirations. I encourage you to tune in to the celebratory feel of this Sacred Season, staying fully grounded in present moment. As you pay attention to that which is flourishing (and that which is lagging behind), priorities should be adjusted to support that which is growing and release that which is not thriving by now. No judgment, just observations. What is strong, healthy, growing and taking root? What is limp, lifeless, draining resources (time, energy, money) and needs to be composted?

As you emerge from this *Portal* you will have transformed like a caterpillar-to-butterfly. Allow time for your ‘wings to dry’ but then you can & will FLY! or at least move in new ways!

You may have caught where I said 'no one is exempt'. In astrology, there are 12-signs, which fall into 3-modalities (ie, how they operate & express) and I call them 'families'. They are as follows:   

Cardinal Family = Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn
Fixed Family = Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius
Mutable Family = Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo/Pisces  

I call them 'families' because they are all related and learning the same or similar things. Every chart is unique so the language & lessons are customized for each individual (ala your birth chart/blueprint) by looking to the Areas of Life (Houses) being activated at any given time, by any given planet.

For our purposes, we're focused on the Sun/Moon connection that facilitates life and our daily rhythms & needs. This year, Eclipses fall in all 3-modalities (normal is one or two, three is excessive), which is what I meant by 'no one is exempt' from the effects of this year's Eclipses.

This Spring is keeping everyone on their toes with these Eclipses and leading us all to other rare and potent alignments coming soon. Everything is a response to the last thing and preparation for the next thing. Remember that if you're truly ready to break some old thought patterns and/or make any major personal changes, Eclipses will be the 'power booster' you need to finally breakthrough to the other side. If you resist, however, it may be painful & challenging. They always say that Eclipses are 'wild cards' because the break-to-realign can seem sudden or out of the blue, but really, it is a pattern that repeats every 19-years, and if you're old enough to remember the last one or two (or more ; -)), then you can consciously co-create with this one!



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