Sagittarius 2013 Solar Guidance

Monthly *Solar* Guidance

As the Sun moves in to Sagittarius (11/21), it activates the *Annual* check in with your Higher Consciousness and the larger Story of your life. Ruled by Jupiter, I recommend thinking in terms of 1-year (June 2013 - June 2014) of learning about Cancer, how to contain, nurture & protect all life and certainly our own creations.

Also, think in terms of 3-years because there are reverberations and tests at this time (now/2013-14) around whatever *Truth & Story* you had going or initiated with Jupiter in Aries (2010-2011). Try to find the connection to your fundamentals (home, work, food, shelter) during these resonant times. As you make those personal connections, begin to outline your new Story going forward, keeping in mind this is the first year beyond 2012.

Things that were true just a very short time ago, let alone 26,000 years ago, are simply no longer true. What is true for you now? How do you see the world around you: foreboding and scary or full of life and potential? As you check in with your own consciousness, you are supported in eliminating any/all thought patterns which no longer serve the greater good. Applying the 'old thinking' at this higher frequency is going to cause static and distortion.

However, if you get present to the current Truth, accept that Truth is 'fluid' and ever-changing on planet Earth, then you can more easily access momentum for this forward push. Sagittarius always teaches you about the meaning of your life and how you make decisions based on your belief system.

Like most things in life, this evolves along with you. This evolution of consciousness is happening to everyone, but it's particularly intense & personal for the *Mutable* Family ... SAGITTARIUS *Initiation* ~ GEMINI *Integration* ~ VIRGO/PISCES *Test/Growth*. Even if you have no *Mutable* energy in your chart, it still Rules areas of your chart and this time of year will always support the expansion of your vision regarding those House issues. 

Relevant Reflections ~ 1yr Ago ~ SAGITTARIUS - Nov-Dec 2012: 

After the *Annual* re-connection with Soul in Scorpio, which usually includes digging deep and dealing with your own unique Raw Truth, you come up for air in Sag and are given the opportunity to make meaning out of - not only the experience of Underworld Exploration - but of the entire past year.

Remember, Sag is a Fire Sign, it is fully capable of burning off the dross or burning the compost pile (courtesy of Scorpio Work) and renewing the Earth (you), the Base/Foundation of who you are (Sun) and the NEW Truth & Story (Sag) you are ready to *Embody & Express* going forward. Sag is about all the possibilities for the year, so assess the *Resources & Raw Materials* left when all the non-essential has been stripped away, within and around you.

A lot of people are getting the message to "chuck it all and start over" but when I went deep in to meditation to clarify that, Spirit led me to: "back to original intent" as the true meaning behind "start over".

We asked the questions last month: What has to DIE? ... as in DONE ~ over and finished

What has to be REBORN? ... as in renewed, refreshed and ready for new expression

What has to be TRANSFORMED? ... as in needs a NEW Form to be viable and continue ~ caterpillar-to-butterfly ~ seed-to-fruit ~ egg-to-hatchling

This Sagittarian energy comes on the cusp between the Old Path and the New Path. Opportunities will be presented and you will find out how you're evolving by the choices and commitments you make going forward. No longer can we agree to terms which hold no meaning or value for the individual or the community. The Global Family has expanded, our consciousness has evolved and the vibratory frequency of the planet has raised considerably.

Adjustments must be made. Building constructs or creating containers to support a more balanced existence THIS lifetime will require time, energy and resources for sure. On the other hand, the invisible (thought) always precedes the visible results (form). And Sagittarius is all about what you BELIEVE before you even have a clue what you want to or are capable of building in Capricorn.



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