Gemini 2013 Solar Guidance

The Sun in Gemini (5/20-6/21) *Illuminates & Infuses* our ideas & thoughts, which are then *communicated* through our body language, our actual language/words, our energetic field (aura), our movements and sounds ~ ALL express something from within. The first thing to consider is: where were you/what were you doing/who were you with ~ 1-year ago? June 2012 brought Venus crossing the Sun and this year, Venus entered Gemini (5/9) on the same day as the Taurus New Moon/Solar Eclipse (5/9) signifying a delicious confirmation that we have literally shifted Dimensions (3D to 5D) over the course of one-little-year! Below, you'll find link to *Relevant Reflections* which is the note I wrote for last year. Rather than being disappointed that you're still facing a daunting 'To-Do List', reflect on the energy of that time in your life and in the world. Then, consciously count your blessings, because a lot of that is done and truly behind you. Gemini Time is time to gather information about Self, be objective and remember it is a *mental* month. If the Cardinal Babies get things moving (choices/change) and Fixed Babies get things stabilized (create/sustain) then the Mutable Babies are like the *Connective Tissue* (tendons) which connects muscle to bone, what's "in between" and "absolutely necessary". Think of it this way: Gemini & Virgo ~ Process & Practice / Micro ~ Details ~ Sorting/Sifting ... while Sagittarius & Pisces ~ Believe & Dream / Macro ~ Larger Story ~ Deepest/Highest.

The next thing to consider: Jupiter in Gemini / June 11, 2012 ~thru~ June 25, 2013 when it moves in to Cancer (that's next month!). Jupiter expands all that it touches and basically, teaches you something completely new around the lesson of the Sign it is moving through. So the Gemini lessons come up around the issues of: communication, self-expression and social skills (among other things) and Jupiter exposes Truth, showing you aspects of these things you may not have considered in the last 3-6-9-12 years. Jupiter has expanded the *Idea Realms* and now, as it moves through Cancer, we will choose ideas to contain, nurture & protect because they feed us on fundamental levels. It will then expand the *Feeling Realms* so prepare to learn something in that area of life next. The last time Jupiter was in Gemini was July 2000 - July 2001. It is also good to consider the clicks of the *wheel* . . . around 2003-2004 (Virgo) ~ 2006-2007 (Sag) ~ 2009-2010 (Pisces) ~ all led to now ~ 2012-2013 (Gemini) ~ which leads to the next click ~ 2015-2016 (Virgo).

Now as the Personal Planets make their way through Gemini this month, they will each contact Jupiter one last time, for another 12-years. (Mercury 5/27 ~ Venus 5/28 ~ Moon 6/7-8-9 ~ Sun 6/19) This a chance for you to integrate the expansion, as well as the ideas, thoughts & beliefs, on an individual level. Set intentions around improving your communication (with Self, Spirit, Mother Earth & All Life) and infusing your self-expression with your newly cultivated (and anchored) Authentic Voice. Think of all that you've accomplished with both the Aries and Taurus New Moons, then move in to *Present* Moment. If you anchored your Identity (Aries) and your Priorities (Taurus), then Gemini says, "It's decision time!" Based on the new revelations & integrations, choices will have to be made so you are in a better position to accommodate the new energies and master your NEW *Rhythm*. Be sure to dream forward ~ old dreams must be fired up with renewed lifeforce or let go completely. You're in very new territory, look around for resources & support nearby and explore new ways to use the support & resources you already have, in fresh, new ways.

*Relevant Reflections* ~ 1-yr Ago: GEMINI 2012 (3-pg/pdf)




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