Scorpio 2010: Don't Mourn...Celebrate!

I like thinking of possibilities.
At any time, an entirely new possibility
is liable to come along and spin you
off in an entirely new direction.
The trick, I've learned, is to
be awake to the moment.

~ Doug Hall, Author ~

Scorpio (Oct-Nov) is my favorite time of the year for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we can simultaneously *complete and initiate* whole new aspects of our Being. I have tracked it for years and it is by far the BEST time for consciously planting the seeds of your ideas that sprout by Taurus (April-May), which is only 6 months. When you think about it, that is not long at all to create a new experience or manifest a dream or express a newly discovered piece of your soul. In astrology, the so-called 'tough' angles may be hard to get through, however, they also propel us to the next level and open up new possibilities. *NOW* is no different.  We are living at a pivotal time in Earth's history, and through some very challenging planetary alignments. However, this is a time to CELEBRATE the possibility that the seeds we plant individually, socially and collectively *NOW* ~ WILL blossom in Divine Time & Order.

It's not so much that we're afraid of change
or so in love with the old ways, but
it's that place in between that we fear.

~ Marilyn Ferguson, Author ~

 We are at this "in-between" place, also referred to as the "Sweet Spot" - that very thin line between seed and new life, which breaks through that "Sweet Spot" and *IN* to new existence. This is a special time during this natural cycle to "contribute & co-create". This is the most potent time of the year!

Scorpio as ruled by Mars asks, "What do you deeply desire?"

Scorpio as ruled by Pluto, "What are you willing to sacrifice to have that desire fulfilled?"

Are you willing to *SACRIFICE* ...

~ skepticism ... for critical thinking? ~
~ fear ... for love? ~
~ doubt ... for faith? ~
~ poverty consciousness ... for abundance? ~
~ groundless low self-esteem ... for knowing who you are? ~
~ false pride ... for true confidence? ~

Scorpio resides in 1-3 parts of your chart, and those are the areas of your life where you can sink to the depths and/or soar to the heights. It's where your power lies, and how you choose use your power is your responsibility, as well as your own free will and choice.  In the meantime, we must consider how ANYTHING comes in to being? Life, whether a living organism who calls Earth home or a project/idea you've nurtured from concept-to-reality, requires both the *visible and invisible* to bring it in to existence. There is the work you do to contribute to the healthy development of whatever you create (Scorpio is the energy of creation) and then you have to step back and ALLOW SPIRIT to breathe life-force in to it. Whether creating another human, or an expression of your soul, you are ALWAYS A CO-CREATOR in the process, you are a very necessary part of the equation, but you are not the SOURCE. The void is where the unseen action is, seeds germinate in the darkness, away from prying eyes and meddling. Whatever you create, whether within you or around you, is your responsibility to protect (your creation). I personally like the custom of waiting 3 months in to a pregnancy before announcing it to family and friends, I think it should be applied across the board.  Before telling others about your creative ideas, marinate them, get acquainted with them yourself ~ connect and allow the *roots* to deepen and strengthen.  This is Scorpio/Pluto territory.

A person needs at intervals to
separate from family & companions
and go to new places.
One must go without familiars
in order to be open to influences,
to change.

~ Katharine Butler Hathaway, Author ~

 Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation, suggests that *pain* is sometimes part of the process of *purification* and certainly of 'birthing'. We know women experience pain when giving birth, but what do we leave that experience with? (most of the time, with few obvious exceptions) but a GIFT!! What do you think a caterpillar *feels* as it wiggles out of the cocoon? or any baby lifeform bursting through the container it arrives in? Connect to your will to LIVE ~ THRIVE ~ PROSPER ~ and MAXIMIZE THE MOMENTS in your every day life. Life is not a blockbuster film, or the Grammy awards, no brass band is going to play for your every accomplishment, you have to *CONNECT* ~ in this moment ~ to YOUR BLISS ~ YOUR JOY ~ YOUR HAPPINESS ~ YOUR PEACE ... WITHIN! Within your own being, within your own heart, within your own sacred space and most importantly within as many *moments* as you can consciously count, starting with *NOW* the PRESENT MOMENT.

The opposite of Scorpio is Taurus, which rules GRATITUDE, among other things. We must, in every moment, count our many blessings. I highly recommend reflecting on the seeds you planted 6mo-1yr ago which *have* come to fruition and those which *need more nurturing* to become mature enough to be released.

You learn to speak by speaking,
to study by studying,
to run by running, to work by working;
and just so, you learn to love by loving.
All those who think to learn in any other way
deceive only themselves.

