Replenish Your Energy & Redefine Your Heart's Desire

Mars Retrograde in LEO: 2009-2010 ~ Replenish Your Energy & Redefine Your Heart's Desire ~

Mars in Leo:  Oct 16, 2009 ~ June 7, 2010

Mars Retrograde ~ Dec 20, 2009
Mars Direct ~ Mar 10, 2010

Mars, The Personal Planets & The Process

*Moon is Excluded

Sun (your identity) ~ Mercury (your voice) ~ Venus (your values) ~ Mars (your desires) all work together and move through each sign for 1-2 months at a time, developing *YOU* as they go.  The Sign energies represent the lessons the Planets are trying to teach as the activate, stimulate and animate each Sign.  Normally, they follow this pattern ... until they Retrograde, which extends and expands the lesson.  Leo is the lesson of Self-Love and Accepting Love from Others ~ learning how to be your authentic Self and to operate from heart-center in all you do.  In order to fully develop that capability, the Universe has so lovingly provided the various cycles to assist you in this process.

Leo is a Fire Sign, so it does well and brings opportunities and blessings when interacting with Air or Fire.  It brings growth and development when interacting with Earth or Water.  This current Mars process initiated on Oct 16, 2009 when it entered the Sign of Leo.  Sun, Mercury and Venus were in Libra indicating that this whole process is an *opportunity* to re-balance in some vital way.  It's very last contact (of this particular cycle) will be a major activation, opposing Neptune in Aquarius, indicating that the ultimate purpose of this process is to balance and integrate your authentic Being, re-connect you (or strengthen that connection) to your inner power and ability to express love (Mars in Leo) ... within the context of the collective dream of consciousness, innovation and freedom (Neptune in Aquarius) on June 4, 2010.

Growth & Development

In between, you will be challenged to grow when Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio/Water (Oct/Nov 2009) and Taurus/Earth (Apr/May 2010).  Those challenges will strengthen your connection to your personal Truth and power to create life (Scorpio) and cultivate beauty and sustenance (Taurus) through your own expression of love and light.    

Gifts & Blessings

When Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius/Fire (Nov/Dec 2009) and Aries/Fire (Mar/Apr 2010), you will be able to cultivate your own Truth and belief system (Sag) and true independence (Aries) based on a deep self-respect and renewed self-worth.  These can/will be extremely creative times when you can re-connect with your heart's eternal flame, a Source of light and love for you and all you touch.

Balance & Integration

When Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius/Air (Jan/Feb 2010), this will be the most poignant process as this is primarily the Mars Retrograde period, indicating this is the most important part of the review.  The other activations *Initiate* and *Complete* this process ~ but this will be the core, essential lesson of all.  Ultimately, the Healing Trinity (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius) has prepared you for this moment.  Original wounds (Chiron) should be on the mend and your faith (Jupiter) somewhat restored and now, Mars Retrograde will help you replenish your energy stores and redefine your desires so you can create a greater vision (Neptune) for your life. 


Mars Cycle

Mars usually takes about 2 months in a sign, taking it 2 years to make it through the zodiac.  So on a personal level, every 2 years, you can expect a new cycle to *Initiate* where your energy, passion and desires (Mars) are concerned.  On a collective level, we look to the Retrograde for that *reset button* to be pushed, where your outer life, and its direction, shifts in terms of energy and action.  This year Mars Retrogrades (Dec 20, 2009) and goes Direct (Mar 10, 2010) in ALL Leo.  To give you a frame of reference, the last time Mars came close was when it Retrograded in January 1995 in Virgo, and went Direct in Leo in March 1995 (same Virgo/Leo combo happened in 1980; 1977 was Leo/Cancer).  However, the last time it was truly similar to *now* ~ ALL Leo ~ was December 1962 - March 1963.  Again, we have the 1960's re-activated *now*.  Think of the issues that got people all fired up and passionate back then, things that spurred them to action, some effective, some destructive, but undeniable moves were made and people were operating from a deep sense of heart-felt passion about their ideas and views.

Mars Retrograde in LEO ~ Past & Future

Another note on the timeliness of Mars Retrograde in LEO and what's to come.  This period in history is so intense and brilliant!  Marinate this:  what-all happened in 1962-1963 that prepared you for the vibration which occurred when it was the Leo/Cancer Retrograde of 1977?  That frame of reference will also help you with navigating *now*.  The next time Mars will Retrograde in Leo/Cancer (like 1977) it will be 2024-2025 ... right as Pluto wraps up its 16-year journey through Capricorn, then does a little back-and-forth with its own Retrograde through Capricorn/Aquarius.  This will put Mars (lower will) in direct OPPOSITION to Pluto (Higher Will) for several months during that time (2024-2025).  That is HUGE!!  We get little Mars Oppose Pluto activations periodically, but that one will be extremely significant for the collective and how we navigate *now* (and the next 15 years) where our authentic *power* is concerned will determine the outcome of this major once-in-a-lifetime cycle.

