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Inspiration Point ~ Prayers & Affirmations ... covers the current Sun Sign energy and how it generally manifests. Below are Prayers/Affirmations to help you better understand and express the energy. More Here: http://www.KarmicTools.com/InspirationPoint.html

*TAURUS* Energy

When I dare to be powerful,
to use my strength in the service of my vision,
then it becomes less and less important
whether I am afraid.
Effective Energy Spent ...
Yields Tangible Results

This month we are feeling the pressure to produce results - either from ourselves or outer circumstances (or both). Either way, you have to be extremely mindful of how you spend your energy at this time. Strategic thinking takes practice but you must make the effort to expand your mind to access additional options you may not have realized you had ... and then TRY THEM! (What do you have to lose?) Mother Earth provides EVERYTHING we could possibly need to live this life. It is all within each and every one of us.


I will work with what I've got to attract all that I need, desire and deserve.

It is time for the hard work and the work behind the scenes. Think in terms of gardening, you have to plant the seeds and tend them as well, in order to grow ANYTHING. If you do not do those two things FIRST, there will be no product (end result). The whole concept of abundance is based on the "pay it forward" theory - you must give to receive ~ you must put out the energy to attract the results. What kind of real work and effective energy are you putting behind your dreams and goals?


I confidently move in the direction of my goal, cheerfully doing the work and fully expect my efforts to return to me ten-fold.

It is a very intense time right now which is fertile for creative energy! First you must take the time to define your goal and then map out a strategy for attracting the results you seek and have faith in your own vision. If you have any self-worth issues to resolve, they may come up at this time. Anything you have put off is going to demand attention. And most of all, there are no quick-fixes - you must do the work, consistently and faithfully.


As a child of God, my birth right is every good thing and I am willing to contribute my energy faithfully because of this inner knowing.

Think like a builder (Taurus): you must have an initial plan; you must have the location and the initial materials to get started but before you can build, you have to prep the area you plan to build on. Clear any debris (past) and prepare the area for creating your vision (in 3-D). Sometimes once you start building something, it evolves in such a way that is either better than you imagined (now that you can see some tangible results) or perhaps needs tweaking here and there because unforeseen things came up along the way. It's all good - you learn as you LIVE! So accept that adjustments have to be made and it is all part of producing your ultimate goal. And eventually there will be something in the world that only you created and that wasn't here before you created it!


Angelika Lina 2nd May 2011 10:53 am

Hi Kelly,

thank for this article it has been constructive and helpful. And I like the affirmations too.

warm wishes,


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