Weekly Forecast: February 26 – March 4, 2023

3/2 ~ Venus (values & priorities) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (truth & story):

This is an extremely powerful energy that brings the two *benefactors* together to initiate a new cycle that makes you very mentally “present” to the fact that both your values and your truth are shifting. This energy encourages you to improve your life in some way. You can also connect to material abundance & wealth of all kinds when these two get together like this. This is usually a pleasant shift because it is about expanding your sense of authentic beauty, as in Nature & the interrelatedness of all living things. There’s an energy of enthusiasm around any new or growing relationships which attracts more positive energy. This is the best time to be creative and expect miracles!

3/2 ~ Mercury (thought process) ~conjunct~ Saturn (definition of reality):

This energy is excellent for any important project that requires your undivided attention. If you’ve got a vision and have already outlined how to manifest it, now is the time to really fill in the blanks – flesh it out – bring it to life! Do the work! If you do not channel this energy toward patiently and methodically taking the necessary steps to get to the next level, then it can manifest as frustration and feel as if you are not doing what you know in your heart you are supposed to be doing at this time. It leads to negative thinking and self-sabotage. A better expression would be to not think of the things that can go wrong, but entertain the possibility that every door opens and all paths lead to your goal, no matter how they appear at the moment.

3/2 ~ Mercury Enters PISCES (until March 18th):

Mercury in Pisces activates our imaginations, for better or worse. Remember that using your imagination to imagine the worst-case scenarios is a poor use of this powerful gift. The imagination is another way that your Soul talks to you and when anything is moving through Pisces, especially the Messenger who moves freely between realms, we have access to some potent creativity & new visions for the future. Take advantage of this energy to clarify what *New Vision* you want to step into as we move into the Spring of 2023. If you imagine doom & gloom, it is more likely to manifest. If you imagine breakthroughs with relationships & resources then you will create more of that. This time in Pisces is going to have its own additional caveats. Your intuition & imagination will be involved, for better or worse, so try to connect fluid language with vivid imagery – the Pisces-way. Keep in mind nothing is linear or logical about Mercury in Pisces, this is All-Spirit or Other-Worldly or Multi-Dimensional. So any spiritual healing work is tremendously supported by this energy. Check-in with your own beliefs, dreams & fears. And make time to be in Nature, under the Sky, that always gives the Monkey Mind a break, but especially during Pisces time, each year, we are supposed to be dreaming up the action plan that we will execute throughout Aries/Taurus time. And don’t forget the best thing about this energy is that it is totally easier to commune with your Ancestors, Orishas, Angels & Animal Spirit Guides when the planet of communication is in the sign of other realms, dreams & mysticism. It’s the best time for Divinations and consulting with your personal Council to find out what will be supported throughout the rest of this year.



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