Leo Prayers & Affirmations

Inspiration Point ~ Prayers & Affirmations ... covers the current Sun Sign energy and how it generally manifests. Below are Prayers/Affirmations to help you better understand and express the energy. More Here: http://www.KarmicTools.com/InspirationPoint.html

*LEO* Energy

It's never to late to BE ...

What you might have been!

Releasing the Old & Embracing the New YOU!

How to Express the Truth of Who You Are

How do you express your individuality? Who are you? (the REAL you) Do you allow people to know who you truly are? There is no greater gift than to feel comfortable in your own skin. So many of us only see the flaws and we constantly overlook the strengths and gifts that we possess naturally. The energy this month supports the full expression of those gifts and has no tolerance for limited thinking ... unless it's limited to thinking about your Self!


I have gotten to know myself and I really like who I've become.

Have you allowed other people's definition of who you are dominate your own? Well, STOP!! Just because your conditioning or upbringing showed you one way of living and expressing yourself, doesn't mean it is actually natural to YOU. Your parents had completely different circumstances coming up; completely different challenges and blessings. Also, just because you have done things a certain way all these years, doesn't mean you have to do them that way forever. Every day is a new opportunity to start over. If your choices aren't effective (working for you), you can always choose differently ... in any given moment.


I choose to live truthfully from now on.

If you have always felt an inner pull toward something and have been told repeatedly that it is impossible, I'm here to shatter that myth. If you don't pursue that truth, a piece of your soul dies. You have to be and do what you are drawn to - there's a reason. God doesn't give us the desire, without the means of fulfilling it. You cannot allow other people's fears and belief systems dictate what is or isn't possible for you. That's limiting God, who is INFINITE!


I follow my truth ... wherever it leads.

Sure it is easier if you have support, but the plain and simple fact is, sometimes it is not available and you are to find your way on your own. It is your lesson to find your own truth within and express it fully, with or without the support of others. The funny thing is, once you follow your truth - wherever it leads and you arrive at that clear, confident, amazing place, inevitably support and resources magically become available again.


I am centered in my Truth and I walk my talk.

Have you ever noticed your response to others who radiate with love and/or an air of authority, a kind of regal-ness? Then there are others radiate ego, excessive pride and/or undue confidence. Confidence is based on integrity and sustained by the quality of your character. And you are constantly evolving and having to integrate new aspects of your being. YOU ARE INFINITE!! When you connect to that, knowing who you are, everything you "do" automatically falls into place.


I love life and am passionate about fulfilling my potential! I radiate the love and joy in my heart.



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