Sagittarius 2013 Lunar Guidance

Monthly *Lunar* Guidance

Sag always launches the research & development process of the year. This is when you reflect on the last year of your life and determine what it all really "means". Gemini/Sag energy helps you process the facts & information revealed at this time, while Virgo/Pisces helps you sort, sift, release & integrate what is REAL for you personally; real for your body & daily reality (Virgo) and real for your Spirit/Soul center (Pisces) which makes every decision based on what you believe to be true.

We are coming out of deep, sometimes dark but always creative Scorpio, and we must sort through to see what 'buried treasure' has come back up to the surface of our consciousness. If I remember correctly, the only way to even get diamonds is to blast a volcano or opening in the earth and hope the chunks of rock that fly out from the core, are diamonds.

My point is the STRONGEST/BEST part of us is deep within and only through rare processes do we get to bring it out and share it with the world in a way that enriches everyone. This month affords us a chance to truly begin the NEW Story of Post-2012. I highly recommend re-reading 1-year ago as that is when we finished the Sag/Gemini Eclipses and those effects reverberate from 6-months to 3-years. 

Use the Virgo Last Qtr Moon (11/25) to work on your acceptance of whatever is NOT working. Let go & trust! that you are creating a cleaner space for a more efficient aspect of your Being to emerge. It is a month for gratitude, both for the various cultural celebrations and because Jupiter Rules Sag, and this is the month we contemplate how very wealthy we really are. We have crossed a bridge that disintegrated behind us ~ we didn't burn it, there is nothing 'bad' back there, there is actually nothing back there at all.

So this is the time to focus forward and really decide what the story of your life is saying to your friends, family, community and the Universe. Use the Sag New Moon (12/2) to initiate your New Truth & Story, or at least do the outline. Mercury finishes its Scorpio work and enters Sag Dec 4th, so that should help too, help acknowledge that which is no longer true and bless it for supporting you when it was. Look around for ways to expand your consciousness and learn something completely new and be excited about it. Let's not look at learning how to live at this higher frequency as drudgery but as the Garden it really is.

The work that goes in to creating and sustaining a garden is hard, but totally worth it too! You get to experience both food & beauty, that is wealth. Then, as you clarify the basic new story you want to be a part of, we come up on the Pisces First Qtr Moon (12/9) which indicates the first step of action, but since it is Pisces that could be more subtle than physical. In a couple of days, Dec 12th, Jupiter in Cancer will meet up with Saturn in Scorpio (7.17.2013 ~ 5.24.2014) and you add all the other Water energy and this Pisces Moon has far-reaching affects. As you move toward the Gemini Full Moon (12/17), you should be totally ready to release thought patterns which clearly do not serve you & open up for creating anew in 2014.

Relevant Reflections ~ 1yr Ago ~ SAG/GEMINI - Nov-Dec 2012: 

The Gemini Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (11/28) is the final Gemini release in the Eclipse series, leaving only one more next May (Sag Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse). This is a *major* data-dump! We are releasing old thinking, old ideas, old paradigms, old thought patterns and most of all, old ways of *communicating* ~ on multiple levels.

It is a delicious opportunity to change your thinking in a fundamental way, which will shift the Path you are on. Eclipses facilitate *Course Corrections* and you may want to reflect on any resonant choices made back in 2003-2005 and 1992-1995. As we release debilitating mental patterns, we move to the Virgo Last Qtr Moon (12/6), and assess what is left to work with, what nuggets of Soul Level *GOLD* are left to *SEED* the Sagittarius New Moon/New Truth & Story (12/13). There are so many planetary alignments & global cycles during this time, anything you can do on your personal/individual level is, without a doubt, contributing to the larger story of Mother Earth but even more importantly, Her evolution is contributing to how your life story unfolds.

This Eclipse series has gone a long way toward changing *Conceptions & Perceptions* in radical ways, in incredibly short time periods, all things considered. As we wrap up this Lunation with the first step toward living the New Truth & Story at the Pisces First Qtr Moon (12/20), we are then at the Annual, and now Galactic, Winter Solstice/Zero Point of possibilities for one & all. Incredible times to be awake, alive & participating! 

This Sag New Moon brings a potent *seed* point, fertilized by Uranus, the Liberator, returning to forward motion the same day (12/13). Aaah! and the seedling bursts through the surface, into the light! Scorpio always brings permanent transformation, which leads to a totally new Sag Truth, which leads to a completely reborn Capricorn reality.

I encourage you to always see Truth as *fluid* and reality as *co-creative* and thus, they both change & shift according to what other energies & entities are involved. Stepping in to 2013, ask your Self ... Where are you/we headed? If you happen to have Sagittarius/Gemini and-or Pisces/Virgo activated in your chart, then this is a *huge* New Beginning for you personally (or at least those aspects of your Being ruled by these Signs). The Moon reminds us of the eternal *Rhythm, Flow & Cycles* of Life.

This Lunation begins the closure of the Sag/Gemini Eclipse series. Thus, opening the Path to now live/experience the New Truth & Story as well as the Infinite ways of Communicating & Expressing it along the way!



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