Sagittarius 2014 Lunar/Solar Guidance

Monthly *Solar* Guidance

As the Sun moves in to Sagittarius (11/22), it activates the Annual Check-In with your personal Truth & Story (at this time). This is the time when you gather the education you've acquired over the last year, review your experiences, losses & gains, and determine what can inspire the next chapter of your life. As you seed your New Truth & Story, you will find many opportunities to clear any blockages to living that Truth, in word and deed. 2014 gave you access to NEW faith, clarity, wisdom & understanding, as long as you are willing to let go of the past and any illusions, delusions or judgments. This is 'up' for everyone, but it is most intense & obvious for the *Mutable* Family ... SAGITTARIUS *Initiation* ~ GEMINI *Integration* ~ VIRGO/ PISCES *Test/Growth*.

Sag is the 'in-between' space ~ between Scorpio/Death & Transformation and Capricorn/Form & Reality. The image that keeps coming lately is the *Phoenix*! The death is not 'bad' but necessary and the life we build going forward is directly related to our imaginative spirit and fiery passion for Love, Light & Truth. If you struggle with this concept, it helps to tell your Monkey Mind that "All your bills are paid, all responsibilities met, all relationships are balanced & reciprocal, all your needs & desires are fulfilled. NOW - if you do not have to think about 'survival issues' (briefly), what would you do with your time, energy & resources?" This time of year, I give everyone permission to expand your consciousness as far, wide & deep as you possibly can and do NOT worry about the 'how, when, where', for one month of the year. Just activate that Third Eye/Imagination and see what comes to/through you.

Our guidance (Fire Mother/The Conduit) is one way to describe Sag as the *Bridge* or *Portal* between the Old & New; this time of year, which falls between Scorpio & Capricorn: she "... corresponds to Binah, the Great Mother on the Tree of Life, who facilitates the passage of spirit through the Great Portal. On one side of the portal is the world of the subconscious - the dark - the domain of all that is, was and ever shall be. On the other side of the portal is the world of matter. She is the bridge between spirit and matter, idea and actualization. She teaches that when you attune to righteous and divine love - and tread gently, but with conviction - your ideas will become actualized with the greatest Strength."

Monthly *Lunar* Guidance

Once again, very clear messages are coming through that there is a major healing underway between the *energies* of Masculine/Feminine and this time, we got a nod to the Universal Father/Daughter. Please try to take any personal names & faces off, and tune in to the energy of what that means to you, then, seed the vision of what that could be, in nature, within your Self or in your relationships. Interestingly enough, we are at the *MidPoint* in a 6-month process, that was kicked off in Sept 2014 with the Virgo New Moon and will culminate in March 2015 with the Virgo Full Moon. It was that Virgo Lunation that I first shared the repeated theme of 'healing between Fathers & Daughters', and it has come up in some form, every month since. This is affecting everyone, but it is particularly intense & customized for the *Mutable* Family... SAG *Initiation*~GEMINI *Integration* ~ VIRGO/PISCES *Test/Growth*.

(Reviewing those Virgo 2014 Divinations and Sag 2013 are both highly recommended.)

Remember, we stabilize with the Fixed Signs, we choose & move with the Cardinal Signs, but when the Mutable Signs are activated, we mentally, emotionally, spiritually & physically *process & assimilate* the year. Sag always launches the final research & development process of the year. This is when you reflect on the last year of your life and determine what it all really "means" to you personally. Another way I like to describe how the different modalities work is: the Fixed Signs are the Bones; Cardinal Signs are the Muscles; the Mutable Signs are the Tendons, Ligaments & Fasciae, which facilitate the connection of bone-to-muscle, bone-to-bone and muscle-to-muscle (respectively). It is so easy to take for granted the 'little things' or forget to take a time out to make the *connections* by processing your life, experience & choices, but just imagine not being able to MOVE! Without the connections, bones & muscles are useless and without making meaning out of your life, you can easily stumble through life getting repeatedly injured and never really feel free or mobile.

This Sag New Moon (11/22) the following quote came to mind, "We don't know where we're going - but we're on our way!" and it perfectly illustrates where we are individually, as well as collectively! Ready or not, the door to the past is closing and the door to the future is beckoning, as you move in to the *new* energy, *new* level and *new* year! Sagittarius time is the time in between the end (of the old) and the beginning (of the new), in between the invisible (Scorpio) and the visible (Capricorn), where the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and ability to believe in your Self and the Universe (faith).

We each move through Scorpio ~ Sagittarius ~ and Capricorn, every year, but this month (Nov 2014) feels particularly potent, as we just completed these Eclipse cycles (2008 - 2014) and have already moved into new territory (Libra ~ Virgo ~ Leo Eclipses ~ 2014 - 2020). I encourage you to always see Truth as fluid and reality as co-creative and thus, they are both subject to change & shift according to what other energies & entities are involved. Stepping in to 2015, ask your Self, "Where did I just come from, and where am I headed?" Sag New Moon is time to seed the vision you want to anchor going forward. So when we get these windows of opportunity to make changes, restore balance and initiate new stories, I say, go for it! Tuning in to the blessings, magnetizes them to you!

