Energetic Support: May-June 2015

Transitional *SUMMER/FALL* of 2015
  1. June-Aug ~ Jupiter in LEO / Last: Aug 2002 - Aug 2003 ~
  2. 12-yr Cycle to Activate & Expand How You Express Your Truth & Tell Your Story
  3. June-Sept ~ Saturn in SCORPIO / Last: Dec 1982 - Dec 1985 ~
  4. 28-yr Cycle to Improve & Fortify the Nutrient & Protection of Your SoulSelf
  5. June-Oct ~ Venus in LEO + Rx / Last: June-Oct 2007 ~
  6. 8-yr Cycle to Realign Your Values, Priorities & Resources with Your Heart

In General ~ the Mercury Retro thru GEMINI suggests great support for pulling back where/when possible to really process the last 3-6 months. Mars & Venus are active throughout this time, though in very different ways. Mars will engage Saturn, Neptune & Chiron in the Mutable Signs of Gemini/Sag and Pisces, which suggests we have to do Virgo consciously to balance things out. Also, it means there is a lot of mental/emotional *processing* going on that needs grounding in the body to get the most/best out of the recent revelations.

Venus will engage the Nodes, Uranus & Pluto in the Cardinal Signs of Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn. Venus in Cancer values protection, personal security & nourishment. This makes the social/collective activations very personal, so there are a lot of choices & decisions on the table that should be run through the *feeling* filter first (gut response). The choices/decisions innately right for you, will feel right fairly immediately & the retrograde will allow you to pause & cultivate a positive, effective response (for later).

Mercury in GEMINI ~ April 30th - July 8th

Retro: 5/18 - Direct: 6/11 ~ #2 of 3 Retro in Air Signs 2015

With the above Mars/Venus activations in mind for the first part of Mercury’s process, it would be prudent to know the Air Houses in your chart as they will be most affected this year and remember this is a 5-year process, so the last time Mercury did this was 2008: can you see any correlations to the current shifts in your thinking, consciousness and/or self-expression? Any correlations to your choices & decisions, then & now? in your relationships (public & private), then & now? Try not to work outward, engaging others just yet (ie, letters, conversations, worldly communications) but rather, use this time to inwardly review your own thoughts, ideas, concepts & perceptions of your Self & your world, make the inner connections, then consider the Story your life tells & edit.

SAG Full Moon (6/2) / GEMINI New Moon (6/16) ~ This lunation is continuing the work of various 2012Initiations. Think of this as the First Test of all that you birthed within and around you during the crossover of 2010-2013. What were you doing? Learning? Teaching? Healing? Remembering? And who were you doing it with? Who is still around and who cleared space for the people you have now? This is the final transformational piece of the *3 High Moons of Spring*: what have you learned in the last 3-6mos about who you are & what you want? and how you do feel vs how you want to feel? This Gemini/Sag lunation is also participating in all of the above with Mercury & Mars in Gemini plus Saturn in Sag, plus Neptune/Chiron in Pisces. It’s really time to make the connection between your thoughts & feelings, as well as all 6-Senses, and begin to practice aligning your desires & actions with your clear insights & gut instincts that guide & protect you throughout your life, you need only fortify the connection on a regular basis.

May/June 2015

There is a very specific *party* going on this May/June 2015, one we have every year with Sun + Mercury in Gemini, however, this year Mercury extends its stay and Mars, who can only come every 2-years, is there too, so it is much livelier & more spirited than usual! Said another way, the usual springtime infusion of new ideas & concepts of your Self and your life (that we get every year around Gemini time) has strong additional implications this year, and slightly counter-intuitive ones at that! Mercury Retro says it’s time to pull back and review EVERYTHING and Mars says it’s time to ACT on the ideas that have you fired up and full of clarity & purpose! Ughhh! What to do!?

Energies & Lessons ~ Gemini/Sag/Virgo/Pisces

My first recommendation is to check in with the Weekly Forecast which has details for each planetary interaction, and practical advice for navigating in general. Another thing to consider is the Sign *Energies & Lessons* which, at this time, have to do with what we think & believe, as well as how we express Self & communicate with Other (Gemini/Sag/Pisces). It’s all fairly intangible, having much more to do with feelings, ideas, thoughts, concepts & perceptions until you get to the one missing piece: Virgo, whose lesson is all about honoring natural timing and trusting the body, as well as its (many) *Systems & Processes* that support & protect your physical form. Can you see how what you feel, think & believe affects your health so directly?

