Virgo Prayers & Affirmations

Inspiration Point ~ Prayers & Affirmations ... covers the current Sun Sign energy and how it generally manifests. Below are Prayers/Affirmations to help you better understand and express the energy.  

*VIRGO* Energy

As soon as you trust your Self,

You will know how to live! 

It's the Little Things!

Discerning the Effectiveness of Your Choices 

Life is all about choices. And if your parents were busy, like most parents are, with survival and keeping a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your belly, sitting you down once in a while to point out your choices and their consequences probably wasn't a priority. That's okay - you chose your parents for the lessons they would facilitate. You got what you got and you didn't get what you didn't get. The choice now is how can you use what you did get in the most effective way? Effective being the key word here. You know what I say every time I leave my house for a trip I had to prepare for? I say, "If I don't have it, I don't need it!" And I walk out the door, releasing to the Universe, all my worries about not being provided for. 


I have all that I need, desire and deserve, here in this moment. 

The biggest lesson of Virgo is TRUST. The catch is, you have to learn to trust your Self first! How many times have you started a project and not finished it? How many times have you said you were going to do something (that only benefits you - like exercise or education) and didn't follow through? You have let your Self down. That erodes the trust you should have innately. If you can't trust your Self, how can you trust your Self to know who and what external things to trust? When anything happens "to" you (positive or negative) - it's ALWAYS YOU! You have to turn it around and ask your Self how you do the exact same thing TO your Self and others. That way, when you figure it out and stop doing it to your Self, others will stop doing it to you as well. (It's a Universal law!) 


I practice trusting my intuition so that I can learn the difference between what it feels like when it's right and what it feels like when it's wrong. That strengthens my ability to discern and it strengthens my Inner knowing and trust (of my Self). 

Have you trusted that someone or something would come through for you and been let down? Of course you have, we all have. If you really sat down and analyzed how you came to the conclusion that this person or event was supposed to happen, you would find where you went wrong. Very often we depend on others to do for us what we can and should be doing for ouselves. Them letting us down is only the Universe's way of pointing out that obvious fact. Or you trusted someone with a part of your Spirit and they didn't guard and protect it as the gift it was intended to be. Again, the Universe is trying to show us the difference between people who can be trusted with a sacred part of ourselves (secrets, sex, etc.) and those who cannot. Discernment is then learned, one way or another.


I protect what is important to me, that is my responsibility. I choose to make people earn my trust. 

Another lesson of Virgo is sorting and sifting through the "little things" of life and deciding what is useful and effective and what is not. It could even be useful and effective for a time, but it no longer is and you continue to do it out of habit. You have to be more aware of your thoughts and actions, they create your world. Have you ever missed an opportunity because you were really worried about one little thing? And then found out down the line, that it really wasn't as relevant as you thought? There is a time to focus on the details and a time to remember the big picture. Your ability to discern is like a muscle, if you don't use it, you lose it. Practce - practice - practice! 


I practice being aware of what I allow to consume my energy and time. That awareness enables me to discern when it's the right time to focus on the details and when I should be focused on the big picture.

 VIRGO Inspiration Points!

•Voluntarily Surrender

•Release the Illusion

•Honor Your Accomplishments

•Re-Define Your Values

•Release Approval Seeking

•Balance Intellect & Instincts

•Release Paralyzing Indecision

•Nourish Your Vision

•Acknowledge Your Feelings

•Choose Differently

•BE Who You Were Born to Be ... NOW! 



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