Weekly Forecast: March 19 – 25, 2023

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

3/20 ~ Sun (core identity) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation):

This is a healthy, positive, transformative energy. You will have access to energy that will help you change your current circumstance for the better and/or clear up an issue that has been challenging you for a while now. It’s great for purifying, cleaning & clearing your personal space, as well as organizing your life in general. You may have to examine the “big picture” to see where an adjustment, for the good of all involved, is necessary. If you’re not feeling up to working on outer issues, this also gives you the opportunity to do some introspective thinking and deep self-reflection. Superficial once-overs will not do, you must address the root cause for where you find yourSelf at this time in your life and decide if it is working for you or against you.

Turning Point / Crossroads
Being More Active/Physical
Spring Cleaning & Clearing
Resurrection, Renewed Life & Vitality
New Beginnings, Seed-Planting & Initiation
Fiery Creativity, Fertility & Blossoming Energy
Taking a Serious Step in the Direction of Your Goals
Delicate Infant Stages, New Growth & Development

Spring Equinox ~ Vernal Equinox ~ Ostara ~ Each year, we have the third of *8* Sacred Seasons ~ Initiating a Renewal of Life & Light, Re-Birth & Resurrection. Vital energies & resources are now more readily available. It’s time to plant seeds & initiate projects that will show promise by Fall Equinox. It is the first re-balancing of the Light, coming from predominantly Internal/Dark/Shadow/Fallow time (Winter) and returning to an External/Light/Fertile time (Summer). Spring & Fall represent Balance & Increase, equal Light & Darkness, equal Day & Night. Sunrise & Sunset are always the best times to meditate as the veils between realms are thinner making communing easier and more productive. Consider the Solstices to be Initiation/Integration times and Equinoxes to be times of Change, Movement, Choices & Decisions. Spring Initiates New Life ~ Fall Assesses the Quality of that Life and marks its on-going progress … what takes root (works & evolves), what needs more time (incubation & more care) and/or should be released altogether to begin anew (compost & re-direction of energy or re-allocation of resources). It’s time to be more physically active, to try new things, do some Spring cleaning (on multiple levels). You can choose what type of Renewal you’d like to experience every year. For example, one year you may want to focus on renewing the body or renewing your sacred space or renewing your relationships (to Self and others) … you decide ~ get creative and dedicate a year to see what you can create when you work with the natural rhythms of the time and space that you live in. It’s time to Initiate a new aspect of Self that you recently developed or discovered, to have the courage to live your life, serve your Purpose & stand in the truth of your own journey.

3/21 ~ ARIES New Moon + Lunar Flip: (1 of 2 Aries New Moons)

This is an annual Initiation of the New You, the New Year and a brand New Beginning that is available for those who choose the New, leave the Old/Past behind, and bravely step into the unknown. This is an annual opportunity to release imbalances within ourselves and our relationships or environment, anything that is preventing the Aries/New Beginning from unfolding naturally. You are in completely new territory now and the Aries New Moon launches us all to the next level. Consider how much has been cleared & released just in the last year alone. This first *Seed Point* is vital to the next 6-12 months of growth and expansion. It is truly time to close out and release anything no longer essential to your reality or evolution. The message is: Do Not Rush but Neither Postpone. This is the week to dedicate your Self to a New Identity & Purpose and develop it throughout April so that these Eclipses will help you activate & ground something tangible – for the next 10-20 years. If you are able to determine your own needs & capacity to contribute first, then the upcoming Libra Full Moon (4/5) will illuminate what has to be recalibrated with Others in your life to allow that new cycle to begin. This Lunation gives us a chance around the same time every year to check-in with our *Internal Balance* and what will be required of each of us to truly anchor this emerging Identity & New Purpose. It may also reveal where more *External Balance* is required for you to maintain relationships or agreements with others (or not). Most likely, some of both will manifest. Each month is building on the previous, in that, with the Pisces/Virgo Lunation, we got to go within and reset our internal systems and determine how much we could really handle while the Aries/Libra Lunation gives us the opportunity to reset the balance between self and other because next month’s Taurus/Scorpio Lunation are going to bring in the literal changes we need to go forward clean and in integrity with this New Beginning. Do your best to stay alert and present, especially when navigating with others, in relationship or community. Aries time is the once a year it is all about YOU!

