A Whole New Expression

We are all having to face a process of profound inner purification which is forcing us to deeply and radically change. As a result, we are having to confront some deep and personal disappointments and disillusionments. To cope with this unfolding process it is vital that we learn to move with the flow of evolutionary energies and surrender any resistance. This is the beginning of a new way and it is essential that we allow the necessary shifts and changes to occur.

The forces of heaven and earth are aligning and bringing new wisdom to guide you forward. Stop trying to make sense of it all. Now is not the time to push the river. Now is the time to allow yourself to be in the flow of life and carried by its currents. Surrender into this flow and you will find the rhythm of your soul. Use this time to probe deeply into your personal beliefs and you may well discover a whole new expression of your purpose.

Much love




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Author Information

Kate Spreckley

Kate is a dedicated and passionate Spiritual Healer and Teacher, based in South Africa. Her passion lies in helping, guiding and supporting individuals and organisations who wish to heal, grow and evolve.


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