Taurus ~ Energy of the Month

Taurus/Scorpio energy brings awareness of your deepest values, renewal of your priorities and access to the power to co-create your world. Taurus time (April/May) is an annual opportunity to seed the *Garden* of your life … while Scorpio time (Oct/Nov) brings the annual gifts of power, magic and purification. Working consciously with these energies gives you a chance to truly ground your Highest intentions and bring them into ‘form’ to serve the greater good, which will attract blessings beyond your wildest imagination … *IF* you maintain integrity and do the work! Earth energy requires getting real ~ getting serious ~ and often, getting dirty! It is a chance to co-create, contribute and allow Great Spirit to breathe life into the seeds you plant at this time.

This is the time when I remind people that seeds germinate in the darkness. The Taurus/Scorpio energy perfectly illustrates the relationship between the seeds developing below the Earth’s surface, to produce a physical, tangible result (eventually) above the Earth’s surface. So realigning your values and priorities within (Taurus) will help you create tangible results with your own power and unique magic (Scorpio). In that regard, it is also important to remain disciplined and focused. There is no time for petty distractions, delays, denials or silliness when you want concrete, measurable results. Time is of the essence for planting and nurturing what you want to grow in your life. This is time to do the work, get involved and create!

What are you growing? What is not thriving in your *Garden* and may need to be reconsidered? Can you create better conditions? What is (or is not) worth cultivating, going forward? Take this time to reflect as you move through your own version of Spring Cleaning. Devote some energy to planning & organizing your individual *Garden* ~ plant the seeds, water them and infuse the *Garden* with prayers for healthy growth and fruitfulness. Use this month to redefine what you value and what you are willing to invest in with your precious resources of time, energy and money. Can you use your resources to fortify a healthy, beautiful, self-sustaining and comfortable world? You are probably working on many different things you that would like to grow and blossom in your world at this time. And as in any Garden, each requires certain care to grow and maintain. This is the time you ground your intent and commit to steady, consistent efforts that produce results over time.

One final thought … anything you create, you are responsible for (also known as the ‘ability to respond’), so check out the origins of the word RESPOND: Latin ~ From respondere: re- “back” + spondere “to pledge” / “respond, answer to, promise in return”. You did the work, clearing karmic debris and creating a space for the garden (your new life); you planted the seeds you chose for your new garden; and with the Full Moon in Scorpio, you are entering a covenant with the Universe that if It breathes LIFE in to your dreams, you will be RESPONSIBLE for nurturing them throughout their lifespan. Which leads to the French ~ responsible: “answerable (to another, for something)” / Meaning “morally accountable for one’s actions”. You CHOSE to create this life, now you are responsible for it and all that comes with it … the good, the bad and the ugly! (As well as the knowledge that ALL IS PERFECT in the eyes of Great Spirit!)

So take advantage of all these delicious (and potent) Earth energies to get ‘real’ with your Self and your deepest desires and values and THAT will be the life you will be living. All experience prior to now, was preparation for THIS! You’re more ready than you think and this is no time to chicken-out, you are standing in the doorway which leads to a whole new existence, but you still have free will and choice and the work of clarifying your true values & priorities before new options & opportunities are presented.



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