3/22 ~ Ceres Rx RE-Enters VIRGO (until June 21st):

According to Asteroid Goddesses by Demetra George & Douglas Bloch, “Ceres describes the ways in which we face the issues of self-worth & self-esteem, relationship to our parents & children, attachment, dependency, loss, separation, rejection, grief, sharing, work & productivity.” It’s how we nurture and like to be nurtured so you might imagine that in Virgo, nurturing takes the form of certain skills, discernment & self-discipline and a desire to show others how to be more efficient & effective. Acts of service are the way to nurture at this time or allow yourself to receive those acts of service. (Receiving nurturance can be very difficult for some.) Being useful & relevant to others is very important with this placement but up in the sky, for the rest of us, it is a time to do a cleanse or some self-care to re-set our individual systems. Nurture your physical body and individual systems for living. It’s time for an upgrade that is more appropriate to here & now. Self-worth is developed along with your skill-set right now, so try to learn something that can make you more valuable to the team. You’re developing a rhythm that takes some practice to master but Ceres only comes around to Virgo every 4-5 years so this is a pretty big, important re-set.

3/23 ~ Pluto Enters AQUARIUS (until June 10th):

Pluto in Aquarius 2023-2044 :: It is going to take a year or two to fully enter Aquarius so this is a process but here is what we have to look forward to. This is a Collective Planet that moves in an erratic orb, spending 10-35 years in a Sign. As of the 1980’s, when Pluto was in its home Sign of Scorpio, it was at the short-end, spending about 10-12 years there revealing the Underworld of sex, death, power, money & resources. Lots of “power behind the power” during that decade that got exposed. Then in the 1990’s, it moved through Sagittarius, revealing all the erosion & toxicity of the Vatican and organized religion went through a complete upheaval. Then Pluto started extending its stay (in Sag for 13-years). Then extending it again by spending 16-years in Capricorn during 2008-2024, where we are right now, where we have witnessed the crumble of institutions, government, health care, education and most social systems that are now having to be re-imagined & reborn. In Capricorn, we see the price of giving away our power & inner authority to outer structures or systems. So now, moving into 20-years of Aquarius is shifting the purification & transformative process onto humanity, technology & the future.

This is a mixed blessing, as with all alignments, there is a Light & Shadow Expression. The blessing of Pluto moving through Aquarius is the mass-awakening of humanity on some level. The old ways no longer work and where we have been trapped in *survival mode*, we now have to consider the future of the next 7-generations. Our choices directly affect them and power is shifting from the old school, controlling patriarchy – the few who want to horde the resources & control the many to the new school, progressive, future-oriented Aquarius that wants more community, collaboration & equal distribution of resources to those who need it most. We get super-inventive & creative when shifting big cycles like this.

Can you feel it? Jupiter & Saturn kick off a new 20-year cycle in Aquarius and a 200-year cycle of the Air ElementVenus & Mars kicked off a new cycle of integration of our Sacred Feminine & Masculine that is more progressive & collaborative. Now, Pluto moves into Aquarius kicking off its own kind of 250-year cycle. This feels like on-the-ground entrance into the 2500-year Aquarian Age. At a minimum, Pluto’s ingress will seal the deal of utter transformation & rebirth in our Aquarius Depts, as individuals. But remember, this is a low ‘n slow kind of cooking that Pluto will do over the next 20-years. As with any healing or transformation, we have to purify first, then we can heal, then we can restore – it is a PROCESS.