Saturn in Sagittarius ~ 2015-2017

All of the above is the personal planets and thus affects those with Gemini/Sag/Virgo/Pisces in their charts, however, Saturn is coming to the Sag-party later this year and it is a social planet, that moves a lot slower (2-3 years in each sign) and affects larger groups of people at the same time. Saturn, the planet of our definitions, physical limitations & 3D/reality, is finishing up Scorpio work (June-Sept) but will re-enter Sag for a solid 2+ year renovation of our belief systems: do they support & protect you or put you in possible danger because they are incongruent with the reality you are currently living? So in addition to the many Initiations going on this Spring, Saturn is going to come in during the Fall to illuminate things from a higher perspective and push you to ground, contain & direct all that you’ve been ‘thinking’, ‘dreaming’ or ‘talking’ about for the last few months-to-the-last 28-years. All this influx of higher frequencies and higher consciousness since 2012 alone, not to mention, alllll the learning we’ve done since 1985-1988, must be rebirthed (redefined) and grounded into a workable belief system that supports & protects you, your body and your consciousness, in the here & now.

(Kelly-Quote from 2007 Venus audio: If you're gonna redefine your reality, then be prepared to rebuild it too!)

Feel the *Liberation* from the Old Story

Your ideas & inspirations (Gemini) are a reflection of what you believe (Sag) to be possible, for you, others or the planet. When you are ready to experience life in a new way, often you need only ‘think’ it (and almost always when you 'feel' it) and the molecules start moving to facilitate that physical experience or manifestation. The more conscious awareness you give to directing your thoughts & feelings, trying things in a new way, learning along the way, and developing your own theories about how life really works (for you), then the more effective you become and living your physical reality can be safer & more comfortable, even lighter & brighter! Feel the *Liberation* from the Old Story, the things which are no longer true (if they ever were). Feel that release from any literal or figurative bondage, especially self-imposed mental/emotional prisons. Then, ground in your body and trust the evolved, emerging Truth ... and prepare to tell the evolved, emerging Story! Saturn in Sag will help us all ground a Higher Truth and tell a more interesting Story over the next couple of years.

Creating a Foundation of Truth & Integrity

So, that's Mars (and more Saturn than I had intended ; -)) Now for Venus! who is in Cancer, engaging the Nodes, Uranus & Pluto. This one is affecting my Cardinal Babies the most (Cancer/Capricorn/Aries/Libra). And where Mars may be working on which actions really express your personal Truth & Purpose, at this time, Venus is working on what will feed, support & protect you while you honor the inevitable changes that come during such monumental personal, social & collective shifts (like now). Right now ALL your *Fundamentals* have been affected and a radical realignment of ALL relationships (public & private) is underway. All of them have to be renegotiated & reestablished to support & protect Life! Resistance is optional. Change is mandatory. Choose what means the most to you, deep in your heart-of-hearts, and has endured to support you and begin there ... building the NEW Base & Structure of your life, that supports & protects a foundation of Truth & Integrity for you, by your own definition.

Summer Activations ~ Another thing I look at when there is a *convergence* of energies & lessons (activated by planetary alignments) is the first & last of these activations. I can always find a theme emerging that we can follow to be more effective. In this case, the first one is Mercury/Saturn (5/3) and the last one is Sun/Mars (6/14). This gives us a 6-week window that starts with what we think about our current reality, then Mercury retrogrades (5/18 - 6/11) to review all those thoughts, ideas, stories etc, hopefully leading to some clarity & action steps by the Sun/Mars activation (6/14).

May/June supports the processing and making the (many) inner connections; June/July supports making choices & decisions based on self-preservation; July/Aug supports the grounding & protection going forward.

Summer Solstice ~ June 21, 2015

But I'm getting ahead of myself ; -)) Right now, we are heading toward Solstice 2015. Consider where you were, what you were doing & who you were with one year ago, Summer Solstice/June 2014. I was blessed to be with Shanta Gabriel on Mt. Shasta, Activating the Stargate of the Heart!

(http://www.ShantaGabriel.com/solstice-retreat-in-mt-shasta/) I had a powerful personal initiation on this sacred mountain that has taken the entire year just to begin to wrap my brain around what my heart & body experienced, as well as the new Path it put me on going forward! I have also heard from many of you, and my Power Circle Community in particular, reporting profound personal & professional shifts, rebirths & transformations over the last year specifically. (And if you haven't chimed in lately, I'd love to hear from you!) This brings you to the next step in your journey!

Relevant Reflections:

The following 4 articles are extremely relevant to review at this time, as they are all active inJune 2015. I have included some brief reminders but please re-read them to get the full understanding of each activation. I send Infinite Blessings & Protection during this amazing time of transformation for one & all!