The Pisces First Qtr Moon (11/29) brings the First *Test* of the NEW Truth/Story, and that is to surrender the old one. With Neptune & Chiron freshly forward, look for ways you've truly healed and become more conscious, aware & compassionate with your Self and/or others, as you navigate these new, clear waters. Where does your mind go FIRST when you are uncomfortable, challenged, frightened or in unknown territory? Lately, that is the reminder:  the unknown is something to be *curious* about, not necessarily fear! Your gut/heart/center response could be to, first, register the discomfort but then, investigate ... starting with your own 6-Senses, allow them to communicate to you about where you are at this time. As soon as you are tense, be still, tune in and see where you are NOT Fully *Present*. This week in particular, will assist you with or test you on ~ how well you surrender the *big* stuff and how consistent you are on the *little* everyday things ~ that support you wherever you are, in whatever circumstance, situation or choice you may be facing at this time. There is a lot on the table to work with and we have left Fixed Scorpio/Taurus realms (sort of, on a personal level) for the more fluid, flexible, adaptable Mutable Sag/Gemini realms, which are less physical and more mental, emotional & spiritual, so remember to do your *Grounding* too!

The Gemini Full Moon (12/6) brings in the *Ah-Ha* Moments of the last 6-months that should be reviewed at this time, paying close attention to the deep & permanent ways you've changed your thinking, evolved your ideas and discovered new perspectives. Currently, we are in the lunar cycle that has the New Moon preceding the Full Moon (until March 2015) and, in addition, each New Moon between Sept & March are all at 0/Zero Degrees. This can sometimes feel daunting because it is the First Step in the new direction, and you may even hesitate, but once you take it, the Path unfolds before you and the consequence of your choice becomes evident ... right around the Full Moon ; -) Conversely, when the lunar cycle flips, and the Full Moon precedes the New Moon, usually, we feel more like the issue/direction is totally lit up & obvious and we go about pruning to make room for new seeds come the New Moon.

So, in this case, the NEW Sag Truth & Story that you seeded 2-weeks ago may only now, in the Light of the Full Moon, be showing any details or true clarity. You can feel what is no longer true, but claiming the new Truth takes some getting used to, as well as some practice. The Full Moon may reveal your 'blind spot', something you didn't consider or where your ideas were flimsy or incomplete or where you didn't think big enough. We have some fairly large *Ideas & Concepts* to consider at this time, plus, it is a Full Moon release of negative thought patterns. The beauty of all the supporting *Energy & Activations* is that while you release that which has fulfilled its usefulness, you are seeding something altogether brand new within & around you! Use this time wisely, take as many 'time-outs' as possible to truly *Process, Assimilate & Integrate* all that you've done, experienced and been through in 2014.

All that said, the guidance from Wind Father ~ The Will to Transcend ~ was really hard to edit down and share one universal concept with you. Almost every point is useful & relevant for navigating 'now'. But most important was, “This is a time to build a "moving" analytical system, and thereby to build a quiet confidence. This confidence is built by seeing anew. To get a new perspective, Wind Father tunes into the unconscious stream and he attunes to the dictates of his conscience. He asks himself, how do I feel?” First, in general, because we're in such new territory, it is best to 'build a moving or mobile system' for everything. But more throughout the guidance, balancing head & heart comes up in various ways. The Moon rules our feelings, while Gemini is a mental Air Sign, so already, we are dealing with duality or two principles that operate in completely different, but no more or less worthy, ways. For our purposes, I am going to suggest practicing the communication between your head & heart, and strengthening that direct connection, learning how each communicates what YOU really need to know, feel and understand better in any given moment. This connection is FOREVER! The Full Moon is a time of support and an infusion of Light, with which you can co-create now & always.

 The Virgo Last Qtr Moon (12/14) brings the ultimate *processing* of the whole Lunation ~ how to integrate it into your physical reality & regular routine. This week, take some time to truly reflect on the past year and all that you have learned & experienced. Not the least of which is the ongoing Uranus/Pluto activation (see Weekly Forecast for details) which comes on Dec 15th (#6 of 7). We are approaching Winter Solstice (New Year/New Beginning) plus, the Capricorn New Moon (New Reality/Structure/Foundation) on the same day (12/21), at *Zero* Point! Any *sorting & sifting* you can do this week/this month, will help you get the best yield from all your investment, dedication and labor ~ not only of the last month, but for all of 2014! Going forward, you will pour that solid experience into something that can support & protect you, while serving & supporting others. Virgo energy always reminds us to be whole, congruent within and without, balanced in mind, body and spirit, trusting the Universal Flow, while also doing the Work on our little human levels. And when we do that, everything comes together in a delicious way. Let's close the year with clarity on 2014 and a plan (that we know can/will evolve) for 2015.



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