Another blessing of Pluto in Aquarius is that we may shift to a higher form of communal living where we share resources and are responsible for our own communities. This progressive energy sees the value & longevity possible when we share the work as well as the rewards. There is value to offering your unique contribution and working together as a team for the greater good but for the powers that be, who want clones & drones instead of critical, creative thinking humans, this is threatening. And nothing worthwhile is ever easy or simple. This is a radical shift to a new way of working together, using technology to serve its true purpose (not run the world) but of freeing us up to be more creative individuals. This is when our innovation goes through the roof, partly by those breaking the rules and liberating old consciousness but also partly by that old saying “need is the mother of all invention”. We “need” a new way that is more life-affirming & sustainable. And in order to combat some of the consumption & waste, we are going to have to literally invent new things to help us move forward.

The Shadow side of Pluto in Aquarius is embodied by those who would enslave us with technology, blurring the lines between human nature and the nature of technology. One operates on organic, evolutionary responsiveness and the other is programmed & disconnected from the multi-dimensionality of Earthly existence. How do you “blend” that without annihilating one or the other or both? This is the cold, detached rulers overseeing the minions they feel entitled to control, exploit & manipulate for personal gain. Pluto in Aquarius over the years, coincides with huge battles over slavery & human trafficking and here we are with this “up” again. We must be vigilant about preventing another era of global slavery, oppression & manual labor that allows their technologies to continue sucking Mother Earth of Her resources and expanding unabated until they take over. Then, we have altered the organic nature of Earth and Her creatures which naturally in habit this planet – humanity being one of those creatures.

We, like Mother Earth, are regenerative creatures, however, it takes us some time to go from idea-into-form depending on what you are creating. So let’s use the purifying power of Pluto to distill our Aquarian Dreams back to their original essence – one that is inclusive, sustainable and good for ALL Life on this planet. Let’s lead by example and work together to cultivate thriving communities that work well together and no longer require “overlords” “bosses” or “authority figures” to run our lives for us – we will become self-sustaining – with the help of some technology and whole lot of community!

One last note, this will be particularly intense for any Aquarius/Leo or Taurus/Scorpio energies in your chart so take it easy and pace yourself as transformation is a journey, not a destination.

3/25 ~ Mars Enters CANCER (until May 20th):

Normally, I’d say for the next 2-months, explore new ideas or possibilities and experiment without attachment when you can. But Mars is going Retrograde in Gemini extending its stay 7+ months which constitutes more of a major Mental Upgrade so we are calling in a New Cycle of Mental Clarity, Creativity & Consciousness and letting go of an OLD one that goes all the way back to 1990-91. If you’re old enough to remember what kind of mentality that you had back then and just how much you’ve learned and how much your consciousness has evolved over the last 30+ years, then you can take advantage of this initiation. Keep in mind the Shadow of Mars in Gemini is fighting with words or being internally split, divided within or generally indecisive so be mindful of that in your Self and others.

Now after an extended stay in Gemini, we will be cultivating a new base or container for that New Cycle of Mental Clarity, Creativity & Consciousness. We’ve had a major Mental Upgrade and for the next 2-months, we are going to explore how we *feel* about that. Mars is about who you are and what you want, your goals and how you make your moves to accomplish them. In Cancer, it is all about your *feelings* so the energy supports you to move backwards & sideways until you’re really ready to go forward. We have to feel out the new foundation, make sure our boundaries are clean & clear and proceed to make new choices & decisions that better reflect our true Identity & Purpose. It is time to up-your-game in the Self-Care Dept! After such a long mental journey, we need to re-set our bodies and physical rhythms so that we can go forward with those creative ideas and bigger dreams! Delegate what you can and consciously direct your energy toward the current priority (Cancer House) especially because this is a once-in-2-years Initiation of managing your personal life in new & different ways. Recalibrate your home & work schedules according to your Feeling Nature – not your Monkey Mind or Survival Mode. What *feels* right to YOU, the individual? When Mars is in Cancer, we are much more motivated by feelings, than facts. So devote some time to improving your Sacred Space, your private little corner of the world, where it is ALL about YOU – in a good way! In a replenishing way! It’s time to create your comfort zone, set up your space and prepare your energy to be poured into passion & creativity once Mars moves into Leo.



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