*I realize you may feel that is too far in the future to consider, but think of how fast the LAST 10-15 years have zipped by and take in to consideration that part of that is the fact that time, as we perceive it, is really speeding up.  I myself, think we should take things a year or two at a time, but a periodical glance ahead doesn't hurt.  Keep in mind, everything is leading to the next thing and consider these smaller cycles as building blocks of the larger cycles ... especially if you are creating a greater vision of your life and desire to contribute to the collective, your unique *piece* of the whole.


Most people know Mars for its mythology as the God of War, anger and aggression, being head-strong (Aries), diabolical (Scorpio) and always trying to get what it *wants* (sometimes, by any means necessary and without thought of possible danger to themselves or harm to others).  I'm going to suggest we use this energy as *rage-to-outrage*.  Rage is destructive and paralyzing, it holds you hostage and does damage to all involved, whereas, Outrage is productive, mobilizing and a much more effective use of the same energy.  Not to mention, Mars is so much more!  You are capable of expressing so much more!  Mars represents what motivates you to action, what gets you fired up and how you use your vital life force energy to produce results in your life.  It can make you cranky (within) and abusive (without) if you are not channeling that energy properly or suppressing your desires altogether.

Mars is the motivating force within you that pushes you to do anything in the world.  It's your personal will and connection to power on a mundane level, and most of all, it's the part of you that needs something to *DO*.  "Idle time is the devil's workshop" is never truer than a Mars with no purpose or direction.  To accomplish anything, you must first have the desire, then the energy and ultimately, the action you take dictates the results you'll receive.  Humans need a reason to get up and move every day, which is inspired by *desire* ... the desire to be, do, have ~ the passion to play, create, cavort ~ the vitality to ignite, spark, initiate *LIFE*!  Repression and suppression of this natural instinct causes toxic explosions, and rightly so.

Mars in LEO

Mars in Leo is a beautiful gift, for those born with it, as well as the rest of us now being affected for several months as this planet animates these lessons and gifts (and activates that area of your personal chart).  This is a prompting from the Universe to focus in this area.  The fact that it is moving through this lesson (introduction), then pulling back, indicates a necessity to review ~ revise ~ go back over this territory ~ there is something you may have missed the first time ... then on the 3rd and final pass, forward movement resumed, you have additional information and clarity with which to consciously decide how you really want to express this Divine energy.

Any Retrograde supports a change in direction of the energy.  Suggestions for Retrograde ~ ALL *RE* Words Apply ... Review ~ Refresh ~ Renewal ~ Revitalize ~ Reinforce ~ Reevaluate ~ Rejuvenate ~ Replenish ~ Redeem ~ Revision ~ Reverse ~ Rebuild ~ Rearrange ~ Repair ~ Rediscover ~ Redirect

Mars Retrograde in LEO

Retrogrades are never a time to *Initiate* but rather a time to *Review / Reflect* and prepare for future forward movement.  This is a time, certainly December 2009 - March 2010, to pull back, don't force issues that are not working and do not force your will or initiate confrontations as they are not likely to turn out in your favor.  This is a time to reflect on how you use your own energy to get things done in your life.  Are those ways serving you or holding you back?  Because Leo is the lesson of Self-Love, this particular season is about if / when / how you actively (Mars) love your Self (Leo) and how you relate to your own heart's deepest desires.  Do you feel worthy of the things you dream of?  Do you feel like what you really want is even possible?  What motivates you to action on your own behalf ~ fear or love?  This is a time when less conscious souls will not be able to control their anger with the seeming injustices, blockages and delays to getting their way.  They will demonstrate their frustration by exploding with infantile rage (tantrums/fits), selfishness (lower will) and groundless pride (ego).

Don't get me wrong, we all have 'good days' and 'bad days' when we may *initially* feel all of the above, however, a conscious and awake soul will catch it ~ in that very same moment ~ and take back their power to *choose* a mindful response rather than allow their ego to ignite the explosive emotional reaction.  If you are faced with power struggles, control issues, ego mania and/or outright hostility, you have to pull back and ask your Self, what within you, feels this out of control? or unworthy of respect and common courtesy? or in need of an anger-management lesson yourself?  Here are some suggestions for a better use of this energy and cycle.

Check Your Personal Motivations ~ what motivates you to act on your desires?  what excites you?  what gets you fired up?  It has likely changed in the last 2 years.  And if you're old enough to remember, with clarity, this energy and cycle from 1995 or 1980 or 1977 or 1962-63 when the lesson of how you love your Self and use your energy to express your authentic nature came up, then I ask you now:  what do you want to do differently *this* time?  How can you use the gifts and strengths you've cultivated over the years ~ with an eye on the mistakes made and challenges encountered ~ to choose differently *this* time?

