Scorpio/Sagittarius 2009: Nov 1 (Cross Quarter/Samhain) ~thru~ Dec 21 (Winter Solstice)

*Samhain* ~ Cross Quarter ~ Honoring the Invisible Assistance ~ This completes the *8* Sacred Seasons of the Solar Year. You've done all you can do for the last 10+ months and now you must surrender. You have been intuitively guided and completely supported the *Whole* time ... whether you were aware of it or not. All seasonal shifts call your attention to *Balance* and remind you to, periodically, *Tune In* ~ to your Heart, Mother Nature and Great Spirit. This is the time of year for *Closure* ~ within and without.

The Cross Quarter Seasons (between each of the Solstices and Equinoxes) have long been considered to be *Gates of Power* ~ a threshold that offers access to other realms of existence, other Dimensions which are relevant and connected to our 3rd Dimension. During this time of year, reflection on the past and rumination on the future commingle. The angels, ancestors and spirit guides should be honored and will be more accessible for communing. You can ask for their guidance on the lesson and purpose of certain events/experiences of the past year and/or you can ask for guidance on how to proceed during the coming year.

After completion, clearing and release, it is an especially good time to *Sit* with the Empty Space for a period of time. This is a Infinitely potent time ~ "in between" ~ a place, also referred to as the "Sweet Spot" - that very thin membrane between *Seed* and *New* Life. Plant your seeds of the future during this dark time and be still, listen, invite *Life*. This 6-week period prior to Winter Solstice (in this hemisphere) has the longest nights, implying rest, work behind closed doors, through any darkness, restore strength and prepare for the Light's return Dec 21st. When things will again quicken.

*Scorpio* represents a special time during this natural cycle to "contribute & co-create". This is the most potent time of the year, and Scorpio as ruled by Mars asks, "What do you deeply desire?" and as ruled by Pluto, "What are you willing to sacrifice to have that desire fulfilled?" Are you willing to ...


~ skepticism ... for critical thinking? ~

~ fear ... for love? ~

~ doubt ... for faith? ~

~ poverty consciousness ... for abundance? ~

~ groundless low self-esteem ... for knowing who you are? ~

~ false pride ... for true confidence? ~

During this Sacred Season, the Sun completes its journey through Scorpio and activates ALL Sagittarius. Scorpio's transformative process always leads to Sag's Truth, ultimately moving your personal and collective stories along. You come out of Scorpio time knowing things you did not know before, about your Self and your world, which shapes your belief system and expands your consciousness in ways you may not be able to do without this particular pressure to grow. Any trips to/through the Underworld always require Sagittarius' ability to give the experience meaning and relevance. This Season is about Completion/Initiation ~ the Life/Death/Life Cycle ~ a time to explore deeper ways of creating and deciding what seeds you'd like to plant next. You should rest and replenish during the time when Light recedes and supports your inner, behind the scenes work. There is a time to be pushing and out in the world, doing, giving, sharing. Now is the time to pull in and *Receive* ~ guidance ~ sustenance ~ fortitude ~ clarity ~ stability ~ gather power and strength ~ put things in place that will complement and uplift your work when it's time to do 'forward push' again. Most of all, tune in to your own rhythm and synchronize that rhythm with Nature's rhythm for optimal, and sometimes immediate, results.

This is an intense 6-week period, with major changes brewing and bursting forth. While the personal planets are in Scorpio, you will be pushed to grow with Mars in Leo and the Healing Trinity still in Aquarius. Anytime Scorpio is involved it is deep-delving time, superficiality will not do. You will more/less (depending on your individual resistance) be forced to deal with your Shadow nature, the aspects of your Being that you push aside, repress, suppress or otherwise avoid whenever possible. My philosophy is to "give Shadow something to DO" ~ paint, write, dance, sing, work out, draw ~ whatever your medium of choice but *Express* whatever feelings are being dredged in to the light at this time. In this case, Mars in Leo is challenging your deepest nature to own who you are and what you want ... the Healing Trinity is challenging you to (once and for all) do the deep healing work so you are strengthened ~ so you are *Whole* ~ moving in to this new terrain. Drop the baggage, release the past, allow wounds to close and scar over and make every effort to move forward with only that which is truly part of your Essence and deeply supports your Truth & Purpose (the rest is optional).