~ Saint Francis de Sales ~
Kelly Adds:  You learn ...
... to create - by creating
... faith - by believing in the Source of your supply
... cultivating beauty & sustenance - by planting & tending the seeds

In my own personal review, it occurred to me that when I remember being "most effective" - it was often because I did NOT think as much or as long before acting, but *acted on instinct and in the moment*. As we get older, we are more conscious of what can go wrong, and that youthful sense of invincibility, while in dire need of some temperance, actually serves an amazing purpose:  More often than not ~ things go RIGHT! (Reflect on your own stats, I bet you find that things work out more than they DON'T.) And even when things went wrong, none of it killed me, but gave me another clue about my Self, in addition to more clarity on my true desires.

I suggest releasing as quickly as possible that which is done or not working, and embracing new options as soon as possible so you can benefit from them or count them out and move on.  Really, what do you have to LOSE? failing? you've failed before; looking foolish, I'm sure that's been done at some point too. What should scare you more than anything is giving up without even trying (to fulfill your potential). There is always a way to do what you want to do, even if you have to do it in stages, just START doing what gives you joy. Start being part of communities which support and nourish you, while also allowing you to serve in the community you care about. Artists should be in the 'artists' world ~ Writers should be in the 'writers' world etc, immerse your Self in the realm to which you wish to belong. Start with some aspect of your Self that you can BUILD ON (because expansion IS near, you must stabilize). Do the planting in Scorpio time and pruning in Taurus time and watch how the Garden that is YOU *blossoms* with its own unique energy, and attracts the perfect creatures you wish to live with and help sustain. Remember, gardens are home for both beauty and sustenance, two things we really cannot live without.

Scorpio asks that we purify any wounds, allow time to heal and contribute the necessary energy for healing, release them and be born anew. You will KNOW you have been born anew by the new choices you make ... it will become automatic in your behavior ~ in your body language ~ in your words and deeds. Scorpio energy burns off the dross and reveals the pure stuff within YOU, revealing what you are truly made of at the core. And you are made of tougher stuff than you, a child of God & the Universe, give your Self credit for! You are not always privy to the grand design, but you're always co-creating on some level, so tune OUT the nonsense, tune IN to your common sense and extra sensory perceptions, this is not the time to take things for granted or at face-value. Tune in constantly to your FEELING nature, your INTUITION, your GUT, your 6 Senses are all available and much more reliable as a compass to direct you. And while all humans on the planet are growing along with Mother Earth, your INVISIBLE HELP ~ your Angels ~ your Guides ~ your Ancestors ~ and many benevolent energies and entities (which want to see Earth and all living things thrive and prosper) are ready, willing and much better able to ASSIST YOU. However, help has to be invited. None of the above will ever supercede your free will and choice, you have to invite the invisible help *IN* and create a welcoming space for creativity to occur. And this month, the veils are thinnest and you have much more access to the invisible realms than at any other time of the year.

What do you have to lose by ... Clarifying your desire ... Owning what you are willing to sacrifice ... then ... Setting an intention ... Creating an inviting space ... then ... Trusting Spirit and Connecting to the *FEELING* of your request(s) fulfilled.  Simple yet powerful exercise that won't take long at all.

Embrace *Infinite* Possibilities

Today a thousand doors of
enterprise are open to you,
inviting you to useful work.
To live at this time is an
inestimable privilege,
and a sacred obligation
devolves upon you
to make right use of
your opportunities.
Today is the day in which
to attempt and achieve
something worthwhile.
~ Author Unknown ~


Melanie 2nd November 2010 7:59 am

Thanks for this wonderful description and assistance with the energy of Scorpio. This is very helpful to me. I love your obviously deep understanding and passion for astrology - fascinating. Love Melanie x

bettina 2nd November 2010 6:50 pm

'Wow' this was so inspiring. Thank you very much, Kelly. I will save this message; for it has so much motivation within.


zorro 3rd November 2010 7:14 pm

Thanks for the Scorpio insights. "Mars ruled by Scorpio is asking "What do we deeply want" And Mars now in Sagitarrius is saying, "What are you waiting for...and I'm in expansive Sag and I'm not retrograde either, so go for it" This will override, for the most part, the reticent Venus in retrograde, (which we are blessed to have for an added note of introspection.

I would add on top of that that Mercury (thinking & expresssion) and Mars (action and assertiveness) are going to be doing a dance in Sag for most of the last half of November, when they are conjunct. This is going to be great for getting out of ruts and finally expressing who we are. Mars is already in Sagittarius now and you can just feel the change from building up steam (Scorpio) to letting out the steam (Sag) We might have to pull it in a little from the 24th to the 29th when they both square the Jupiter/Uranus (irrepressable expansion) conjunction.

Happy Hunting, Sag! But, if possible, and for best results... keep your lines tight, and your powder dry!


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