Check Your Personal Desires ~ you may not even *want* the same things you wanted 2 years ago.  Many people function on "auto pilot", or worse, in "survival mode", moving through life without consciously thinking or choosing their next move.  That is a dangerous way to operate when we've clearly moved into new and unknown territory.  This is an incredible time of transition from an old era to a new era ~ from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age.  The planets are the least of the many, many indicators signifying this shift of the ages.  The same old modes of operating will not work and could even be potentially dangerous.  It is imperative that you know who you are and what you truly want.  Then you must act intuitively in this new realm, engaging your *heart* to make the final decisions.

Check Your Personal Energy ~ how do you use the energy you have to get what you want?  Is it effective or destructive?  How do you replenish your energy when it is low?  How do you manage and direct your energy when it is high?  What are you attracting from others (known and unknown people)?  Count the blessings and acknowledge the challenges, take back your power to express your energy differently (as needed).

Perfect Your Action Steps & Responses ~ Mars Retrograde is the best time to review how your actions have helped or hurt your progress.  Review ~ Reflect ~ Plan ~ Strategize ~ and ultimately, prepare for *new* action steps AND responses upon forward movement.  What actions have helped (or hindered) you in the last 2 years?  How / when / where can you choose differently going forward?

Step In to Personal Authentic Power ~ it is time for you to be responsible for the power you do have to direct your own life.  Your personal power supports you and is vital to accomplishing the goals you set in life.  Any power you rely on *outside* of Self is IN-authentic, temporary and likely toxic.  Personal power begins with knowing who you are and what you want ~ clarity is a beautiful thing.  When these things are in place, you know that everything is your *choice* and you are never a victim.  You remember in every moment that you are connected to Source which supports only the true, authentic Being you are (everything else is ego ~ Edging God Out).

Choose a Cause of the Heart ~ Because Leo is Self-Love, I say, start there!  Many people go through life serving and helping others, which in and of itself is admirable and part of why we're here, but it is not the only reason we are here.  If you are giving away all your love and energy to others to the detriment and expense of your own vital life force and NOT replenishing, receiving or allowing it to be reciprocated in even flow, then eventually you will tap-out (then you're no good for anyone).  If you are good at balance and reciprocity, then *expand* and share that love and vital energy.  Find something to dedicate your energy to that *feels* good to your HEART!  Very often, whatever you are drawn to *give* automatically feeds you in return.

Define & Establish Healthy Boundaries ~ this goes for your Self and others.  For your Self, you must know and love your Self enough to develop clarity on what you can/will and can't/won't do.  I remind you not to think of it as "selfish" but "self-preservation".  You are in charge of YOU!  When you honor your Truth, when you express your needs and desires with honesty, others will automatically respect the boundaries you have set.

Respond vs. React ~ Creative responses will yield much better results than prideful, emotional reactions, now and always.  But particularly at this time, when Mars Retrogrades, we can all get a little frustrated when things are not working as we envision.  Again, those with an expanded repertoire of response and vital imaginations will get to flex their muscle during this period.  Those stuck in ego, terrible-two's-I-want-my-way-NOW mode will be frustrated (others) and draining to be around (you).  Understand that when the planet of "action" pulls back, so too will "action" slow in the mainstream, 3-D world.  Fighting it is futile but everyone will get through it in the way that is most useful to their level of Soul work.  Mars movement, in either direction, is always revealing!  Unconscious or unrecognized anger, pride, ego and childishness will be brought in to the light for review and release.  Keep in mind that every *disruption* of the energy is an opportunity for clarity (for all involved).

Love as a Verb ~ This is the best time to rededicate your energy to actively loving your Self:  body, mind and Spirit.  Treat your Self like a cherished child, with love, respect, nourishment and protection.  Create space to play and discover.  Exercise, rest, eat living foods and drink plenty of water.  Take time to read or do a puzzle (solo play) and/or make a play-date with a few special friends, spend time in nature, at a park, on the swings, at the ocean's edge.  Write poetry, short stories or journal.  Anything artistic, any kind of expression of creativity will strengthen your heart connection and remind you that you are *ALIVE*! 

Blessings of Mars in LEO

Once you've had a chance to delve in to your own process, renewed *clarity* about who you are and what you want will inspire you, upon forward motion.  You will recognize how compassion, forethought and patience enable you to dialogue rather than duel.  You will learn or cultivate your own way of being direct and asserting yourself because of the renewed courage to *BE* your authentic Self in all instances.  With practice, this becomes effortless and automatic.  Ultimately, this 9-month gestation period will develop congruency within and without, birthing a completely *new* Being who is true to themselves and their heart's desire, radiating Love & Light to ALL!  How delicious!!


Milleniumfalcon 12th December 2009 2:34 am

Yes, it can be clearly felt if you have your Sun in Leo and can feel Mars hitting on your natal Sun. It makes huge personal changes.


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