INITIATING NEW -- 12-year Cycle ~ Jupiter in Leo ~ June 2014-June 2015 ~

The Fire of Your Authentic Heart (Uranus in Aries/Jupiter in Leo - Final Activation: 6.22.2015)
Article: http://www.LunarReflections.blogspot.com/2014/10/the-fire-of-your-authentic-heart.html

Jupiter (Education/Faith) ~trine~ Uranus (Awakening/Liberation): 9.25.2014 ~ 3/3 & 6/22.2015

Excerpt: This activation spans a year (June 2014 - June 2015) so pace yourself and pay attention to what comes up in Sept 2014 that is re-activated or revised in March 2015 to find its footing (roots), then gets its final activation in June 2015, right around Summer Solstice (wow!). Also unique to 2014-2015 is the Leo/Aries combination. As long as we maintain integrity, lead with the heart, be creative & authentic, remaining free & independent becomes much easier. However, if you are struggling with self-esteem/self-worth issues, as well as being independent and capable of defining who you are/what you want, then this is the year to face your issues head-on and make some real progress. Just keep in mind that whatever these energies trigger for you, is really bringing these issues/relationships into the light to be transmuted & purified with this Fire. It's going to first illuminate the excess & non-essential, then melt it away to reveal your true beauty & innate value. Have Faith! Believe in your Self! Know that you are here for a reason and while your Path is unique for you, we are all sharing this journey of self-discovery & evolution of our planet. Activations (which I can help you with, just reach out) will be personal, social & collective and during this year or so, and we will continue to have to create containers for this *Fire* to burn safely & productively. Use this potent, creative *Fire* to connect to Your Authentic Heart, Deepest Passion & True Purpose!

INITIATING NEW -- 28-year Cycle ~ Saturn in Scorpio ~ June-Sept 2015 ~ Final Degrees

Stabilize, Strengthen & Fortify Your Soul

Article: http://www.KarmicTools.com/Articles/2013/Saturn-SCORPIO-2012-2015-BlogPost.pdf

Some things to consider during Saturn in Scorpio ...

  • ~ Saturn Endurance & Scorpio Power: Holding Out/Holding On Overlong
  • ~ Death to Form / Birth to Form ~ Feeling ~ Timing ~ Let Die ~ Give Birth
  • ~ Find/Reclaim/Activate *LOST* (or deeply buried) aspect of True SoulSelf
  • ~ Scorpio: Undercover vs. Deceitfulness ~ the difference is in the vibratory frequency
  • ~ Transformation Gets Literal ~ Dark Night of the Soul for some / Utter Liberation for Others
  • ~ Inner Strength, Integrity & Soul ~ Ego/Personality Take a Back-Seat & Get Infused with Soul
  • ~ Customized *TESTS* around Power, Money, Sex, Death, Rebirth, Transformation & Letting Go
  • ~ To Change the External, You Must Change the Internal First (then External changes automatically)
  • ~ Saturn Dedication to Scorpio Soul ~ Honoring the Power & Nature of the Life/Death/Life Cycle on Earth

SHADOW: Postponing ~ Avoidance ~ Delay/Denial ~ Controlling ~ Extremes

My focus, as many of you know, is more of a shamanic active practice where I/we consciously work with the available energies, alignments and planetary cycles. When you consciously co-create, often through prayer & ceremony, with the energies, ancestors & guides available at the time, you create space for magic & synchronicity to take place in a customized way for you, that also benefits the collective. The alignments Saturn creates when in contact with other planets, especially the *Personal* Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Mars), are what I refer to as *Activations* and are unique, potent & natural timings to support your current intentions. In addition to the contact with the Personal Planets, Saturn will also make rare connections with the North Node, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune & Chiron.

Saturn in Scorpio will touch the following during 2012-2015:

  • Sun ~ Your Identity / External Drives ...
  • Moon ~ Your Personal / Internal Drives ...
  • Mercury ~ Your Self-Expression / Your Voice ...
  • Venus ~ Your Values / Love & Money ...
  • Mars ~ Your Energy / Passion & Purpose ...
  • Jupiter ~ Your Philosophies / Belief System ...
  • Saturn ~ Your Discipline / Dedication ...
  • Chiron ~ Your Healing / Education ...
  • Neptune ~ Your Faith / Dreams ...
  • Pluto ~ Your Power / Underworld ...
  • North Node ~ Current Life Path & General Direction ...
  • South Node ~ Past Life Path & Past Direction ...

