Pisces ~ Energy of the Month

As we enter the current Pisces energy, many people will be feeling more sensitive than usual, picking up all kinds of information via all six senses. Over-sensitivity that disrupts your flow and takes you away from your center is one thing, but a better way to think of this energy is to ponder the concept of how sound penetrates when you put your head under water. It is likely the same sensation as when you were in the womb of your mother’s belly. You actually “feel” the sounds more than you “hear” them, you “sense” all the activity around you. That is the essence of NOW. And like back then, you are picking up a multitude of vibrations ~ hearing, feeling and sensing the world around you at this time. To properly navigate these sometimes murky waters, you must integrate Pisces’ opposite energy of Virgo, by sorting and sifting through these vibrations and connecting to the ones that resonate deeply within you, while filtering out the disharmony & disconnected. Then the question becomes, what does the world around you “feel” and “sound” like? Is it peaceful or chaotic? Is it loud or quiet? Is it warm or cold? Is it comfortable or uncomfortable?

You must be highly discriminating about the people, energies and circumstances you are near, just as an expectant mother would not put her health in danger as it could also harm the baby. You are at a delicate time in your evolution and *everything* matters. I have mentioned recently that things are no longer linear and everyone is being forced to adjust to that fact and what it means for us individually as well as collectively. You will be relying more on your intuition than your intellect. This is a terrific month to search your heart and soul for what “non-linear thinking” means for you personally. Meditate, commune with your invisible helpers, ask the questions and invite the answers to how you can lovingly move your Self along in this new world which is being (re)formed at this time. How would your life have to change in order for you to be able to integrate more non-linear ways of being? ~ of existing on this planet here and now today? ~ of living in and contributing to your individual communities?

Once again, both are useful, especially when they are integrated, Earth (Virgo) can give the Water (Pisces) a structure which guides the FLOW … and Watery Pisces can activate Virgo’s brilliant imagination which leads to creative solutions. Healing and Completion are the goals this month, in preparation for rebirth come Spring Equinox and Aries time. I invite you to entertain the Infinite Possibilities during this time. I invite you to search your deepest, core being and retrieve that precious part of your soul, that you buried long ago (under the guise of “protecting” it from harm) and bring it back up into your conscious awareness to be re-introduced at this higher level where it can now be fully embodied by you and fully embraced by others. By doing so, you are connecting to your internal power Source and re-activating the part of you that knows how to live intuitively. Perhaps back then, you recognized an innate strength or gift but feared the unknown consequences of expressing it fully. No more fear, now you have years of information and experience under your belt, it is time to live soul-fully (Pisces) on a daily basis (Virgo). LIVE Intuitively! You’ve tried everything else, now try this!! This month, you can HEAL that separation or disconnect and prepare to move into this new world fortified, whole and complete unto yourself.

The current energy is helping you integrate your physical (Virgo/Earth) and emotional (Pisces/Water) selves. Pisces time is the completion and return to the womb in order to assimilate (Virgo) all the information gathered over this last astrological year. At this time, you have to combine your intuition (Pisces) with the facts (Virgo) to determine your own reality. You can’t be distracted by Pisces’ delusions of grandeur, nor can you allow Virgo to obsess over inconsequentials. The imperative at this time is to get present and take a personal inventory.

During Pisces time, it is darkest before the dawn. You are preparing for an upcoming initiation. And alone, you must enter the tunnel that leads you to the other side (of wherever you are now) … to the Light. (Nothing ventured, nothing gained. What do you have to lose at this point?) Only YOU can do this for your Self and it requires a certain determination, self-knowledge and focus. Major shifts have been happening for the last several years and continue to prepare you for the next several years and this month you will need to take periodic time-outs to rest, recognize and fully release that which is done and complete, while simultaneously continuing to grow forward, onward and upward.




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