Taurus 2009: Abundant Beauty & Sustenance

Throughout Taurus time, we are deeply supported for cultivating inner and outer lives of beauty and sustenance. Think in terms of a garden and what you are planting, cultivating and nurturing to grow and evolve *together* into something that reminds you how the whole (your life) is greater than the sum of its parts (various aspects of your Being).

A plant here or there, a vegetable here or there, is a good start, but imagine a garden that contains all you can imagine would/could feed your heart and soul, as well as your mind and body. A space of your own creation that calms you down and fills you up. A space that blossoms in response to your loving care. This can be a literal garden, and I highly recommend planting something this season that symbolizes the growth you are aiming to achieve. But more importantly, this is an *essence* ... a *resonance* you want to tune in to that yields results that may be invisible, but are no less tangible and necessary for life on this planet.

Keep in mind as you review the planetary assistance, that this whole week (and next week too), you should be moving through your daily life with a certain reverent quality, an inner knowing that something *big* is moving the molecules around and positioning every living thing to receive more *light* and *love*. This coming weekend of May 9-11, we have The Rebirth Celebration, a Global Meditation organized by Joseph Giove of CommonPassion.org. All week, you should be tuning in to your abundance and balance ~ your true wealth and blessings ~ to releasing the non-essential and making room for what Joseph calls, "an unprecedented opportunity to cooperate with the forces of evolution to fulfill individual and collective purposes, and to create a sustainable world of harmony, abundance and balance with Nature". It is time. The planets, energies and benevolent entities all support this evolution.

Taurus/Scorpio Lunation ~ April/May 2009

We are finishing up our New Moon in Taurus work this week, in preparation for Saturday's Scorpio Full Moon culmination on Sat/May 9th. What seeds have you planted? What are you cultivating? within your Being? and within your Community? What needs pruning? What needs re-positioning to receive more Light? The Sun/Moon in Taurus are in a good angle to Pluto in Capricorn, assisting you with integrating the current evolution of your inner and outer selves. Venus (values/priorities) and Mars (desires/passions) in Aries (courage/independence) are being tested by Pluto in Capricorn (responsibility/dedication), so your values and desires are still being distilled to something that better reflects all the hard work you've done in the last couple of months re-inventing your Self. Get out of your comfort zone and *improvise* often!

Beltane / Sacred Season ~ May 6, 2009

We reach true Beltane on Wed/May 6th when the Sun reaches 15º Taurus. This is a cross-quarter/Sacred Season and half-way mark between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice - how's that going in your world? Spring Equinox (March 20th) released a *lot* of potent, new beginning energy, really got things moving and introduced some new possibilities. That is a turning point, crossroads and a 6-month process, leading to Fall Equinox, when you will "harvest" all that you have activated this year. However, before the 'harvest', Summer Solstice will give you a chance to balance and integrate what is working, and release what is not. And even before that can happen, we have *now*, these Sacred Portals and beautiful opportunities every 6-weeks to check in on progress and see what is developing and what needs a little tweaking; what's blossoming and what's wilting; what invigorates you and what drains you. Tune in to your rhythm and flow because you are officially in the orb of magic! Don't allow what's missing or not working (lack or limitation) block your view of all that is manifesting to support and uplift you at this time. Count your blessings!

Mercury Retro in Gemini/Taurus ~ May 7, 2009

Many of you know from the recent Venus & Pluto changing directions in April, that when planets do that, they beam concentrated energy down to us that you can direct consciously if you choose. The month of May has Mercury, Neptune and Chiron Retrograding and Saturn & Mercury going Direct. Thur/May 7th we have Mercury, which barely got its toes wet in Gemini, Retrograding back primarily through Taurus which is a golden opportunity to review your thinking and ideas to see if they are grounded, practical and solid by the time it goes forward at the end of the month (May 30th) and gives you the green light to *share* and *express* your inner beauty and outer usefulness! Get creative and reflect on the tools you use to get through life, tangible and intangible tools, and see where you can *beautify* them ~ where you can breathe life in to them that vibrates and tickles your senses as well as help you navigate and get through the current shift. Beauty and Usefulness. Intangible Energy and Tangible Tools.

Saturn Direct in Virgo ~ May 16, 2009

I've been working on KarmicTools.com behind the scenes with Saturn Retrograde in Virgo all year dreaming up a *new* structure (Saturn) and experimenting with various *new* systems (Virgo) in my everyday (6th House) world. How has your *health & daily routine * structure & systems* been healed, re-worked & re-defined over the last 5 months? We are going to discuss this in detail on the Saturn call May 14th (Click Here for Overview), but I recommend using this time and potent, concentrated energy to breathe new life (and form) in to your Being, your Truth and your Sacred Space (as I am doing now with my website). Most of you know that KarmicTools.com is expanding, as I personally shift, evolve and expand. I am deeply grateful for your patience, faith and support during this process. I want KarmicTools.com to be both *functional* and *beautiful*. Taurus energy requires *sensuality* ~ Activating our deep need for *beauty* and *peace* and *sustenance* and *flava / spice* ... and ... Taurus also reminds us that any "useful" item (from ideas to tangibles) can also be beautiful and delicious and can often delight the senses and awaken the soul while also serving a purpose and being practical.



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