Mars and the Moon are doing their own thing this Season, while Sun, Mercury and Venus are moving more/less together. As this trio moves through Scorpio and Sagittarius, they are going to kick off a succession of personal activations. Keep in mind that Mars in Leo is opposite the Healing Trinity in Aquarius, bringing the collective healing down to human size by creating a T-Square (crossroads) with your primary essence (Sun), how you think (Mercury) and what's most vitally important to you (Venus). Decisions will be made that will likely have far-reaching effects. This combo asks the questions: What do you truly, deeply *Love*? What are you passionate about? What gets you fired up? And if you are not feeling any of that, what healing needs to take root so you can get 'fired up' again, ignite your creative spark, will to live or passion for a worthy cause?

While these two (Mars/Healing Trinity) balance, compromise and integrate in a way that we may not see again in our lifetime, the other three (Sun/Mercury/Venus) are challenging both sides (of your Being) to grow, personally, socially and collectively. So yes, most of us 'want' healing ~ 'want' to love self on the deepest levels but ego (Sun), the mind (Mercury) and misplaced values (Venus) can periodically get in the way. Of course, all is Light & Shadow. In Scorpio, ego trips, head trips and destructive values will get stripped away, leaving you with a pure (if raw) Truth to face about Self, where you've been, where you are and where you are heading once they enter Sag. Hold fast, if Scorpio strips the ego, then Sag will replace it with authenticity; you may lose your mind but you will find your faith; and ultimately, you will realize the value of *Life* ~ a life worth living, worth investing in and worth sharing!

The Moon is going to go through 2 Lunations, Taurus/Scorpio and Gemini/Sagittarius, giving you quick glimpses in to how you are "feeling" about all this transformation. Planting and birthing ~ light and darkness ~ are cycles in their own right, and the Moon guides us through these daily, weekly, monthly, annual cycles. The Moon is very personal, it represents your interior nature, your emotions and feelings, nourishment and security. We are at the culmination point of all the seeds we planted in Spring/Summer time, how are things developing? Use the Moon as an on-going and underlying energy that colors each day and any activations that happen on those days. It acts as a filter between what you're experiencing and what you are feeling.

~ Power ~ Balance/Compromise ~ Options/Advantages ~

~ Opportunity To Grow ~ Blessings~

... are all available for us!

~ POWER ~ (Conjunct/Conjunction)

Your "power" this Season is in your thinking (Mercury) ~ your ideas, concepts, thoughts and conscious awareness. Change your mind, and the rest will follow! Early in the Season, it will be Scorpio energy revealing how your thoughts create and manifest, possibly quicker than ever (11/5). Later in the Season, Mercury will speed ahead through Sag in to Capricorn (12/5) and link up with Pluto (12/7) purifying and grounding your new Truth & Purpose, or at least, a new aspect of it. Keep in mind, Mercury Retrogrades normally 3-times in a year, this year we get a 4th one in December. Also, all year (2009) it Retrograded in Air Signs and went Direct in Earth Signs, indicating that your thinking, ideas etc needed a review before anchoring them or making them tangible. This last one will be the completion of the past year but also, an initiation to next year's Mercury Retrogrades which will be in ALL Earth Signs, indicating the review will be more about the practical application of your newly defined concepts and ideas ~ how they work in reality (vs. on paper or in your head). Capricorn is the lesson of being responsible for your thoughts, you can choose, in any given moment, and whatever you choose, reveals your character along the way.

The most potent connection comes ON Winter Solstice, the final connection between Jupiter (Truth/Story) and Neptune (Vision/Unity Consciousness). The first one was in May, then July and now finally, in Dec. Reflecting on the previous contacts will give you an idea of how to proceed. There is always a *catalyst* (the first contact) then a *review* (pull back to go forward) and finally, fortified with healing and new information, *forward* movement. For those who have been consciously working on their healing processes for the last 10-12 years, the Healing Trinity is really solidifying all that dedication, fusing the fragments of your Soul, strengthening you for the next leg of your journey. For those who've avoided their own true nature, ignored open or festering wounds (for whatever reason), the Healing Trinity has activated a process you can and should co-create with or it will be decidedly more lengthy and painful. Either way, while these three celestial bodies separate (slowly), you still have access to unprecedented healing for another year or two and now is the best time to set your intentions.

