Weekly Wit 'n Wisdom: Jan 30 - Feb 6, 2014

Highlight of the Week ~ January 31, 2014:

Jupiter Retro in Cancer ~oppose~ Pluto in Capricorn
Opposition = Integration/Balance/Opposition/Extremes

This activation happens every 12-years, however, the Sign Energy & Lesson changes. The last similar midpoint was in 2000-2001 in Gemini/Sag, but during 2013-14, it is Cancer/Capricorn. Also relevant to note is that this is the midpoint in a cycle that actually started in 2007 in Sagittarius, which is when many, many people's personal Truth evolved in both literal and spiritual ways. This cycle will culminate in 2020, only 6-years away, to bring this new Story (of your life) to a fruitful, fulfilling close.

In any opposition, the goal is to find, maintain & strengthen the center-point. However, that usually entails first swinging from one extreme to another and lots of practice calibrating a natural balance that you can sustain long enough to be effective. In this case, the energetic theme is the Masculine/Feminine ~ Mother/Father ~ Home/Work ~ Public/Private ~ Personal/Global ~ which is ALL up for a recalibration within and around us. What is the Truth & Story you want to express at this time? Are you on the right track for telling it? How must you completely change (transform=change form/transcend=go beyond) where your basic fundamentals (home/work and self/other) are concerned?

Hint: Think in terms of home & work and your public & private Self - then, consider what you have learned to be true or untrue since 2007, for your Self as well as what you've learned to be true/untrue about the world. Also consider what Truth & Story (around your fundamentals) that you want to be able to share by 2020.

Internally ~ be grateful for the nourishment and protection you currently have ~ flow fearlessly with the changes you perceive ~ give your Self credit for any emotional strength & balance that you have been able to establish ~ give your Self credit for any physical or material security & stability that you have been able to establish ~ be flexible & adaptable ~ eliminate the old so the new can be felt ~

Externally ~ strip away the old ~ work with others on a common purpose ~ be completely independent for your personal/private needs & desires ~ be completely cooperative for your personal/public needs & desires ~ bring together what & who belongs together ~ honor both the differences & similarities between people ~ eliminate the old so the new can be seen ~



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