Saturn in Scorpio ~ *ISSUES* being brought in to the Light at this time are:

  • Your Concept of Time
  • Your Definition of Reality
  • Choices & Decisions to Make
  • Reality Check on ALL Levels
  • Your Karma ~ Results of Your Actions (or inaction)
  • Organization of Your Life and Environment ~ ORDER
  • The Aspects of Your Structure/Foundation that are SOLID
  • The Aspects of Your Structure/Foundation that are WEAK & UNSTABLE
  • Your Inner Authority ~ Discernment (wise judgment) and Trusting your Self

Saturn in Scorpio ~ *QUESTIONS* to Contemplate at this time are:

  • How have you done with the little tests of the last 6mo?
  • How have your "systems" been improved? within and without?
  • Have you considered any alternate routes to your chosen goals?
  • How solid is your personal foundation? professional foundation?
  • Have you given any/much time to your plan/strategy for upcoming 2yrs?
  • How do you swing from extremes of holding on? and embracing change?
  • How do you take responsibility for who you are? where you are? what you create?
  • What shift/change are you resisting? How can you do MORE than you have so far?
  • What needs restoration? healing? restructuring? within you? within your community?
  • When/how do you block change from unfolding within you? your life? your environment?
  • How do you define your reality? how do you plan to *LIVE* that (embody) going forward?
  • What have you NOT thought of yet? (options) Where can you be more creative with your solutions?
  • What needs HEALING (Chiron) so you can bridge the gap between your reality (Saturn) and expanded consciousness/awareness (Uranus)?

FINISHING -- 18-mo Cycle ~ Venus in Capricorn ~ Final Activation: 6.20.2015

Love, Money & Magnetics ~ Making It Real

Article: http://www.KarmicTools.com/Articles/2013/Venus-Retro-CAPRICORN-2013-15-Article.pdf

Venus in Capricorn is About ...


  • Reclaim your Inner Authority
  • Tend to the bones or structure
  • Define emotional & physical security
  • Build something over next 18-months
  • Cultivate a good reputation for yourself
  • Work with your inner teacher, guru, guide
  • Commit to integrity, self-respect & dignity
  • Deepen dedication to your purpose (ambition)
  • Cultivate mature, effective responses to change
  • Acknowledge, recognize & honor what you create
  • Know your contribution & its inherent worth/value


  • Being moody, over-emotional & sensitive
  • Not making your way in the world (hiding)
  • Thinking money will solve all the problems
  • Not being responsible for your own emotions
  • Holding on to the past, including childhood issues
  • Blaming others/outside forces for your weaknesses
  • Giving away your power (resources & relationships)
  • Being rigid, cold, uncaring and elitist (disconnected)
  • Insecurity/self-pity/apathy/fear/self-doubt/indecision
  • Not being able to hold the structure of your life (instability)
  • Attracting challenges with authority figures (public & private)
  • Opting for safe stagnation rather than risk handling greater flow

BEGINNING -- 18-mo Cycle ~ Venus in Leo ~ First Activation: 8.15.2015

Cultivating Your Authentic Self & Unique Contribution

Article: http://www.KarmicTools.com/Articles/2015/Venus-Retro-LEO-2015-Article.pdf

Venus in *LEO* is About ...


  • Adventure Inspiration Risk & Just for Fun
  • Strongly Value Love, Authenticity & Freedom
  • Self-Creation Sourced in Your Heart & Natural
  • Loving Your Inner Child/Innocent Child's Heart
  • Inner Glow of Self-Worth, Self-Value & Self-Love
  • Love Passionately, Whole-Heartedly & Generously
  • Play Performance Art StoryTelling Theatre Games
  • Courage/Being Willing to Fight for the Greater Good
  • Joy & Generosity of Spirit that Radiates from Within
  • Comfortable w. Your Unique Beauty, Gifts & Talents
  • Leadership that Promotes Love, Light & Truth (in Both Work & Play)


  • EGO = Edging God/Goddess Out
  • Denial of Past Bad Romantic Decisions
  • Being Argumentative/Thinking Others Owe You
  • Seeking Un-Earned Status, Wealth or Reputation
  • Exiled from Others/No Fun, Play, Joy or Relaxation
  • Taking Things Personally, Self-Conscious & Insecure
  • No Self-Discipline/Must Have Others Push/Motivate
  • Wounded Ego Allows Others to Determine Your Worth
  • Playing a Role: Looking the Part but Not Being the Part
  • Need for Validation Appreciation Applause from Others
  • False Pride: Trying to Be Perceived as Someone You Are Not
  • Being Overly Dramatic & Manipulative to Get Your Way



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