11/5 ~ Mercury/Sun ~ Scorpio

12/7 ~ Mercury/Pluto ~ Capricorn

12/21 ~ Jupiter/Neptune ~ Aquarius (3 of 3)

~ BALANCE & COMPROMISE ~ (Oppose/Opposition)


Ongoing Saturn/Uranus

Ongoing Mars/Healing Trinity


Whew! after working through all those "challenges to grow", not that you get much time for the dust to settle, but now ~ what are you working with? What is going to be useful? Theoretically, a space should've been cleared, a vacuum created, a clean surface upon which to build has been revealed (from Scorpio's excavation). What will you do with it? Early in the Season Venus in Scorpio meets with Pluto in Capricorn (11/9), this is power and responsibility around what you cultivate, within your Being as well as out in the world. Whatever you cultivate is showing the Universe (and the rest of us) what you truly value and what you feel is most worth your resources and dedication. Venus rules your priorities and values and Pluto demands purity, as in *clean*, doing no one harm in the process of creating, building and living your life. Venus is personal; Pluto is collective. Scorpio is power to create; Capricorn means whatever you create needs to be practical, useful and serve others in a tangible way. This is a very potent combo for working on your resources (time, energy, money) and in this day and time, shape-shifting is definitely part of the mix. Resources are not going to be used the way they have been historically, nor will they resemble their old forms. Collectively, we are redefining "value". When the personal planets are involved, it suggests you start with you and work your way out from there. This is an opportunity to cultivate strength and value within so you can create Truth and Purpose out in the world. Remember, give your flow (Water) a structure (Earth) and it will serve you and countless others, organically.

Venus/Pluto ~ Scorpio/Capricorn ~ Water/Earth

11/9 ~ Venus in Scorpio / Pluto in Capricorn

As Sun, Mercury and Venus gather in Sagittarius, they will all ping Saturn in Libra creating an opportunity for personal and social change based on Truth and Balance. As you get comfortable with some new Truth(s) about your Self, you will feel the urge to share your revelations with others. If you've been feeling alienated on any level, this is an opportunity to join or create a community of like-minded souls who are focused on and care about the same things you are focused on and care about. This is a chance to put passion and endurance behind a cause that is close to your heart. A bonus of initiating such a group is the camaraderie and sense of purpose, support and belonging that comes when two or more gather.

Sun/Mercury/Venus + Saturn ~ Sagittarius/Libra ~ Fire/Air

11/17 ~ Mercury in Sagittarius / Saturn in Libra

11/24 ~ Sun in Sagittarius / Saturn in Libra

12/4 ~ Venus in Sagittarius / Saturn in Libra

Also while Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Sagittarius, they will each ping the Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius (Chiron has turned forward and is moving on but still influencing the Healing Trinity as they each march toward their completion in Pisces). Fire and Air naturally complement each other, it's creativity and ideas and with these planets involved, it can be deeper Truth or decidedly delusional, your choice. The highest expression of this combo will be for you to focus on the beauty and connectedness of all life. This is an opportunity to combine your Truth (personal planets in Sag) with your social (Jupiter) and collective (Neptune) communities. This is a time to gather with progressive, thoughtful people and dedicate some time and energy to brainstorming about alternatives ~ alternative resources, education, belief systems and community living (to name only a few).

Sun/Mercury/Venus + Jupiter/Neptune ~ Sagittarius/Aquarius ~ Fire/Air

11/29 ~ Mercury in Sagittarius / Jupiter in Aquarius

12/1 ~ Mercury in Sagittarius / Neptune in Aquarius

12/14 ~ Sun in Sagittarius / Jupiter in Aquarius

12/15 ~ Sun in Sagittarius / Neptune in Aquarius

12/20 ~ Venus in Sagittarius / Jupiter in Aquarius

12/21 ~ Venus in Sagittarius / Neptune in Aquarius


First we grow, develop and make choices (squares) ... then, as you commit to those changes, new options and advantages (sextiles) are revealed. Remember: At the moment of commitment, the Universe conspires to assist you. Sun (who you are), Mercury (what/how you think) and Venus (what's most important to you) all travel fairly quickly and early in the Season, while they traverse Scorpio, where they are going to challenge you to dig deep with your Self and stretch beyond your previous limits (in other words, grow). Depending on how that goes, once they enter Sagittarius, Truth is revealed, faith is (hopefully) restored and new directions will be clear. With the personal planets in Scorpio, they are challenging Mars in Leo and the Healing Trinity in Aquarius, forcing changes and decisions to be made *now*. The healing continues to work you, as an individual, and as you integrate that, you will automatically contribute to the collective in more efficient ways.

