Weekly Forecast: May 8 – 14 , 2022

The video version of this forecast, as read by Kelly, is available here.

Note from Kelly:

This week has NO Activations – this hasn’t happened in a long while but that doesn’t mean there isn’t movement to co-create with! Mercury Retrogrades and Jupiter enters Aries for the first time in 12-years. Both of these are special indeed! Remember that we are also still in Eclipse Season. This week the Moon moves through the Leo First Qtr, through Virgo & Libra before the Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible after sunset for me so check your local listings for visibility in your time zone HERE. If you can do any kind of ritual or ceremony that evening, it will be more potent than the usual Full Moon, you are clearing anything blocking the Garden of Your Soul from flourishing. Social & Collective re-sets have gotten personal with this lunation because we are engaging the cycle of your Body & Soul connection & functionality. How is it going with you personally? What did you birth and what died during the years 2012-14 and 2002-05 that *feels* like a theme that is circling back for you? Eclipses, Mercury Retro & Super Moons are coming so change is in the air, let’s co-create consciously to minimize the victimhood and hold the Light for others who are struggling worse than you at this moment. Honor the vitality in your own body – honor the prosperity of your own life at this time with a firm knowing that it always has room to improve but gratitude goes a long way in keeping your magnetic field clear & operating at peak levels, which means naturally magnetizing what you do need/want and repelling that which does not belong in or around your system. Claim it!

5/10 ~ Mercury Retro in GEMINI (until June 3rd):

Mercury moved into Gemini on April 29th and won’t hit Cancer until July 6th. It’s Retrograde in Gemini is special because it is its home base and where it’s strongest but the fact that it goes Direct in Taurus on June 3rd suggests the beginning of new forms & structures for our ideas, thoughts & concepts. For the next 3-weeks we will be reviewing, revising, remembering and redesigning our plans for moving forward. Our consciousness has been expanded and exposed to new information that has changed our lives, for better or worse. Either way, we have to come up with all new ways of expressing ourselves as individuals, as well as all new ways of socializing with others. Mercury Retrograde is always a great time to clear your mind of clutter & non-essential and give your Mental Body a break – but in Gemini, it is even more of a sign to step away from phones & computers and stop the flood of input (pause for the cause) and go assimilate & integrate all that you’ve learned so far. The last time Mercury was in Gemini was May-July 2021 when it lingered there and did a major re-wiring – so how have you grown, mentally, in the last year? What have you learned or how has your consciousness expanded in the last year? What new ideas, thoughts & concepts were born over the last year? It is going to be an important personal review in light of the worldly issues going on because Gemini always tunes us into changes and other points of view. Use the Retrograde to turn within and commune with your Angels, Ancestors & Animal Spirit Guides – ask for messages and clarity on whatever is on your mind & heart at this time and pay close attention to any choices or decisions you have to make at this time too – make sure to triple-check the details before committing to something that cannot be changed down the road.

5/10 ~ Jupiter Enters ARIES (until Oct 28th):

Jupiter activates a brand new 12-year Cycle by moving into Aries! You can & will improve your Identity & Purpose, while initiating a whole NEW Truth, Story & Belief System. If 12-years is too much to wrap your brain around, I would encourage you to think in terms of 3-year increments. The Trinity energy is very powerful and when working with Jupiter, you are being exposed to an expanded awareness of a Larger Truth, of which you are an integral part. It is vital to work with this entity when you are consciously co-creating the Truth & Story of your own life.

Jupiter spends about a year in every Sign, taking approximately 12-years to make it through the zodiac. We are Initiating this Cycle together! There are Personal, Social and Collective Cycles happening at this time, making Jupiter a Social Planet, creating that common ground that we all share. Plus Initiating in Aries gives us all a clean slate to work with as well. This means that you too have a Personal 12-year Cycle based on the Sign Jupiter was in when you were born. However, Socially and Collectively, the 12-year Cycle is being RE-Set at this time 2022-23. It is a 1-3 year process that you can tune into that has considerable support for you to change what you believe to be true or possible for your Self, your community and the world.

Jupiter also Retrogrades every year giving us a chance to focus on what has expanded and reevaluate what in your life needs to increase and what in your life needs to decrease. That will happen July-Nov 2022 but first we will get an initial introduction to this energy during May-June, before its final months in Pisces to truly close out the cycle. This back & forth through the Pisces/Aries areas of our charts, will give us a chance to truly digest and process this new energy and when it goes forward and finishes up in Aries (Dec-May 2023), we will anchor it for the next 12-years.

Streams of Consciousness ~ Word Association:

Now, we add to the mix, Pisces/Aries ~ Ending/New Beginning ~ Womb-to-Birth ~ Completion/Initiation ~ from one, watery, (possibly) dark, completely-provided for state of Being … to a very different, fiery, bright, completely new, you’re-on-your-own state of Being. Sensitivity, Intuition & Instincts are all valuable and subject to imbalances. The Social & Collective planets are all active right now, moving our Individual journeys along. Jupiter (Truth), Saturn (Purpose), Chiron (Healing), Uranus (Freedom) Neptune (Imagination) and Pluto (Transformation). Social Justice ~ Social Structure ~ Collective Healing ~ Collective Liberation ~ Collective Narrative ~ Collective Rebirth. By being responsible (able to respond), committed & awake, we can move into this new territory confident that all we need, desire and deserve is and always will be provided. If you are co-creating with these energies, and especially if you have any Aries/Libra and/or Cancer/Capricorn in your chart, then the next 3-years are vital to anchoring much larger cycles that will fortify, nurture and protect you going forward.



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