Gemini/Cancer 2009: June 21 (Summer Solstice) ~thru~ Aug 1 (Cross Qtr/Lammas)

Please note this is an extended Monthly Forecast, covering Gemini and Cancer. As I am re-visioning the website I wanted to make sure you were all up to date with the planetary alignments. This, in conjunction with the Weekly Forecast, ought to keep you abreast of the energies available. I am very grateful for your patience as I make some improvements.

May ushered in an unprecedented opportunity to *heal* your deepest wounds, expand your consciousness and re-join the family of humanity. And now June and July extend you a *Grace Period* to process all that has been revealed in the last year or two of major transitions. The orb of influence is really several years, with the next year or two the most intense and revealing. For those who have been consciously working with the energies, cleaning up their karma and releasing emotional debris, this energy will bring blessings and rewards for your hard work and dedication to healing and wholeness. For those who have been avoiding, postponing and/or denying altogether, certain wounds are going to get ripped open and demand your full attention. It may start out as shifting blame and making excuses but in the end, you are going to have to deal with the truth and reality of your choices - those that you made and those that you've avoided. I'd encourage you to own up to things sooner than later, after 18 years of age, you can no longer blame ANYONE for the state of your life. Things happen to all of us throughout the course of our journey on this planet, and though a cliché, you will find that it is your response to *life* that matters more than anything else.

Paying attention to the cycles and the energies available is only one of many ways to navigate your Path. During this transitional period in Earth's history, large themes of change and integration continue on a grand scale, personally and collectively. Pluto has recently gone Retrograde in Capricorn (April 4, 2009), giving you 6+ months to do some internal processing of the immense shifts going on within & around you. Every year, our transformation (Pluto) and Truth (Jupiter) and Deep Healing (Chiron) turn inward during Spring (returning to forward motion during Fall) in preparation for the deeper exploration Summer brings when several other planetary bodies change direction and ask you to consider your life from another point of view. Neptune just joined them (May 28th) to further the current healing process behind the scenes. And Uranus goes July 1st, initiating a process that will ultimately lead to your Fall Harvest. What do you want cleared and released by Fall Equinox? What do you want integrated and fully functioning by then too so you can initiate the new Solar year on Winter Solstice?

Saturn has been the guiding force, doing major solo work for the last year or two and is on a different schedule for now. The planet of form, structure, foundation & your definition of reality, is forward now (as of May 16, 2009), allowing you to begin implementing your new or improved systems for living (Virgo) and strengthen the structure (Saturn Direct) you have just spent 5+ months reviewing, purifying and healing. On the zodiacal wheel, Virgo is the last energy below the surface which prepares the individual for work out in the world, beginning with relating to others once it hits Libra. We are going to get a brief preview of things to come when Saturn dips in to Libra then Retrogrades back in to Virgo one last time next year. Then Saturn's work of structuring new relationships and restructuring old relationships will begin a 2+ year cycle of healing and integration. Libra absolutely rules the relationships we have with each other, but at this juncture in history, it is going to be even deeper as you discover your relationship with Mother Earth, society, community, the environment and more!

While these major planetary cycles are underway and affecting the collective, the more personal planets are zooming around the skies tapping each one these planets and engaging them on a personal level. Sun and Moon work your energy on a monthly basis, integrating and shifting and revealing the mundane lessons that you face to balance your inner and outer natures. Mercury is going to get your thinking in order this year so you can make your ideas useful and tangible. Finally, Venus and Mars continue to be the key to navigating 2009. What's most important to you and getting your priorities aligned within and without (Venus) & what you deeply desire aligning with your actions (Mars) is the theme of the year. We are in completely new territory and you really have to know who you are and what you want because Pluto's trek through Capricorn is stripping everyone down to bare basics and will ping us on a very personal level 4 times a year for the next 16 years. Substance and individual responsibility on all levels is on the table. Those who have chosen appearances over actual substance will fail until they get an inner and outer alignment.

May 2009 ushered in a major *Initiation* and I want to remind you that all beginnings are delicate and require care and thoughtfulness. With Mercury recently Direct, you've had time to turn within, meditate, review your journals or notes, commune with your Higher Self and other realms while calling on your angels and guides to assist in this magnificent process that Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune bring. The orb of influence is the entire year of 2009 (and beyond actually) but very concentrated *NOW*. These three together is enough, but the additional planetary support is going to further expand, amplify and broaden your reach for years to come.

Take some time for the next couple of weeks to focus on what you want to *create* with this unprecedented Universal support for healing so many things on so many levels. Use the upcoming Sagittarius Full Moon June 7th to link in to the Healing Trio to release anything no longer necessary to your Story, your Truth. On a personal level, it is time to be *Soul-Centered*. It's time to learn and teach through story-telling, theatre and games in small or large groups of people if/when possible. And with Jupiter going Retrograde (June 15th) it is a perfect time to re-write your personal story. It is also a great time to detoxify (anything that needs it, body, mind, spirit, emotions etc). This is a chance to breathe life in to that which has been dormant for the last 12 years (or longer for some) and connect with your creative fire in a way that will heal your Soul and serve others in magical and unpredictable ways.

If you are consciously contributing to the collective, this is the best time to tune in to alternative healing, education, energy and resources. It's time to think outside the box and find the creative solutions that serve the greater good and greatest number of souls. We have access to wisdom where technology and spirituality are concerned. We can use our collective energy and resources, that includes knowledge, information & technology, to uplift rather than suppress humanity ~ to care for Mother Earth, who provides all sustenance and beauty ~ to nurture and protect *life* rather than surrendering to complicity, apathy and neglect. It's time to acknowledge the many dimensions of the Universe and the diversity of our galaxy, believing nothing but entertaining the possibility the power and intelligence in that which we may not fully grasp or tangibly see and touch.

Summer Solstice will bring in some much needed integration and the Cancer energy will make everyone feel more focused on home, sacred space and nurturing than usual. The Cancer New/Super Moon - Solar Eclipse will begin the new cycle of eclipses now in Cancer/Capricorn, adding intensity and power to an already emotional mix so breathe, focus and take your time ~ *digest* all that has come and gone in recent months (and years). Use the Summer of Retrogrades to pull inward and process how much you've grown and changed, while still acknowledging the work left to do. Doing the inner work will be so worth it come Fall when you will do your assessment of how far you've come since Fall 2008 and will give you a better handle on what intentions you'd like to set come Winter Solstice.

I remind you that every step you take is leading you to the next step, so lighten your load by releasing that which is no longer relevant or useful to the journey you are on, practice "present moment" thinking and don't mourn *celebrate*!! If you're reading this, you've come a long way and have been fortified in ways you may not fully grasp at the moment but which will become abundantly clear in the moment you call these new talents, understanding and consciousness to the surface to respond to whatever life sends your way next. Remember, you don't need to worry about 'what' may happen or 'how' you're going to handle it ~ all you need to concern your Self with is being strong, fortified and balanced so you can handle *anything*.



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