While diving deeply in to your own mind and thought processes (Mercury in Scorpio) and really facing/owning what is truly important to you at this time (Venus in Scorpio), the challenge will be to balance what you discover with the passionate energy of Mars in Leo demanding that you "take action" when you may or may not be in the best position to do so. This combined energy is realigning the very core of your Being (mind/body) with your Heart ~ who you are with what you want are both evolving. The challenge here is going to be *clarity*. Scorpio energy tends to manifest viscerally and Mars in Leo can make you impulsive, reacting emotionally rather than with logic and forethought. Breathe. Focus. Squares do not have to be painful, the whole point is to move you in to new territory. The best use of this combo is to define what you are passionate about, put loving your Self above all else, and then evaluate whatever you discover about your true motivations under the light of Love. What is the most "loving" thing you can do with whatever is being brought to the surface of your consciousness right now?

Mercury/Venus + Mars ~ Scorpio/Leo ~ Water/Fire

11/1 ~ Mercury in Scorpio / Mars in Leo

11/19 ~ Venus in Scorpio / Mars in Leo

These energies, together, facilitate changes where the 'real' and 'ideal' are concerned, between what you've created and what you really want. They are also extremely mental, so don't blow any circuits, it'll pass soon enough. A better use of this energy is to *clear* your mind of doom and gloom and what is NOT working at present, and watch if/when your thoughts become fixed, judgmental and self-righteous. Use this energy to heal your thoughts, revision them with a positive spin, take back your authority to define your terms and decide to be more creative with your thinking. The mind is a mixed blessing and must always be tempered with your Heart.

Mercury + Jupiter/Neptune ~ Scorpio/Aquarius ~ Water/Air

11/8 ~ Mercury in Scorpio / Jupiter in Aquarius

11/11 ~ Mercury in Scorpio / Neptune in Aquarius

Like Mercury, the Sun is very personal. The two of them together, link who you are (Sun) with how you think (Mercury). Right now, the core essence of who you are (Sun) is being pushed to develop a broader perspective. You are constantly creating in all you think, say and do. How much of your energy is too self-centered? or too other-directed? What is your definition of compromise? This combo asks you to own your power to heal your Self. It gives you the necessary energy (or push depending on your resistance) to develop your own power so you are more effective in the world.

Sun + Jupiter/Neptune ~ Scorpio/Aquarius ~ Water/Air

11/10 ~ Sun in Scorpio / Jupiter in Aquarius

11/15 ~ Sun in Scorpio / Neptune in Aquarius

This is the biggie of the whole Season! Anytime planets change sign or change direction, they slow down and gather strength, while beaming intense energy down to Mother Earth. Saturn has been in Virgo for the last 2+ years, restructuring your systems and healing your foundations in many ways, essentially preparing you for this shift in to Libra when you will be called to work with your family, friends and communities in new and different ways. On one hand, Saturn in Libra is going to reveal weaknesses in the structures of your primary relationships, so any that are falling apart already are likely to break down altogether. This is not a bad thing. This is a good thing because it will force all parties involved to *define their terms* with more clarity, allowing for deeper commitment. (This is a perfect time to renegotiate contracts of all kinds, starting with your Soul Contract.) Pluto in Saturn's sign suggests that *responsibility* rules the day no matter how you slice it. It is time to be responsible for what you build in your life and in the world. Pluto, ruler of death, rebirth and transformation, never destroys anything you truly need, desire or deserve. It's whole purpose is to strip you of the non-essential so you can connect with what IS *Essential*. This combo is very serious, but can also be seriously productive if channeled properly.

This is an ongoing activation to consciously work with for tangible results. Use this initiation stage to set your intentions about who you are and how you'd like to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Both of these planets will push you hard to develop their strengths and master their lessons, resistance is futile. It is much better to take stock of your relationships, of the work you do in the world, of balance and responsibility in your own life and see where/how improvements can be made. And then, most importantly, begin implementing whatever you can. You may not be able to do 'everything' but surely you can do 'something' ~ just start where you are, with what you've got. Conscious co-creation with this combo is the only way to lessen any stress or pain associated with the changes that are truly inevitable, so you may as well participate on whatever level you can at this time. Also, keep in mind that due to the path each planet takes, we will experience the peak of intensity during their exact contacts, but the vibe is on-going for the entire 3-years Saturn is in Libra, so too will Pluto continue its journey through Capricorn.

