Scorpio Full Moon Notes April 2013

When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. ~ Audre Lorde ~

This is an extremely potent time for co-creating a brand new reality (Saturn in Scorpio 2012-2014) ... if you are truly ready to step onto a new Path (North Node in Scorpio Aug 2012 - Feb 2014) and prepared to invest in Self more than ever before. Keep in mind that the entire year 2012 was the official *crossroads* where we both released/cleaned/and permanently cleared our out-dated thinking, habits and behavior ... as well as assimilated/integrated/and prepared to fully embody a new way of thinking, doing and being ... which is *NOW* 2013!

This is a good time to reflect on what you *Initiated* Oct/Nov 2012, with the first in a series of *6* Eclipses in Taurus/Scorpio. Keep in mind the general inclination of Taurus to accumulate and of Scorpio to purge/purify. What was *born* and what *died* 6-mo to 1-yr ago for you personally? That was the Scorpio Sun & Moon coming together in an Eclipse to truly *Initiate* a new cycle. Think 1-year - 5-10-15-20 years. There was an identical (to the degree) Solar Eclipse 11.13.1993, perhaps there are reverberations from that time. I'd like to remind you here too that themes from the early 1980's and early 1990's are likely coming up again, however, keep in mind that there is all new *support* surrounding us.

Now, we've traveled through life for 6-months ... the Taurus Sun is strengthened by Mars (Desire/Divine Masculine) exactly and additional support not too far away is Venus (Values/Divine Feminine) and Pallas (Divine Feminine Wisdom & Strategy) is exactly opposite the Scorpio Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse which is fortified by Saturn in Scorpio and not too far away is North Node (Path/Destiny) leading us in a completely new direction ... if we can let go of the past *completely*. In other words: who you are, what you want, what is most important to you around your physical/literal life has the bright light of the Full Moon *illuminating* the actual reality. But wait, with the *blessing* of an Eclipse, we can truly course-correct ~ the electro-magnetic flow is interrupted at this time, albeit partial, with the strength of the additional planets in Taurus/Scorpio, we are completely supported for co-creating the next leg of the journey.

Scorpio is the most potent, intense, creative energy of the zodiac. It is literally about managing your power to create your life. As such, I feel that you can never have "too much" Scorpio information because it is so deep and intense, it affects people in a variety of different ways. It reveals previously hidden energy, ideas, fears and dreams and pushes you to *be real* with Self, sacrifice something for the greater good and fully commit! With Scorpio energy, there is NO half-way and the *QUALITY* of your *focus* is much more important than the *QUANTITY* because it is such a powerful energy, complex and vital. It provokes you to dig deep within to find out who you are and what supports you when NOTHING & NO ONE around can or will. What "fiction" of an identity have you been holding on to? It will have to be sacrificed, as will many aspects of your life and self in order to embrace the new energy birthing in your life. This is the "labor" part - dark / uncomfortable / scary / exhausting - but you can't stop it ... the new life is coming whether you think you are prepared or not!! So DEEP BREATHS ... and PUSH!!

*SCORPIO* Reminders

Question *EVERYTHING* ~ Scorpio energy brings excavation time, think: a pitch black coal ~transforming~ in to a crystal clear diamond. 6-months ago (Oct/Nov 2012) was the annual opportunity to clear away the 'dead', compost the 'negative' and prepare for renewed *Life & Light*. Taurus time reveals what 'took root' so far and it's a good time to question everything ... your long-held hopes and dreams ~ do you still want them? do you still define them as you did 1-5-10 years ago (or longer) when the goals were set? Question your responses to Life (preferably *BEFORE* having to actually 'respond'). Old responses to new challenges (or even the same old challenges) are not going to work. You have acquired new skill sets, which require their first application (test run) to see where tweaking may be necessary. It's your choice, do this process voluntarily or the Universe will impose the lesson on you.

Shape-Shift *ACCORDINGLY* ~ Some may feel the need to shape-shift on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. My recommendation is to shape-shift whenever it is necessary for whatever situation or decision you are facing. If you're going to use it with solar timing, then I recommend the *8* Sacred Seasons as a fair and reasonable number of times in which you should pull in and make sure you are being & behaving in ways relevant for the times. Every Season requires a different approach to be successful.

Judge (discern/distinguish/decide) by *ESSENCE* ~ not appearances. How does it *FEEL*, primarily in your *HEART* ~ then work your way through the other *SENSES* as you align with a Higher Vibration and adjust to a new realm of existence. Some eternal ... some brand new and unknown. We've all experienced some form of "exile", for various lengths of time, over the course of a lifetime. The 'new era' ~ 'new age' ~ 'new global community' ~ 'new world' (whatever you name it) now requires that we respond to *ESSENCE* rather than appearances. We must sharpen our instincts for this task. One way to strengthen your instincts is to put your Self in a position where you will HAVE to *IMPROVISE*. Get out of your comfort zone periodically and see how you do, then develop your skills accordingly.



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