Weekly Forecast: February 9 – 15, 2020

Note from Kelly: This is one of those rare weeks with NO Activations! However, that does not mean that there are no energies to navigate, a Super/Full Moon definitely qualifies! 

2/9 ~ LEO Super/Full Moon:

The Leo Full Moon often illuminates the discrepancies between who you are, who you think you are and who you are perceived to be. Because it is a Super Moon, you may feel these lunar energies more intensely. The Leo Full Moon reveals any Self-Love/Self-Value issues and shows where you have been operating from the Outside-In, when Inside-Out would be more effective. It may also expose where your ego has gone unchecked and/or where your Inner Child has been neglected and is now *cranky*. Play is part of being Human and something many have forgotten how to do on the most basic levels because of the system we were born into but we must practice integrating joy & play into our daily lives! It is more fun & interesting to use the Super/Full Moon energies to play with a variety of creative ideas and/or possible roles of who you are evolving into (or would like to over the next 6-12 months), as well as your place of service within any chosen Community. In what capacity can you shine and share your Light going forward? This is one-year later after Leo/Aquarius Eclipses really helped to release negative patterns, as well as your old self or old desire of the heart so that a new, evolved version of YOU could be birthed to bless the world. It’s time to do what you love and love what you do. It’s time to release anything that doesn’t truly express your authentic self so that the *real* you can shine brighter!

2/15 ~ Scorpio Last Qtr Moon:

The Scorpio Last Qtr Moon Illuminates your Soul needs and challenges you to accommodate both your body and soul, your inner and outer responsibilities. Superficial never works when Scorpio is kicking and, in this case, we are really facing where permanent changes must be made in practical ways. It is also a reminder to go to the ROOT – no more half-stepping on your individual healing process. There is a deepening of dedication to your own evolution at this time, but the Methods for getting things done vary widely and all require Trust on much deeper levels. It is also time to consider what you *Initiated* with the Aquarius New Moon (1/24) and what you released on the Leo Super/Full Moon (2/9) and now, the Last Qtr Moon helps you put the final touches on your intentions before we shift from the stabilizing forces of Fixed energy, to the more flexible, fluid energy of Pisces and close the astrological year dreaming up what we will birth come Aries/Springtime.



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