*An in-depth article on this aspect will be posted soon.

Saturn/Pluto ~ Libra/Capricorn ~ Air/Earth

11/15 ~ Saturn in Libra / Pluto in Capricorn (1 of 3)


1st (of 3) ~ Nov 15, 2009 ~ Saturn & Pluto Direct

2nd (of 3) ~ Jan 31, 2010 ~ Saturn Retrograde/Pluto Direct

3rd (of 3) ~ Aug 21, 2010 ~ Pluto Retrograde/Saturn Direct

Venus gets in on some of this Sun/Mercury action, deepening the work with the Healing Trinity. Venus rules your values and priorities and healing *must* move to the top of the list, whether it is mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or material healing. Healing on multiple levels is fully available and should be directed consciously for best results. You will feel a lot better here too, if you co-create and work with the energies rather than fight to hold on to things which have no relevance or value in your current situation. Keep in mind, while Scorpio time may strip you of things (or people) you held near and dear for quite some time, it will also reveal new gifts, strengths, talents and support (in the form of energy, people or entities) that you didn't even realize were part of your Being. This is a time to really ask your Self some heavy questions, like what is truly, deeply important to you? How do your thoughts, words and deeds create your own life and affect the lives around you? We are all connected, and to the extent that one individual is sick, broken, hungry, lost etc ~ the whole planet suffers as well. It is time to remember your true purpose for being here. It is time to remember that you are *never* separated from this planet you call 'home' and as such, it is your/our responsibility to tend to and take care of the home that provides food and shelter, beauty and sustenance for all living beings.

Venus + Jupiter/Neptune ~ Scorpio/Aquarius ~ Water/Air

11/23 ~ Venus in Scorpio / Jupiter in Aquarius

11/26 ~ Venus in Scorpio / Neptune in Aquarius

Later in the Season, the personal planets move in to Sag and ping Uranus in Pisces. Keep in mind, that each succeeding Sign is a "response" to the preceding Sign. So after the dark depths of Scorpio, optimistic Sag is most welcome. However, in this position, the challenges continue, just with a new flavor. Now, after you've processed the many revelations, Spirit asks, "Now what?" What does it all mean? for you? for your family, friends, communities? What is real? What is illusion? What makes you free? What holds you hostage, unable to move? You may feel a little raw from your trek through the Underworld, so time in Nature will assist in the current process. Sagittarius is known for past lives of living on a mountain, communing with nature (rather than humans or city life). If you cannot physically get out in nature, perhaps you can find a CD/audio of nature sounds you can put on while you journal or meditate on all that you've recently discovered about your Self, your process and your life. Ease any fear with a broader perspective ... wonder ... entertain possibilities ... get "okay" with the fact that some things which used to be *true* may not be *true* any longer and how is that *perfect*? When all else fails, do something creative to express what you are feeling and try to make sense out of it later.

Sun/Mercury/Venus ~ Sagittarius/Pisces ~ Fire/Water

11/30 ~ Mercury in Sagittarius / Uranus in Pisces

12/14 ~ Sun in Sagittarius / Uranus in Pisces

12/19 ~ Venus in Sagittarius / Uranus in Pisces

This energy is best for solo strategizing. Communications with others will likely be strained so it is best to take time out to think on your own. Saturn rules "inner authority", this is a time to keep your own counsel. Mercury rules "processing information" and you should have plenty to process. In Capricorn, it will lead most people to want to be more practical about their ideas. And as it pings Saturn in Libra, the demand is toward balance and responsibility for whatever it is that you are trying to create at this time. How are your ideas useful and effective and how will they affect others?

Mercury/Saturn ~ Capricorn/Libra ~ Earth/Air

12/7 ~ Mercury in Capricorn / Saturn in Libra

~ BLESSINGS ~ (Trine)

Your task is not to seek for love,

but merely to seek and find

all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.

Again, early in the Season, while Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, they will activate Uranus in Pisces in a blessed way. Acknowledging deeper Truth(s) about Self always lead to freedom (the Truth will set you Free!) and freedom actually leads to connection to the whole (Pisces). These are personal planets working on the individuals, in respect to the collective planet of change, Uranus. Uranus spends 7 years in a sign, and in Pisces, it is radically shifting what we consider "Oneness Consciousness" ~ awakening humans to the reality that ALL really is connected on a fundamental level. This is the end of an 84-year journey, and we are feeling the "completion/initiation" energy very deeply at this time. 2011 will usher in a completely new era, with Jupiter and Uranus entering Aries, initiating a radically new and different reality. This energy is considered to be "blessings without effort" but you should know by now, nothing worthwhile is "without effort" so in this context, it has to do with consciously directing the energy, tuning in. It can be very subtle, so subtle you could miss the effects altogether (but that's why you have me!).

The best use of this time is to consciously set your intentions around your definition of "freedom" and "unity". What makes you feel free in your own body, in your own life (despite any limiting and likely temporary appearances)? What ideas or strategies are you working on to remain free, by your own definition? What are you cultivating within your Being? within the community? What's most important to you remaining free, whole and connected to Life? Any planet in Scorpio bestows the power to create, so use these days to (if only momentarily) focus on what you would like to *create*, do not entertain thoughts of lack, limitation, fear or doubt. This is ALL Water, so float in the middle, go with the flow and see where it leads. Above all, be very creative and *feel* your way through (give the *thinking* a break).

Sun/Mercury/Venus + Uranus ~ Scorpio/Pisces ~ ALL Water

11/11 ~ Mercury in Scorpio / Uranus in Pisces

11/14 ~ Sun in Scorpio / Uranus in Pisces

11/25 ~ Venus in Scorpio / Uranus in Pisces

This blessing comes in the form of *Fire* ~ purifying, transformative, creative *Fire*. As the same trio moves from Scorpio, in to Sag, it will activate Mars in Leo, doubling up on the fiery passions to create and renew on one or many levels. This is a time when you are unconditionally supported in expressing your Truth in some creative way that motivates others. Connecting to your new-found Truth also leads to a deeper love of Self, Mars in Leo's 7+ month assignment to restore. Luckily, early in Mars' journey, you are given this blessing of knowing what is real for you (at this time) and finding creative ways to "do" (Mars) something about it. Sag is Truth ~ Leo is Self-Love. It is time. It is deeply supported and widely available during this period. And it is a great place to start, so set your intentions, even if you're not completely immersed in this new Life or new Love or new expression of your Soul ~ how you begin usually indicates how you will finish ~ so initiate the Highest vision you can conjure at this time and take the first step toward writing a new Story for yourself.


Kirin 9th November 2009 7:55 am

Dear Kelly.
Thanks again. You have the gift to make astrological facts very clear with one or two words.
Been freewheeling in astrology for years and I learned more from a few of your articles then of a lot of books! If only I had found you in 1995, when I dived deep into ascension (Deep! Almost left this planet...)I would have asked you to look at my birthchart and then skipped a few years with your advice...Hahaha...Ah well; ALL is at it is.
Now there is almost nothing left of my old life. I live my Life healthy again; Love it now. Have my own sacred space in which I am very comfortable; no real relationships left....but happy.Even my dog is a distant friend; minding her own business and I let her.She also is what she is...
But: I found Love and Oneness. Feel connected with all life;
know exactly what I want to create and do but there is a void now. So I am in the space of surrender and sitting in the empty space. Your article gave me the feeling, I am right on the track where I should be!!!
Thanks again and Blessed Be.

With Love from Holland, Kirin 10th November 2009 5:59 am

Thank you for the time and energy you placed in sharing this wisdom with so much clarity and love

Peace and blessings to you

Debbie Milam

Kelly M Beard 16th November 2009 6:32 pm

Hi Kirin - it is great to hear from you. I think you would really enjoy the FREE Audios + Activations too. We do great Chakra Breathwork at the beginning plus Divinations and Guided Meditations very often at the end. It may add another element to the space you are in now ;) You know we are just confirming things we already know intuitively but confirmations can be fun too!

Peace & Blessings,

Kelly M Beard 16th November 2009 6:35 pm

Hi Debbie - thank you for the kind words. I hope you'll stay tuned for more articles to come. The shifts we're all experiencing are so huge that a forecast hardly seems enough these days. I will be diving in to the big alignments to help everyone navigate with the most information possible.

Peace & Blessings,


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